Download Whatsapp Plus APK Latest v8.25 | (Android, IOS and PC) Free

What is Whatsapp plus

WhatsApp Plus is actually a very popular regularly used modded version of WhatsApp. It is specially developed for the users who are not compatible with original Whatsapp and want some extra features. Here I will tell you about how to download the latest version (8.25) of Whatsapp plus APK for free on Android, IOS, and PC.

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Podcastfresh is an only site that provides WhatsApp Plus as well as some famed WhatsApp Mods which include, GB Mod, YoWhatsApp, and even more for free.


I myself use this outstanding software for a lot of functions. An important use of WhatsApp plus you can obtain multiple accounts of WhatsApp, to cover you on your web status, conceal blue ticks.

I utilize WhatsApp plus so, that I can impress my close friends along with other best people by using WhatsApp+ various features. I expect your needs aren’t distinctive through your own requirements. Your more desire to hide your official status and writing status on WhatsApp is fulfilled by this app.

But everyone’s requirements are distinctive, few of us use the software to obtain the benefit of WhatsApp. While some use to obtain all of the amazing benefits of Whatsapp Plus.


More information on Whatsapp Plus

Those, using GBWhatsApp, will also employ and this WA plus version on exactly the same apparatus in addition to their the 2 applications will also be used at an exact same time. People today believe, WA plus hasn’t been worthy also it doesn’t work anymore.

Nonetheless, it may be not really true, It works in addition to that I use the software. Sometimes, I do not really use the software along with any other my primary mobile device number because of the ban complication.

Whatsapp plus showing on screen of mobile phone

You also can use WhatsApp-plus on your device without committing a mistake. However, I highly urge you do not use Whatsapp plus using your primary account. For your personal security reasons check the information given in the WhatsApp plus application. Download the Whatsapp plus APK from this site for completely free.

How to download Whatsapp plus APK latest version


To download this particular APK we have to follow some steps that are listed below. You have two options whether to download the app from this site or download original WhatsApp from the play store or app store. If you want the MOD APK of any other Whatsapp APK then comments below.

Method 1:whatsapp plus APK download from this site

1: If you have downloaded WhatsApp then just delete it before installing this WhatsApp Plus APK. It is because if you do not do that then it will not work properly. Before that wait for 15-20 seconds here till that time, the download link will get unlocked.

2: Now just simply click on the download button provided up here and then you will be landed on a new page. There you just have to click on download and continue.

3: Now go to the folder where you have downloaded that file and press on it and click on install.If there comes that this app is not permitted because it has been downloaded from an unknown source.

4: Just simply click on settings icon if displayed there and change the permissions for unknown sources and click on allow. If not then go to settings manually and there go to app settings and change the permissions there.

5: Wait for install and once installed then just simply tap on it and it will get open.

6: Here you will get into the dashboard of WhatsApp plus APK which contains interesting features.

Enjoy the features provided over there and if you face any problem regarding it then comment below.

Also, download the MOD APK of – Clash of Clans, Taraftar TV, Pubg lite, Spotify and Mini Militia.

Method 2:whatsapp plus download from play store or app store

Downloading this app from the play store or app store is very easy but you will not find the features you are looking for. You will get there an original version of the app, not the modded one. WhatsApp original and WhatsApp business can be found on these platforms.

1.go to play store(Android) or App Store(IOS)and type there WhatsApp or WhatsApp business. Once found the results click there on the install button.

2.after installing the application click on the open button and you will be moved into the application directly.

3. Complete all the required steps mentioned there and come to the original dashboard of the app. You will find their contacts fetched from your contact list. Add the number which you want and make a separate group.

4.enjoy the application by sharing photos, files, and various other documents. You can also chat with the person who is available in your contact list and is available on WhatsApp.

comment below whether you downloaded the original version or mod version of WhatsApp application.

Whatsapp plus official features overview


MOD APK of the latest whatsapp plus
  • you can hide blue ticks
  • second ticks can be hide
  • your online status will be hidden
  • hide writing status
  • hide recording of yours
  • the microphone can be hide or disabled in it
  • your view status can be hidden from this
  • anti revoke enable/disable

Plus settings

  • sticker maker
  • download sticker packs from GBPlus
  • cleaner available
  • GBPlus wallpapers available
  • WhatsApp business auto-reply feature found
  • lots of themes available
  • conversation screen is customizable
  • chat screen is also customizable
  • popup of notification is customizable
  • customizable widgets
  • share a video of size up to 50 MB
  • image of high quality is shareable
  • up to 100MB audio size file can be shared via it
  • the original image can be shared in status without losing quality
  • share status from 30 seconds to 7 minutes
  • Whatsapp plus can be locked
  • logs and activities you can see
  • font of your own choice can be chosen
  • full backup of your data is available

General settings

  • you can restart WhatsApp plus
  • fully customizable
  • message scheduler available
  • DND Mode available

Benefits of using Whatsapp plus APK

If you are looking for MOD APK of some application then there will be some reason for that. Why would anyone go for the Modded version or hacked version of any app? It is because there are some premium features available in it that are listed below.

If you want to download the APK of Whatsapp plus then download from my site because its free here.

Hide on the web status: This is an extremely common and handy feature from all MOD WA, this amazing feature of the application enables you to hide yours on the web status from others.

The software application means no the first is capable of seeing you online so in case you turn this function. It permits you to when you do not really let people know that you are online.

Hide blue ticks: In Whatsapp Plus, users get a single tick when the message is delivered and double ticks mean messages were sent as well as their twice blue ticks which sands the sent message was observed. You can hide blue ticks as well as there do not let others know that their instant messages have been seen by anyone.

Writing status: When anyone writes the message in order to a person the function of WhatsApp tells him to understand which you are typing as well as their composing something in order to him.

If anyone does not really want in order to let others understand your personal composing status that you could simply enable the software application in the personal privacy options of WhatsApp Plus.

Sticker Packs:

Download very cool and trending sticker packs from this site. We keep them updated based upon sticker tendencies. If you wish to make your own sticker packs for WhatsApp plus you are advised to do so, only download the sticker maker through that this website.

Cleaner: This is a great application for people who have to remove unnecessary conversations, clear chats, and other things for use that this cleaner application.

Wallpapers: Each cell phone enjoys to create the wallpaper on the screen, right? Who’re those also want to create the wallpaper on conversation display they must take a look at some attractive wallpapers through our website.

Auto-reply: Auto-reply feature is usually found on the Whatsapp Business program, ordinary WA doesn’t have this function. Use the software application to create auto-reply from anyone to somebody who messages anyone.

Topics: This is an uncommon function of MOD Whatsapp, not really all Mod variations of WA also offers you that this. The function is the theme choice, which suggests you can affect your WhatsApp plus interface within your own way.

There are loads of themes accessible authored by other users, you can be certainly one of them by making your own theme and uploading the software application into Whatsapp plus.


Whatsapp plus not only also offers some cool comes with but also takes care of its unique users’ interests. You may use Whatsapp plus as well as their effect it within your own way, you can edit the header, conversation display, primary monitor as well as their graphical user interface.

You can also customize its unique notification message and widgetsSharing: Whatsapp Plus allows you in order to easily share things at the way that the typical version of WA does not. It permits you to easily share video files more than 30 seconds and supports up to 7 minutes od videos, 50 MB of video size, 100 MB of sound dimensions, original quality in the event pictures.

Safety: If you are worried about more security of Whatsapp plus, and then why do you not really lock your personal Whatsapp? Establish passwords as well as maintain secure your WA.

Logs and history: WA+ has a log and history feature which records all your action including opening the perfect time to closing time and almost everything you do in WA plus.

Fonts and style: This Whatsapp Mod consists of a bunch of fonts that come with all of the attractive styles, dimensions, designs. I am certain that you would love to test them.

The disadvantage of using Whatsapp plus APK

There is a disadvantage or we can say that everything is not completely perfect the same is with this application. You can use and enjoy the extra features available in this APK but be careful not to use your primary number.

It is because if WhatsApp found that you are using MOD APK of their app then they will ban your account. So, a suggestion for you people is that use it via the different numbers that if they ban your account then also nothing will get lost. Also, check out the security reasons before using this APK.

People also ask

Some common questions asked by the people about WhatsApp Plus APK

Difference between WhatsApp and Whatsapp plus?

The main difference is that Whatsapp is available on play store, app store and WhatsApp plus is not available there. It is because the WhatsApp plus is a modded version of its main app and carries some unique features which the company does not allows.

Whatsapp is developed originally while another app is just modified according to users’ needs with some extra features. Use the whats app plus on your own risk.

Also do not forget to download the APK of Whatsapp plus from this site.

Whatsapp plus banned and how to download this app?

This app is not available on the play store or app store because it is not the original version of the application. Use it carefully and do not handle the account with your primary number because your ID may get ban if spotted.

You can download this application from this site and enjoy the premium features which are not available in the original version of the app.

Whatsapp plus APK information

App Name: Whatsapp Plus

Download size: 47.85 MB

Android version required:5.0+

version: 8.25

If you want to visit the WhatsApp plus then click here.

Latest 2020 version available here.


This is overall good APK if you want the most advanced version of WhatsApp where you can design it in the way you want. Every single option is customizable here and talking about your privacy then this is the best option available.

Here I have told you about how to download WhatsApp Plus APK latest version(8.25).you can get it on Android, IOS, and PC that too for free. Download this APK from my website and also check out other MOD APKs available on

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