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Crunchyroll Premium APK

Crunchyroll Premium APK: Do you love watching anime and want to watch some more. Here I will tell you about one application that will do that for you. Crunchyroll anime APK which is a US-based company.

It provides entertainment in various countries with it’s active 50 million users worldwide.

This is one of the most popular platforms in the USA in terms of online streaming for anime, tv shows, and movies. Basically the main highlight of this app is it’s animated Japanese shows and movies. It also provides the manga comics and Asian dramas.


Comment below which is your favorite anime cartoon and in which part of the world it’s more popular.

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What is Crunchyroll anime APK

Crunchyroll Premium APK: Crunchyroll is an online streaming platform primarily focussing on Japanese animations. It offers its users a wide range of anime and all they are licensed. Anyone can have access to this application as this is present worldwide.


The main highlight of this app is that it provides more of its content for free. This thing stands Crunchyroll out of the competition while at the same time creating its own base.

You can stream the content online here on PC, mobile phone or Smart Tv just by signing in to the account for free. Also, it is available on other different platforms too like X BOX One, PS 4, WiiU, and many more.

The question here is what can you watch here. The Crunchyroll consist of anime series mostly. Gundam and One-Piece are some of the popular classic shows which it offers.

picture quality of anime on crunchyroll apk

You can also watch here the latest online release on your device. Here the telecast of the popular shows from japan is made available within an hour after they are telecasted in japan.

Do not get panic if you don’t speak Japanese it will provide you dubbed audio and translation in your own language. Here you will also get some anime movies but up to limited access because it is not dedicated to movies. Also, the same case is with Asian dramas because here the list of title changes regularly.

If you can’t wait for the next episode which will telecast in the future then go for manga comics. They are Japanese comics that are available here and are base on the content which is shown in anime. Crunchyroll offers you a wide range of manga comics for free and many other titles too.

Crunchyroll download

subtitles option on crunchyroll to choose while watching anime

If you want to download the application for free and use it then you are in the right place. Here I will tell you two legit methods to download the APK. You have to choose wisely whether to go with free or paid. Read the below-mentioned steps carefully in order to continue.

Method 1:download the Crunchyroll from

1.if you have any kind other anime applications or Crunchyroll then delete it before continuing. If you did not do that then it might create a further issue. on the download link mentioned at the top of the article and then you will be redirected on a new page. Before that wait there for 10-15 seconds to get your download link ready. click on download and if it shows that downloading from an unknown source. Go to the settings and there in application permissions and clicks on allow from unknown sources.

4.after downloading the application click on install and once done open it.

5. there it will seek some permissions from you and also you will have to make your new account.

6.after completing all the information just get into the app and watch all the content for free.

Enjoy the anime, dramas, and movies for free and also share it with your friends. Comment below about the APK and write what you like and how was your experience.

Method 2:download from play store or app store

If you want to purchase it from licensed stores then this method is for you. Here you will get some content for free as a basic user and premium content is paid.

1.first of all go to the play store or app store respective of your device. There search for Crunchyroll Premium APK and once found click on install.

2.after installing the application open it and give it the required permissions and move further.

3.there create your new free account in order to continue.

4.after creating account you will get into the application and there you will see a wide variety of anime content to watch.

5.some of the basic content they will provide you for free but the popular content will be paid. Premium content will be the main highlight that they will charge you for.

Is Crunchyroll APK free

god highschool anime watch for free by downloading apk

If I say yes then to it is not true and if I say no then also. It is because for casual viewers the Japanese animations are free of cost. Free membership is the best choice here for them. You can stream most of the content for free on 480p or standard definition.

In this membership, you will be shown ads in between while watching anime or reading manga comics. You also have to keep patience in order to watch the latest episodes of famous anime because they are available later here.

It is free and also paid with some extra features. The choice is yours which one to choose. Download the Crunchyroll Premium APK from here in order to unlock whole content for free.

Crunchyroll premium subscriptions plans and prices

As told above it provides both free and paid content. In paid type, there are two categories depending on the features the user requires. Here below are the mentioned plans to choose from.


If you are an anime addict or love watching it then this plan is for you. It will provide you an ad-free experience and also unlock the full catalog of anime, manga comics, and Asian drama.

Simulcasts and Simulpubs to read and explore the newly released content as soon as possible. With a premium watch your favorite anime in 720p or 1080p and enhance your viewing experience. With premium, email support, and Crunchyroll Premium APK store discounts are made available for you.

For a month it will cost you $7.99 but if you want to save some money then extend the time period. For three months it will cost you $22.99 and for 12 months the cost is $79.99.


god highschool anime available on crunchyroll premium apk

It offers some more extra features in addition to the premium pack. This pack is especially for anime fanatics. Here the difference is that you will get a goodie bag for conventions, contests, and exclusive events. Content-wise both the packs are the same and there is no difference between them.

For a month it will cost you $11.95 and for a year the price is $99.95. I will not personally recommend this pack unless you are a die-hard anime fan and want to miss nothing.

VRV Subscription

For members living in the US who don’t just watch anime and want some more other content. In this streaming service, you will get Cartoonistic anime, gaming channels, and cartoon channels all in one.

It will offer you the same benefits as Crunchyroll Premium APK without lagging anything. All you can get it for just $9.99 per month.


Now after reading this article you have got a complete idea about Crunchyroll anime. What is this app about which plan to choose from and why? This app gains popularity because of it’s wide anime catalog. It has more users because it provides some sort of free content too.

For viewers who can’t afford it, they can go for its freemium plan and enjoy the content. When you purchase its premium plan then only you will get full access to the content provided here. Tell me how was the article about Crunchyroll premium APK. Also, comment below what are your opinions on the topic mentioned above.

Thank you for your precious time.

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