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123movies 2020 free download your favourite movie online
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123movies 2020: For those who can’t live without watching movies, this post is for them. I have been addressing the problem that the people are facing.

I know that in your busy life schedule you don’t get time to even entertain yourself. But whenever you have time you must try to watch movies, web series, and many Tv shows to pass your time.

It’s really great because everyone does that and must do in order to be happy and engaged. The main problem now comes that why people fail to watch the movies that they like.


There are two main reasons behind it, the first one is money. Most of the companies that offer this service charges some monthly amount from the user. If the user has a sufficient amount then he can pay otherwise not.

The second reason behind it is time. Yeah, you heard it right not all the people have enough amount of time. If someone wants to watch the newly released movies then he/she can’t go to the theatre.

The only reason is that the person is unable to manage time. There may be several other reasons because of which people mostly fail to entertain themselves. Now, what to do in such a case.


Intro about 123movies 2020

I have a solution for you all. Here I will be discussing the 123movies website which will do it for you. The first reason to choose this site is that it’s free. And the second thing is that you can access it from any point.

Isn’t it sounds interesting to you.here you will get every Hollywood content from the latest to vintage movies? form old to new web series. here everything is present.

But the major con which this 123movies 2020 website holds id that it is based on piracy. This site does not hold any official license to do such things. In this post, I will be just providing you the information related to the website.

my intention is not to promote this suite on my website. if you have any doubt then comment below.

123movies 2020 website

Now the main question comes in mind that what actually is 123movies and what is its work. The answer here is that this is a torrent site that provides the pirated copy of the content.

They upload the copy of the content as soon as it releases on any platform. 123movies 2020 provides all the content in HD quality which is really good. here you will get the subtitles option also.

If you don’t want to download the movie then you can stream it online here. You will get a wide variety of options on this site from which you will have to choose.

123movies website homepage with list of new movies

You will be thinking now why this site provides all the content for free while others are charging for it.

The answer is very simple they do not earn money by providing you subscription. Instead, they show you some ads for which the companies pay them.

It’s very simple to understand why anyone will benefit from another person for free. Now comes the main point that is it safe to make a visit on this website. No, it’s not at all safe to make a visit here.

This site does piracy of the content and also leaks the newly released movies. They make fake copies and upload them on their official website.

This website has got a wide user base because of which the movies are easily watched by millions of people. According to the Indian government law doing and supporting piracy is a crime.

Once a person found doing it then he/she must be punished according to the law.

Why VPN is important?

The reason behind why VPN(virtual privates network) is important is very simple here. VPN will help you in unblocking the blocked URLs by google. If the 123movies 2020 is blocked then a normal internet user can’t access it.

Also while visiting such websites a user has a huge risk of getting hacked by hackers. They might leak your personal data bank balance and many more things.

So, in my opinion, precaution is better than cure. Also, it changes your IP address consistently because of which a third party person is unable to locate you. Last but not least it provides you safety and security at the same time.

My personal recommendations regarding the VPNs are which I use- Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, and Psiphon Pro.

If you are a PC or Laptop user then- Setup VPN or Pure VPN.

Features of using 123movies 2020

All of you know that without features everything is useless to some extent. If your smartphone is only limited upto calling service then will you use it continuously as you use now?

list of best hd movies to download and watch online

The straight and simple answer is no because what is there to explore in it now if there is no feature. That this website has millions of monthly traffic.

Then there must be something in it because of which people are daily visiting here. Let’s see what are those features and in which way they are helpful for us.

Main features

  1. Free for all– the movies and web series that you will get here is free of cost. The owner of this site will not charge a single penny from you. Watch the latest released movies anytime and anywhere.

2. Unlimited access– this site will not put any restrictions on you. Here you can visit as many times as you want and no one is there to stop you. Watch movies anytime anywhere.

3.Account creation- no need to sign up for an account. Just visit the site and search for your desired movie or web series. Click on the search icon and download the movie.

If this site or any other sites like this ask any of your personal details then do not give them. Be safe to be secure.

4. Stream online-if you do not want to download the movies from here then just simply stream it online there. You can watch the movie in whichever resolution that you want.

It will save your time and storage space of your device.

Special features

5. Content quality– now comes the main question of what will be the picture quality that will be provided here. From 360p to 1080p in between this you can watch your content in any resolution.

Everything that you will get here to watch will be crystal clear.

6. Subtitles-while streaming movies or while watching it online there is one option of the subtitle. You can enable it here because it is inbuild and you don’t have to do anything.

With subtitles, it is very easy to get the dialogues in movies.

7.Multiple servers– this type of option you will only find in big websites. It is because they do not want to compromise with their audience.

Here while streaming or downloading movies or web series below will be given the option and names of the servers. If any of it is not working then you can easily switch to another one.

8. Categories to watch-here you will get a wide range of categories to download movies and web series from. From drama to action and from thriller to suspense everything is present here.

This was all the list of premium features which this site provides. There are a lot more other features here but they are not the center of attraction of this site.

If by seeing this you want to make a visit on this website then do not forget to use the VPN. If you want to tell me something then comment below.

Valuation of 123movies 2020 website

The total worth of the 123movies website is US$2,293,600 according to the worthofweb.com website. This site tells the actual pricing of any site based on the ads shown and the number of visitors visited.

bollywood best movies to watch on 123movies website

you all know that 123movies 2020 uploads the pirated copy of the Hollywood movies and web series on its site. Also, you know that this directly affects the film industry. As people watch pirated movies and do not have to pay for the original one.

This website does the loss of Hollywood in thousands of million dollars. As estimated by worthofweb.com 123movies earns US$ 500.040 advertising revenues per annum.

Millions of visitors and millions of pager view its intense to calculate all the things at once.

123movies 2020 APK download

Now let’s talk about the application which this site provides to its user. It is because you know that google bans such kinds of websites from search engines. Although with the help of proxy domains they run their site.

But every time they change their location then for a common user it is difficult to find the website. For that reason, the 123movies team developed an APK.

With the help of this APK, a user can directly get redirected to the original website of 123movies 2020. Also here you will see less annoying ads as compared to the web version.

Here finding movies is way easier as compared to others. Just download the application and enjoy the content that you want to watch. You will not get this application on the play store or app store.

Go to Google and search there for 123movies APK. Once found the application download it and enjoys it. Again telling you that with the help of this method. You can easily download anything but it is an illegal way.

You might get trapped in future instances. There is also a high risk of getting your mobile software damaged with the help of this application. It is because this is not tested by any official authorities.

The Choice is yours now by reading this also if you want to go there or not.

List of the proxy website of 123movies 2020

beat shazam season 2 watch online on torrent site

Below given is the list of proxy sites where the probability is that the website must be located. 123movies frequently change its location and because of that, it is hard to know the original location of this site.

Check out the list below and if there is not also the website then comment below. I will provide you the new list.

  • 123movies.top
  • 123movies.cc
  • 123movies.com
  • 123movies.net
  • 123movies.co.in
  • 123movies.fm
  • 123movies.is
  • 123movies.co
  • 123movies.wiki
  • 123movies.trade
  • 123movies.pw
  • 123movies.ml
  • 123movies.vip
  • 123movies.pro
  • 123movies.org
  • 123movies.ws
  • 123movies.biz
  • 123movies.host
  • 123movies.me
  • 123movies.line

This is the list of 123movies proxy sites that are running in the world.check one by one carefully.

History of 123movies 2020

There are a lot more things to tell about this website but don’t know where to start. It is a very old torrent site from the very beginning of the torrent era.

At first, when it was new this site was only focusing on leaking the new Hollywood movies. Later on, it took a step forward and started to leak movies in Hindi audio.

In the current situation this site uploads movies in Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, and many other languages. Isn’t it seem to be good? with millions of monthly visitors, this site is also earning millions of dollars.

The Alexa rank of 123movies is very good and is on the top in its section. At first, this site only used to leak movies. But now it also leaks web series, animated movies, and kids shows.

Here you will get everything that you need to get yourself entertained. Also, this site is listed amongst the topmost visitors visiting the site according to the current reports.

Simple steps to download or watch a movie from 123movies

watch online movies in full hd on 123 movies

Here I am going to guide you on how to download movies and web series from 123movies simply. Anyone can do it if you are a techie or a non-techie does not matter here.

The only thing which matters here is your mobile phone and a good internet connection.

I will be explaining here everything simply just read it carefully and if any doubt occurs in your mind then comment below. Let’s start the procedure.

Phase: 1

1.select one of your personal recommended web browsers on your device which you normally use. I will recommend you go with google chrome otherwise it’s your choice.

2.next you will require a VPN if you do not have one then go get it first. VPN will be helping here to unblock the blocked URL. Also, this will protect you from online threats.

My personal recommendations to the VPNs are Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, and Psiphon Pro.

3.on web browser searches for the 123movies 2020 website. If once you found relevant results to your search then only click on it.

Facing difficulty to find the right site then scroll somewhat above. And check the list of proxy domains and then try.

Phase: 2

4.after you are inside the website you will see a lot more content to explore from. If you want to download the content than on top tap on the search bar. After that type, the name of your desired content one found click on it.

5.you will be then redirected to the new page where you will give two options. Whether to download the movie or watch it online. The choice is upto you and you have to select which one fits better for you.

6.after you select the download option it will ask you in which quality. As you will select it and click on download then instantly the process will start.

If you choose to stream online option then your online video will get a start. Also if the buffering offers there then you can easily change your server which is less loaded.

This was the simple step by step overview of 123movies on how to download movies from here. If you are now convinced with this procedure then comment. If not understood anything then let me know about it.

List of pirated movies uploaded 123movies

Here I will be telling you about the list which will tell you about the history of this website. Here you will get each and every piece of content that you will not get anywhere else.

As being the old site this website has many movies and web series.

  • Supergirl
  • The wrong missy
  • The flash
  • Capone
  • Game of thrones
  • 9-1-1
  • Hollywood
  • Never have I ever
  • The big bang theory
  • Anne
  • 24 little hours
  • Stranger things
  • Fast and furious
  • Harry potter
  • Inception
  • Alita: battle angel
  • Scooby doo
  • Transformers
  • Avengers
  • Aquaman
  • Batman
  • Joker
  • Resident evil
  • Divergent trilogy
  • Maze runner
  • John wick
  • Wolf of the wall street
  • Titanic
  • Star wars

Entertainment categories available on 123movies 2020

Like any other website here also you will get to see a wide movie genre to choose from. It’s really huge and will confuse you for a minute which one to choose.

Let’s see the list and if there is your favorite category available then comment below.

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Costume
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Kungfu
  • Musical
  • Mystery
  • Mythological
  • Psychological
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sitcom
  • Sport
  • Thriller
  • TV Show
  • War
  • Western
  • Xmas

Comment below and tell me about your favorite movie category listed above.

Alternatives of 123movies 2020 website

Everything has its own alternative which makes the competition stronger. Tell me if you will be having only one option in everything that you have now with you.

Then will you be really happy with that.ofcourse not because who does not want choice in their life? Everyone wants it and loves to see more and more options for a particular thing. Now talking about alternatives then some of them are legal while some are illegal.

Some charge from you while some are free. Few of them are safe while few of them are risky. Choose wisely before making any decision.

Legal alternatives.

These alternatives are run officially and hold the license of whatever they do. Some of the alternatives may charge money from you while some of them will show you ads.

One main reason to use this is because of its safety. this alternative is completely safe and secure for use.


An amazing platform to watch videos for free of cost. Just you will be shown some ads in between the content. Here lots of individual and combine creators uploads their content.

The videos differ here a lot because here everything you need is already present. This is the world’s biggest video playing platform with billions of active users.

According to the recent survey it is found that people spend here almost one-hour every day watching videos. Also, the watch time of youtube is in billion hours.

Youtube has some special features recently launches that are youtube premium, music, and gaming. If you want to with or upload your own video then you can easily do it here. This platform is free for all.

2.Amazon prime video

An online video streaming platform run by Amazon which is the world’s biggest eCommerce company. Recently by seeing Netflix it decided to launch its digital service.

The main highlight which amazon prime has in it is it’s cheap. And the content is also up to the mark. If you purchase the subscription of it then you will get its prime service for free.

Besides video streaming amazon also has its music platform which is worldwide spread. Just use their service once you will not regret it actually because it’s really great.

  • Netflix
  • HBO
  • Voot
  • Hotstar
  • Hulu
  • Hoichoi
  • Ice Movies
  • Crunchyroll
  • Zee 5

Illegal alternatives.

These alternatives are run unofficially by random owners. They hide their location and run their illegal platforms. People use their alternatives fort their own benefit and don’t know this is risky.

Although this option is free but then also not a safe way to watch movies. In the future, you might have to face some serious problems which will cause a lot of trouble in your life.


It is one of the most famous torrent sites which lets you download the movies and web series. Here you can get everything free of cost. No need to sign up for an account.

Language is not a barrier to this site because the content in your own languages is available here. Dubbed movies from all around the globe. You can also enable subtitles while watching movies.

The whole content is in HD quality means you do not have to worry about picture quality. Multiple links option is also given here to download movies if one fails then you can go for others.


If you download movies online then you must have heard the name of this site once in your life. This website is also a torrent site that leaks newly released movies.

Also here they do piracy by uploading the copy of available content which is not created by them. They do all such things illegally without holding any official license.

It is very risky to visit such a website. the owners of this website also got arrested by the police. And now also on them, the cases are pending of doing piracy. It is my suggestion to all of you not to visit the website.

If you do that then indirectly or directly you are supporting piracy.

This was all about the alternatives of 123movies. I hope you get everything to know about it. And now you have a sufficient amount of knowledge to choose which option is best for you.


This section is made for those who are having doubts regarding the topic of this article. Very clearly the doubts are solved here by me.

Below mentioned are some of the most frequently asked questions that are answered. If your query is not present there then comment below.

1.Is 123movies 2020 safe?

No, the 123movies website is not at all safe for downloading and watching movies. It is because this is a piracy site that leaks the movies and web series. According to the Indian government, this is a crime in law.

If anyone who found doing it or supporting it will get punished by the official authorities. Keep in mind if anyone found doing piracy stop him and also you do not get involved in it. Be safe to be secure and say no to piracy.

2. How can I get free movies from 123movies?

Getting movies that you like for free and that too legally is not a possible task. There are many sites that let you watch the movies for free but you will not get here new movies.

Some torrent sites where you will get everything for free are-

  • Putlocker
  • Katmoviehd
  • Khatrimaza
  • Downloadhub
  • 123 Movies
  • Tamil Gun
  • Movies Counter
  • Filmywap

3. How do I download movies from 123movies?

Downloading movies from this website is very easy and anyone can do it. If you want a step by step procedure by executing which you can get movies in your devices.

Then for that check the above section of the article there is given a complete step by step process. On how to watch and download movies from 123movies.

Also, keep in mind without enabling the VPN not to go there because it’s very risky. I am not suggesting you go there.it is just for your information.

4. What is the best website to watch free movies without signing up?

There are a lot of websites that let you watch the movies for free without even signing up there. Below given is the list of such websites that will engage you by their astonishing entertainment.

Keep in mind the names which are given below some of them are legal while some are illegal.

  1. Youtube
  2. Crackle
  3. 9xmovies
  4. Watch movies free
  5. Gostream
  6. Popcornflix
  7. Jalshamovies
  8. Bolly4u
  9. Extramovies
  10. Filmyzilla

5.The safe way of accessing 123movies 2020?

There is not any particular safe way to get into this website but one option is available which you can try. VPN is the name of that option which will protect you here.

By enabling VPN your location will hide from another third party. It will also keep you safe and secure at the same time. VPN will protect you from online threats and will keep your personal data safe.

Some of my recommendations regarding VPNs are which I personally use is-Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, and Psiphon Pro.

Summing up

This was all about the 123movies website which is an old torrent site. It has got millions of visitors whose daily visits here and download something. Here you will get to watch movies, web series, tv shows, and serials.

Dubbed movies are also easily available here to watch. Languages in which movies are available here- Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, and Malayalam.

Also, the picture quality here is eye-catchy which will give you a real experience. Talking about its user interface then it is very simple and a common person can also understand it with ease.

On a weekly basis, this website updates itself and gives its visitors every time something new to watch. Describing it in short then this torrent site is a complete package of entertainment in one place.

Last but not least

The above-mentioned information is about the good points that this website has. Now let’s talk about why this website is illegal. If you don’t know until now why going here is ban then let me tell you.

Here the site owners shoot the movies via camera and then upload the footage of it on their site. According to the piracy act doing such kind of things are considered to be illegal. And once the suspect is caught then he must be punished regarding the seriousness of the case.

It’s my duty to make you all aware of such information. Do not make a visit here because it will be the costliest mistake of your life. If you get caught red-handed then it’s over for you.

They will put you in jail and also took compensation from your side. From all the things mentioned here, I am only saying about prohibit piracy and be safe. Say no to piracy.

All the information present here is usefully related to 123movies 2020. for more such articles visit podcastfresh.com.

Thank you all for your time and patience.

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