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Clash of clans

Once in your life, you must have heard or played the game called Clash of Clans. This is the most popular strategy game for players of any group. Playing this game is fun and it is highly addictive. It is safe to play and this game does not promote any kind of violation. Download the clash of clans Android APK for free from this site(v13.0.31).

To get the premium features in the clash of clans read the article carefully. The download option of this game is given below.

What is Clash of Clans (APK)

Clash of Clans is the world-famous game which is played online between global players. It comes under the category of strategy games. The player who holds more trophy is considered as the top player of the game.


As you earn more trophies either by attacking or defending on other players’ village your level increases in-game.

In this game, you have to build your own village and compete with other enemies. Different types of weapons (cannons, archer tower, etc)are available here by which you can defend your village.

Train your troops by which you can perform an attack on enemy village. Find a clan and join it because there are more benefits to it rather than playing solo.


You get extra troops in your clan castle which can be used for attacking or defending purpose. In inventory upgrade troops by which their performance will increase.

Download the Clash of Clans MOD APK to get the max townhall

Also upgrade the weapon, wall, townhall and other things using gold and elixir. If you increase the level of gold and elixir mines then they will increase productivity. As you will move further in the game new things will get unlocked like new troops, spells, weapons, wall type and many more.

Now let’s talk about builders because they are the most important character of the game as the whole village is built by them. You can have 5 builders up to max and they will boost the up-gradation of your village. For the purchase of a builder, you will require gems to either buy it or earn it.

Clans in COC

If you are in the clan then you will be very friendly with the word clan war in which two clans battle and only one of them wins. The war remains about 1 day or more till that time you have to attack other clan villages. The team with more points will win the war and get rewarded and upgraded further.

there are some special characters in the game like a barbarian king, archer queen, royal champion, etc. You will get this character and some special troops when you will be in 8-9 townhall.

To upgrade these troops you will require dark elixir which is rare or very less produced. If your special characters are highly upgraded then you can destroy 50% or more than that of any village while continuously getting damage.

The shield is also provided in the game to protect your village from further attacks. It gets automatically on when someone attacks on you or just you can purchase it.

How to download clash of clans APK


To download the clash of clans APK where you will get everything unlimited just follow the steps mentioned below. You will get what you want from this app.

Method 1:clash of clans APK download from this site

1.first of all click on the link given above and press continue to download the APK. Before this step wait for 10 to 15 seconds to unlock the red download button and once it appears to click on it. will be then redirected to a page where you can just simply click on the download button and the process will start immediately. will notify you that this type of file can harm your device and if you want to continue further or not. Just simply click on continue and the process will begin.

4.after downloading this application just simply click on the install button.

5.when the install will get complete click on open the application. Follow the steps mentioned there to sign in or create an account. you will enter the dashboard of the game you will find everything unlimited over there. Upgrade your village or town hall in no time and compete with top players.

Also, download the MOD APK of- WhatsApp plus, Taraftar TV, Pubg lite and Hotstar.

Method 2:clash of clans APK download from play store or app store

downloading this app from play store or app store is very easy but you will not find the features you are looking for. You will get there an original version of the app, not the modded one. Download clash of clans from the official store provided in your device.

1.go to Play Store(Android) or App Store(IOS)and type there a clash of clans install button.

2.after installing the application click on the open button and you will be moved into the application directly.

3.complete all the required steps mentioned there and come to the original dashboard of the game. You will get their first tutorial on how to play the COC game. your own village train your troops and create traps everywhere in the village. Attack and defend the townhalls upgrade and continue.

Everything about clash of clans APK



Tier 1

barbarian: this fearless warrior relies on his bulging muscles and striking mustache to wreak havoc in enemy villages. Release a horde of barbarian and enjoy the mayhem.

archer: these sharpshooters like to keep their distance on the battlefield and in life. Nothing makes them happier than single-mindedly taking down their target.

giant: these big guys may see calm, but show them a turret or cannon and you will see their fury unleashed. Slow yet durable, these warriors are best used to soak up hits.

goblin: these pesky little creatures only have eyes for one thing: LOOT!they is faster than an aspiring trap. their hunger for resources is limitless.

baby dragon: this fire breathing hatchling is shy around other air units, but leave it alone and it will throw a fit. When, not around other air units, they became enraged and gain bonus and damage attack speed.

balloon: these promoted skeletons have traded in their joy of destroying walls and defenses. Deploy them to take out pesky mortars and cannons.

wizard: the wizard is the terrifying presence on the battlefield. Pair him up with some of his fellows and cast. It does concentrated blasts on destruction on anything, land or sky.

wall breaker: nothing warms a wall breaker’s cold and undead heart like blowing up walls. A squad of them will make way for your ground units.they will do it with a bang.

Tier 2

Healer: these majestic creature lives to protect and aid her fellow troops. Any army is improved with her healing support, but make sure to protect her from air defense.

PEKKA: is PEKKA a Knight? a samurai?a robot? no one knows.PEKKA’s armor absorbs even the mightiest of the blows.

miner: these sneaky shovelers burrow underground, pass beneath walls and pop up right next to their targets. While underground miners can not be damaged and will not trigger traps. They will still get bonuses from spells.

yeti: this heavy-hitting furry fellow digs cold weather and his Yetimite buddies. Hurt him, and you will make this Yetimate really angry.

dragon: the might of the dragon is known throughout the land. This scaly terror of the skies feels no mercy and nothing will escape the fiery splashes of his breath.

electro dragon: possessing iron tough scales and a breath of devastating lightning the most liked Move of this character is raining destruction from above. When vanquished, the electro dragon even pummels the ground with lightning strikes.

Dark elixir

golem: the mighty golem loves to soak up damage. when destroyed it splits up into Golemites. The resulting Golemits have one-fifth the strength of golem’s strength and hitpoints.

bowler: this big blue dude the simple things in life- dark elixir drinks and throwing rocks. His massive boulders bounce off their target and again hit behind it for double strikes.

ice golem: the ice golem has a chilling personality with zero sense of humor. He frosts everything he touches. Freezes his surroundings when destroyed and ices up when talked to at a party. On defense, his freeze effect is smaller and has a shorter duration.

lava hound: this fiery beast can’t resist cheering about air defenses. It provides excellent protection for other troops. Once destroyed it splits into smaller lava hounds.

witch: the Witch never fights alone, constantly raising dead warriors from past battles to lead her attacks. Upgraded witches raise more skeletons at a time.

Valkyrie: a master of the two-handed ax. This glorious warrior runs between nearby buildings and can shred several troops or buildings at once with her whirlwind blow.

minion: this terror of the skies was born out of the dark elixir. Undetectable by the seeking air mine, minions materialize with ease.they are fragile in our world.

hog rider: having Tarned the fierce leaping hog. The hog rider punishes those who hide behind their punny walls. Fueled by dark elixir this warrior never known defeat.

Special characters

max level barbarian king in COC mobile

1.barbarian king 2. archer queen 3.royal champion 4.grand warden



jump- spell: walls slowing you down? try making a shortcut! Cast this spell near the enemy walls to create a route straight over them. Your troops will jump over affected wall pieces as if they weren’t even there.

rage spell: enrage your units to make them bigger, stronger and faster.cast this to create a ring of rage. Your units will gain speed and attack power while they are inside this ring.

freeze spell: when it’s becoming hot stay frosty. The freeze spell temporarily freezes the objects on whichever it is put. It remains for an intermediate amount of time.

clone spell: turn this spell into a pop-up army. Clone spell creates a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies of troops that enter in it.

lightning spell: electrocute your enemies with bolts of lightning. Cast this spell at the enemy village to damage the buildings and units inside a small area.

Healing spell: heal your troops to keep them into the fight. Cast this spell to create a ring of healing.your units will be healed while they are inside the ring.

Dark elixir

earthquake spell: weaken the walls and buildings with crippling earthquakes.

skeleton spell: summon an army of skeletons anywhere on the battlefield.

bat spell: summon an army of bats anywhere on the battlefield.

haste spell: put some hustle in your heaviest units.

poison spell: give your army the upper hands against enemy troops with this deadly poison.

League levels

the image displayed below shows the league levels in clash of clans

League levels showing in Clash of Clans to get ranked
Leagues in CLASH of CLANS

Buildings and traps

  • archer queen
  • army camp
  • barracks
  • laboratory
  • spell factory
  • barbarian king
  • royal champion
  • dark barracks
  • dark spell factory
  • grand warden
  • workshop


  • builder’s hut
  • elixir collector
  • elixir storage
  • gold mine
  • gold storage


  • wall
  • mortar
  • air defense
  • wizard tower
  • air sweeper
  • hidden tesla


  • air bomb
  • giant bomb
  • seeking air mine
  • skeleton trap
  • tornado trap
  • spring trap

this is the list containing each and every detail about the clash of clans.

Features of COC MOD APK

builder village in with max townhall

Clash of Clans hack is completely safe and secure for using purpose.

You will have unlimited gold for use to build buildings or update your village. If you want to look up your personal opponent’s regarding their conflict and then you can also produce use of gold.

You have an unlimited amount of Gems which could be used to boost your personal base construction.

You will get an unlimited quantity of is the primary requirement of troops for training and using spells.

Whenever anyone reaches the town hall 9 and then you might require elixirs to upgrade the walls and their educate unlimited troops in addition.

Another advantage of using Clash of Clans hack is the infinite quantity of dark elixir and it is used to educate the darkened troops and also you can have specific forces with other them too.

When it comes to availability of unlimited resources that have got no restrictions and you have the ability to enjoy great uptime too.

One enormous advantage of that it Mod APK is you might have all the personalities unlocked including Dragon, witch towers, Archer and their Barbarian. In this game, you will have obtained access to your village 24 hours the day for the whole week.

Do people also ask for

People will always have a question while doing or before doing something. Here I have discussed the most commonly asked questions by people.

new special character in royal champion

How to download clash of clans mod APK?

you just have to simply just click on the above-mentioned download button. A new page will open with the download button in its click and will get every single feature you want in the game.

How to hack and install clash of clans mod APK?

you do not have to do anything just go on the top of the article and you will find one red download button click on it.the new page which will open in front of you will contain a download button press it and the install will start automatically.before that it will seek for some permissions just allow it and click on the application and enjoy the hacked version.

Review and Conclusion

Clash of Clans

App Name: Clash of Clans mod APK


Require Android:4.1 and above that

App holder company: Supercell

If you want to visit Clash of Clans click here.

According to the users, this is the best application with all premium features available. This enhances the player experience up to a limited extent. You can download this application for free and get unlimited everything.


clash of clans powered by supercell is the massive hit in the strategy gaming category. The best defense and selection of troops done by the player to protect or attack the village from enemies.

In this, you have to be very mindful while making an attack or setting any kind of trap. If you do or perform any wrong step then you will lose the trophies result in decreasing your official rank.

here I have told you about how to download clash of clans latest Mod APK version(13.0.31) for free. You can visit my site ( more MOD APKs and comment below about the article.

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