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call of duty zombies apk play and download for free
Call of duty: Zombies APK

Call of duty Zombies APK: Are you a PC gamer or a Mobile gamer? I asked this question because if you are a PC gamer then you will be really knowing about COD.

Call of Duty is a popular game franchise which makes games for PC and consoles. Some of its popular games titles are COD Ghost, Modern Warfare and Black Ops.







COD makes games that are based on secret missions. They’re a group of pro soldiers who visit and call the condition into real action. They kill the enemies and move towards their target.

This game also tells you the story behind every mission and you will come to know the objective of it. Here in this article, I will tell you more about the call of duty. Stay tuned to the article and get ready for some action.

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What is the Call of duty: Zombies

COD (Call of Duty): Zombies is an FPP (first person) shooter game. Ideaworks game studios developed this game and it was published by Activision for IOS devices. This is part of the famous game series called call of duty. The zombie mode in this game is based on the Call of Duty: World at war.

This game allows you to play it in multiplayer mode via Bluetooth or wifi connection. You can also play it through the internet if you want to play it online multiplayer globally.

This COD consists of three maps-Shi No Numa, Der Riese, and Verruckt. Activision launched the sequel of this game in the form of call of duty: black ops-zombies APK.

homescreen of call of duty zombies for player

This game is set in the German bunker during the time of world war 2. It is stated from the US Marine point of view. Here the SS Soldiers/commandos who have become the zombies try to attack the bunker.

They also try to hit the players during the gameplay you will see that. You will have to protect yourself from them while at the same time defending your point.

The gameplay of Call of duty: Zombies APK

The mission of this game is clear you have to survive in the round of invading zombies. As the rounds move further it becomes more and more difficult for us out there. The game begins with colt 1911 and the player also holds a knife to perform melee attacks.

We are provided with 4 hand grenades too which we can use on zombies. Players attack zombies they receive points and if they kill them the score will become more.

Points received while playing the game are used later to buy weapons, perks and get access to different parts of maps. Each map consists of different variations in zombies. Which can’t be explained that thing you will get to know while playing it.

Zombies enter the map from outside the arena via Barricades or doors. As the game progresses further it becomes difficult to kill the zombies. They become faster over time and removes barricades fastly and also attacks rapidly. Here players also get rewarded while they kill zombies and replace barricades.

Here various perks are available in the game which enables the player with a certain ability or power. Perks which are called drops they can be dropped once you kill an enemy.

In some maps, you will find easter eggs which are very rare. They play music and the player gets benefited from it by collecting rewards and also learn more about series.

Download Call of Duty

finding zombies with guns and searching in map

Now you get the knowledge related to the game to let’s talk about how to download it. I will provide here two options and you have to choose from it. One is free and the other is paid which one to go with. Check out the options below and for any kind of help related to it comment me.

Method 1: Download Call of Duty from

1.go to the top of the article and there you will see the download link of the game on mobile. Click here and you will get redirected on a new page.

2.scroll down a little and there one download option will appear to click on it. If you have not given permission to download from the unknown sources then.

3.go to the settings and there search for app permissions and allow download from unknown sources.

4.after downloading the application click on install and after that open the game.

5.when you will open it some permission requests will appear on screen allow them. Create or sign up for an account and go to the dashboard. will be given a tutorial for the first time and will be provided a guide about everything. Understand every single thing and get ready for the zombies. Kill them and get ranked also try for online multiplayer. can also play it with your friends and show them what skills you have got.

Here you get the application for free but if you go on official stores or any other place where it is paid. Choose wisely before spending any amount on this game. If you are getting it for free then to you want to purchase it then go below.

Method 2: Download the Call of Duty: Zombies from Play Store or App Store.

1.go to play store or app store and search there for Call of Duty: Zombies APK and once found to install it.

2.there before installing you will get to see an amount which you will have pay. Click on it and then you will be given payment options. Choose which one suits you.

3.complete all the procedure and pay the amount after that you can install the application. the app and there give all the permissions to it and create your account. If you have an existing one then connect it.

5.complete the tutorial of the game and get to know about every part present over there. Do missions and kill zombies upgrade weapons and unlock different perks.

If you really enjoyed playing the game then comment below. Tell me about your first experience in the game and what you really liked about it.

App Info of Call of duty

killing zombies with deadly weapons and giving headshot

App version: 1.0.11

Updated on: 19,dec,2016

Downloads: 1,00,000+ on google play

Download size: 37.45 MB for APK only OBB file is different

This game contains in app purchases.

It is rated as 18+ and contains violence in it visuals.

Offered by: Activision Publishing Inc

Released on: 29 april,2016

App permissions-

  • In-app purchases
  • Identity
  • Photos/media/file
  • Wifi connection information
  • Device id and call information
  • Other

People also ask

firing on zombies with machine gun in call of duty apk

There are some common questions that occur in our minds while playing the game. These questions may be personal or public for that I have answered some common questions below. If your question is not here then ask me the comment section.

How to download Call of Duty: Zombies MOD APK+ OBB in Android?

The answers to this question are very simple as it is mentioned in this article. Go to the top section of the article and there click on the download button. Click on the android section there and you will be redirected on the new page.

Download the application from there for free and play the game. You will love playing this game as it is very intense. Here you will see the great graphics and controls are smooth too.

Comment below about the game and tell me how was your experience in the game. If you face any kind of difficulty then let me know about it.

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Download PC?

The download link of the game I have provided in the above section. Go there and download the game. As it will be on PC the experience will be somewhat different. The controls and graphics will differ from mobile devices.

If you do not get from there then watch the video. Also, tell me what are the differences between pc and mobile gameplay in call of duty zombies APK.


If any doubt occurs in your mind then do not hesitate to ask me. Comment below about the questions related to the game.


Call of Duty Zombies APK is a great game and is available in multiplayer mode. It is available on various platforms like Android, IOS, PC, PC, and X-BOX. Due to its great graphics and intense gameplay, this has got wide popularity in the gaming market.

You can get it for free here. Download and play the game and also share it with your friends to play with them. If you are a die heart fan of call of duty series then this game is best for you. Here zombies and various other special characters are present that will really give you an mind blowing experience.

Best with graphics and also with gameplay this is really good for an action lover. Tell me how was this article on the call of duty: zombies APK. If you really love reading such kind of information then keep visiting

Thank you all.

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