About Me

Hello! readers, how are you? Welcome to my blog and I am glad that you are here reading my content and investing your quality of time to fetch some sort of information from my dedicated blog about apps and websites. Here I do review every apps and website which is present on different platforms to provide you knowledge and review about what’s best and whatnot.

Introduction (Who am I?)

My name is Tejas .H. Mawale, founder of apps and website review.

I am from Nagpur which is in Maharashtra (India). currently, I am doing Automobile Engineering from RIT and now I am in the first year of it. Many of you guys were getting questions that why I choose automobile engineering. The answer to this question is very simple because I love Cars. Comment below what are the things that you love most and can’t live without.

We all know that school life was the best part of our life because it’s where we began the journey of our life. At first, when we were sent to school there were a lot of complaints from our side. As the end of the school life was near it all vanished and we were just left with memories. Now also sometimes it makes me cry because those days will not come back but the memories will always be there in my mind. If those who are reading this article also have some memories please share with us.

Now let’s talk about that part of my life where I was myself confused that what am I doing.JEE, the word itself describes how much competition is there if you want to achieve something big in your life.

like other jee aspirants I was also sent to coaching to crack the exam and get admission in IITs or NITs which was like world war to me.daily going to Tutions and not learning anything was my daily routine. At the end of the 12th standard, there was an exam of jee in which I tried my luck that some miracle will happen, but which never happened.

I was not topper but managed to secure a good percentile in the 10th standard by scoring 9.2 CGPA. I was happy with that many marks and choose science on behalf of that. My biggest mistake in life was choosing JEE because it directly affected my 12th percentages. Although I don’t believe in marks deep down we all know that the admission is done on that basis only.

Talking about my hobbies I love playing badminton and chess. Also, I used to watch movies of Bollywood, Tollywood, and Hollywood. Painting and Drawing are my hobbies from childhood. I listen to Punjabi, English, Tamil, Telegu, and Hindi songs. Not a bookworm or reader but loves to read storybooks.

My Blogging journey

For me, it all started with a dream which I want to convert into reality. I tried a lot of things like Youtube, Freelancing, and many more things before getting into the field of Blogging.

One day, one of my friends introduced me to blogging who is also a professional blogger.his name is “VISHAL DORGE” and he also studies in RIT (CSE). He helped me at every point wherever I got stuck. Actually his nature is only helpful which is good. Rest of the things I learned from Youtube and some other sources.

I also invested money in it to buy a Domain, Hosting, and some useful tools. For that, I have to cut out my further expenses which I think is a good investment.before starting the blog I analyzed the situation and searched what is missing on google. I found out the quality of information with a detailed review of any application or website is missing.

So, from here the apps and website blog get into reality which is an open-source platform where you can just come and share knowledge of your own. Also if you want any information just visit here or go to social media pages of apps and websites.

My social presence

I am not a very socially active person in case if there is some important news to share. I do not believe in wasting the time of people by sharing useless posts. The only social media that I use most is Instagram because I love watching memes and from there I also get o know what is in trending.

unofficially I am not an active candidate on social media but when it comes to sharing information I do not lack behind. As we all know that the best way to spread any news is via social media. People do not understand this thing and often share some inappropriate content which is not a healthy practice in my case.

You can also visit my social media pages, read the posts there, and comment on what you think about it.