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DownloadHub: Latest movie download

One of the best Torrent websites Downloadhub is the Latest movie download site. Let’s see what it is and what are its benefits.

Are you bored of watching TV and other repeated content shown there? Do you also want to see the latest movies and other Tv shows for free? Every single week new films are released and we want to watch everyone from it.

Here I will tell you about one platform from where you can get the newly released films for free. Downloadhub is the name of that platform to get the latest movie download. 4K, HD, SD all for free here.


Downloadhub is the movie downloading and online watching platform. It provides pirated copies of the latest movies via links. We just have to get those links and download the movies through it.

Here you will get Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood movies and also TV shows. all you can watch online just you need one internet connection and mobile or PC.

Downloadhub is a very popular website and no single torrent site can stand in front of this huge spread platform. it provides the print of the movies in HD quality and that makes a difference.


It is only one of the current running website which uploads the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood movies online. With the help of Downloadhub, it is very easy to download web series, films, and Hindi dubbed movies.

All the content on this site is updated on a weekly basis. Here you will not find a lack of content because every single day something new comes and uploads on it.

Similar websites like Downloadhub are- Khatrimaza, DJ Punjab.

Downloadhub- Latest Movie Download site

Downloadhub movie piracy site.

This website serves Tollywood dubbed movies, Hollywood dubbed movies, and 300 MB highly compressed movies. One of the best running torrent platforms on which you can rely and that too for free.

Here the audience keeps coming because they want new films, web series, Hindi dubbed movies, and many more. Because of its great content providing nature for free in HD quality, this outstands it from the crowd.

There are also many other websites in its competition but Downloadhub is something different. No other torrent sites can be compared with this because its the best of all.

it is best because Downloadhub lets you download latest movie for free.

The online presence of Downloadhub can be felt because this website never goes out of trend. From the day it has started, slowly it started to gain popularity and now it is one of the renowned sites.

Talking about today’s advanced world technology is getting better day by day. The Internet is also changing the scenario and has transformed from what it was some years ago.

With this advancement, the entertainment industry has taken a new step into the digital world. now things like watching movies on mobiles are possible which was not imaginable some years ago.

With the advancement in the internet, people can do gaming, watch videos, download movies, and use different social networking sites.

What is Downloadhub: Latest movie download and how does it work?

list of latest movies on downloadhub uploaded recently

First of all, keep in mind that Downloadhub is a video piracy site related to movies and tv shows. It is illegal to use because it contains pirated content which is unlawful.

In India, it comes under the unfair means of practice, and the one who found doing may get punished. You have to read the complete article to know what is Downlaodhub and what are its legal alternatives.

Many people do not know that using the content of other creators and promoting them without their permission is illegal. If found doing such kinds of things the copyright owner can report the site.

Also, the government keeps close watch on its action and users database. These kinds of websites are very likely to get shut down. Such websites URL is blocked and they are eliminated from getting indexed in google search results.

Strict actions are taken by the official authority against them to keep- the situation in control.

Still, people keep going for searching this websites. it is because the content available here is free of cost and that’s the only reason.

Downloadhub is also a similar type of website and anyone can access it from anywhere. Use this website at your own risk because I do not promote such kind of websites here.

Continue reading the complete article in order to explore all the steps related to it. Comment below about the article and also share your opinion.

Download the latest movie from Downloadhub in five easy steps

1st step: first of all open the search engine which you prefer or use like google, bing, UC browser, etc. Search there for Downloadhub and once found the result click on it.

(I will prefer you to use google chrome browser).

2nd step: in the site click on the search bar and there type the name of your favorite movie or tv show. There you will see some options listed from the same word choose the appropriate one.

3rd step: Users on this website will come across some pop-up ads while using. These pop-ups might feel you uncomfortable while you are in a hurry or if you are searching for a long time.

It contains a total of 5 ads in it while a user can easily release it. If you are accessing this site from PC then something can be done to remove or block the path of the ads.


4th step: once the problem of pop up ads is solved then check the icons shown there. You will get two options one is to watch the movie online and another is downloading it. Choose the appropriate options from the following.

5th step: if you want to download the film then click on the download icon and after a few seconds the download will start. If you are a PC user then one more option will be shown there and that is of IDM.

What is IDM?

It stands for internet download manager which is used to speed up the download. It will boost the speed of the downloading and PC users must have this software.

Now you have got an Idea about Downloadhub: Latest movie download site. But did you know why we have to use it before making access here?

Why VPN is required for Downloadhub?

tollywood movies category to download for free

Must read: if the Downloadhub website is not opening then it means officially it has been blocked. It cannot be opened using a normal internet network whose status is public.

The solution for this is a VPN(Virtual Private Network). Use it in order to get access to this site and there is no other option for it.

Want to download in a simpler way then go for the Downloadhub APK.

APK is more convenient than using a browser-based site. It is because the site contains pop up ads that irritate the users. Because of poor experience, many people just bounce off from the website directly.

If you do not get a movie from here then it is way more difficult to find such kind of quality that too for free. Download its APK file and be safe and get connected with fast downloads.

Downloadhub (movie download) Apk is free for everyone.

Learn how to get Downloadhub APK

You will be going to see an immense difference between the website and APK. Many extra features are available in APK as compared to the Downloadhub site.

It does not contain pop up ads and enhances the user experience. Also here you will see the speed of download slightly faster than the website.

Some details related to the APK file:

  • File download size 3.09 MB
  • App version v3.0
  • Required android system 4.0 and above.
  • The languages offered here are English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.
  • App last updated 15.02.2017
  • This app is license-free

You will not get this application on the play store or app store as this is not legal. It also violates the rules and regulations of various platforms that is the reason why it is eliminated.

If you want to get this application then go to google and search for it. Also, check out the sites which provide APK files on their websites.

Get access to the Downloadhub via VPN and download the latest movie

In many countries, the main problem is that people are unable to access the site. The reason here is simple because authorities have blocked access to this site because of piracy.

You do not have to get panic as there are some methods via which you can get access to this website.

PC/Desktop users method for Downloadhub

  1. I prefer here to go with chrome browser as it is convenient for use. Don’t have chrome installed in your PC then get it first and then again come here.

Here the process is quite different from mobile as you have to download the extension of VPN on your browser.

2.according to me if you weren’t able to find the free VPN which really works then go for Setup VPN. It really works and is simple to use.

Trust me I am saying this thing with my personal experience. I tried all and then landed on it.

3.once installed the VPN then complete its setup process and activate it. Select the country United States there because here the servers are fast and will not affect your download speed. are now connected to a new IP Address and no one can trace you. Go to the official website of Downloadhub and get into it. You are now safe and secure at the same time and your online activity cannot be monitored by others.

Go there search for movies and tv shows and once found download them. Use adblocker to enhance the experience while using it. Downloadhub is a great way to download a movie for free and watch them anywhere.

Mobile device users method Downloadhub

1.first of all you have to download a fast and secure VPN. My recommendations -Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, Psiphon Pro and you can check on the internet for more.

This is required to change your location and no one can then trace you. the VPN application on a mobile device and complete the setup process. Then select the location to the united states because their servers are really fast. You will get a new IP Adress to check it before starting.

3.then go to the Downlaodhub website and open it. The benefits here are that accept you no other person can see or monitor your activity. You will get access to all the blocked sites if you are using a VPN.

Search there for the movies,tv shows, and web series that you want to download. Now you have full access to this website enjoy it there.

Downloading a Movie from Downlaodhub (Must Read to Download)

options to download movies via link or watch online

Before downloading from there make sure you know that it provides pirated content and is illegal. You might get into their radar for using this website and use it at your own risk.

Here, I do not promote such kind of websites just I am providing information related to it. It is a website that provides a pirated copy of motion pictures.

In United States and in India piracy is a crime and the government is strongly against it.

You guys while downloading movies from such websites are also creating crime and are equal partners in it. If you want to watch the latest released content then go to theatres and cinema halls.

Other official alternatives are Netflix, amazon prime video, Hotstar prime, Youtube, etc.

Some excited people are always there who want to get access to the content before it gets displayed on big screens.

That is the reason why they make a visit to websites like Downloadhub which is a free movie download site.

If you belong from such a country where the site is not responding properly then use VPN. There are lots of VPNs available for use in the online market. I’ve told you about one of my personal recommendations for it.

Use that or choose which one to go with. ask friends if they are using one. VPNs are free and paid based on the user’s intention. Whatever he wants to access it for official use or local use.

If you guys have more money in your pocket and don’t know where to spend it then go for paid VPNs. It will enhance your user experience and download speed will also get more.

Downloadhub website includes various content categories

On the Downloadhub site, you will find lots of categories to explore content from. This provides quality of content in every section and this binds the user with it. The categories which include here are-languages, formats, video quality, and size.

If you are its old user then you might have explored all the listed categories in its catalog. For a new user, it will take some time but they will learn it slowly.


You all know that this category seems to be in trend from the older times. People love watching action movies and because of that, there is a heavy demand for it in the market.

Stunts, skyscrapers, and mind-blowing VFX all are part of it. This is not a new category in movies section and is very popular in terms of search.

Movies related to it are in high demand always. Action word only describes the meaning that something fast-moving thing will be there which our eyes can’t be able to capture normally.

Some examples of action movies are-Dark Knight, Transformers, Resident evil, Divergent trilogy, and many more.


In the current world, the most trending topic in entertainment is comedy. Every month the searches for this word are in millions. people love watching movies, tv shows, and web series which are based on comedy content.

Viewers from every age group are fond of it. This type is really engaging and does not contains and inappropriate scenes. Many people are making money from it through stand ups or getting their own shows.

People also love watching funny memes about movies. On Downloadhub also there is heavy demand for comedy movies. Like- Hera Pheri, Jhonny English, scary movies, friends, and many more.


This category is mostly for niche viewers who are teenagers or youngsters. It contains all the phases of love and such type of content is everywhere on the screen.

People love watching it and are really fond of it. They love the romance between hero and heroine and feel themselves in their place. they make the imagination into reality.

Old and new films bothy are equally approached as per the search results. Some of the famous romantic movies list are-Titanic, call me by your name, Romeo and Juliet, Fanaa and many more.

Here on Downloadhub the Romantic movie is mostly Download by people.that’s the reason why it is an evergreen category.


As the title describes that the content contains some scary views in it. While watching the movie every person will react differently according to their nature.

Not everyone is fond of watching horror movies because it requires daring to watch such things. Try to watch these films alone and then you will notice what real fear is.

This content is not for every casual viewer it requires strong mental control over yourself. Some famous horror movies are-Horror story, Haunted, 13B, Shappit, Paranormal activities, Anabelle, conjuring, and many more.

Science and fantasy

Also called sci-fi and this category is purely based on technology. You will see different types of mind-blowing scenes here and the use of VFX will be intense.

The story will be based on fiction because they will depict future from their prediction. All the gadgets and people who will be seen here must be advanced. Their lifestyle and their environment all will be explored here.

This is the current trend and in more demand. On Downloadhub it is one of the mostly category searched also. some examples are-Avengers, Inception, Tomorrowland, etc.


It is a really fun category that small kids love to watch. Despite cartoons, they also like movies based on them.

Most famous cartoons like Doraemon and Shinhan also have their movies which the kids love to watch. They are a purely graphical representation of characters and such things attract kids a lot.

Examples of some cartoon movies are-Cars, Toy Story, Monster Inc, Minions, and many more.


Recently this type of movie is introduced in Bollywood after the film on MS Dhoni. From that very step, this mode has changed and now directors are focusing on making films on sports.

The category in Hollywood was discovered very early. This type of film really inspire people and also motivate them to do something in life. Although very few films of such types are made but they dominate the market for that particular period of time.

examples are- Creed, 42, Miracle, Dangal, Mary Kom and many more.

Documentaries and Biopics

Some people love watching real content over fake or fiction. They go for documentaries and biopics which are based on the real-life events of the person.

This film plots the exact story which was happened in his life. It shows us the journey of the person or the place why it is currently in that position. What is the past behind that because everyone has its own story.

Some famous examples are-Tanhaji: the unsung warrior, Chappak, MS Dhoni: the untold story, Dangal, etc.

Again I want to alert you not to go there because it is unsafe. Downloadhub is a piracy website that lets you download the latest movie for free.

Quality of content provided on Downloadhub

movie download resolution 480p or 720p on downloadhub

movies quality here are-

  • 360p(minimum)
  • 480p
  • 720p(HD)
  • 1080p(FULL HD)
  • HD

size of the videos to download from-

  • 300 MB
  • 400 MB
  • 700 MB
  • 1 GB
  • 2 GB
  • 2.5 GB
  • 3 GB
  • 4 GB

Language Availibility-

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Telegu
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Punjabi
  • Marathi

Content Format-

you can download the content according to your requirement-

  • Mp4(encoding format)
  • MKV(encoding format)
  • AVI(encoding format)
  • MPEG(encoding format)

Different alternative domains of Downloadhub: latest movie download website

As told above this website that contains piracy content that is not at all safe for use. Downloadhub is banned several times that’s why they use different domains.

For other creators then it will be difficult to trace their location. This website keeps changing its web address in order to stay away from getting caught by the official authorities.

below provided are the list of Downloadhub alternative websites:


Above listed are the websites which keep running alternatively while its main site is blocked. I must if you use its app then you will not have to look out for different locations.

In application just type the name of the film or tv show and there you are.

If you face any kind of doubt then directly ask me I will help you out. Also, tell me what difficulties do you face while using it. Do not forget to use VPN while accessing this site because it will keep you safe.

More info about Downloadhub (Movie download) alternative domains

Older domain and many people use it regularly. More than 2500 movies are uploaded on this website. The user base which interacts daily here is immense.

The only problem here is that it uploads pirated movies lately on its website. Though late but useful no fake promotions only real content.

You can say it as the clone of the official website because it is very similar to the original one. It is also called a torrent magnet and does not allow online movie streaming.

For downloading your favorite films it is one of the best choices. In India, it has gained a lot of popularity and became widely renown. This website contains more number of Tamil and Teleg movies than Bollywood or Hollywood.

Dedicated to download bollywood movies and strongly content based website. Lightning-fast servers to download the content in astonishing speed and get immersive experience.

More than 1500 movies are present over here and most of them are from Bollywood. Those who love watching Hindi movies must give a visit here.

Recent website and you can also say just a year or two-year-old. Within a certain period of time, it has gained a lot of popularity amongst people. When you will go to access this site you will not be able to reach there.

The reason behind it is that this site is blocked by official authorities. You will need a VPN to get access here and trust me it will be worthy. Select the United State servers because they are fast and reliable as compared to the others.

Big website but has caught several will offer you movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood. The user base of this site is really good. This site drives traffic near to million monthly.

More than 2000 movies uploaded on it.good for every single category.

It was creaetd three years ago and is really famous amongst people. Due to its piracy content, has to face blocked issues several times.

Many countries block this site. If you want to get access to this website then just use a VPN because it unblocks all the blocked domains.

A risk is a risk and the end of it is very similar. I am not promoting websites like Downloadhub (latest movie download) on my site.

What are Downloadhub Alternatives?

direct download link generated on downloadhub

You all know that there will be always an alternative to everything present. The thing is that like Downloadhub there are several other websites that serve the download of movies in the same or different manner.

Some of its alternatives are really good which some of them are terrible. I have picked the best websites which are more similar to the Downloadhub in terms of functionality.

There are paid and free alternatives, both can be accessed according to your choice. Some people might spend a few dollars to get the authorized content while many of them want it for free.

choice is up to you whether you want to go legal or illegal.

Illegal Alternatives for movie download-


One of the famous websites from the olden times and got widely renown in India recently. Here they upload every single movie from Hollywood or Bollywood as soon as it releases.

It also faced several block issues in many countries. To get access to this site use VPN. This will provide you movies in a really good manner and that’s the main motive of this website.

Hollywood, Bollywood, or Tollywood any movie can be downloaded from this website.


Launched in the middle of 2015 to 2016 and the main intention was to provide movies for download. One of the widely spread websites in terms of popularity.

If you have heard about Go movies then it is also its belonging site. I can’t tell you the current scenario of this website as they keep changing their locations.

The only thing which I can tell here is that if the official website is inaccessible then go for its clone websites.

Here on this site, you can either watch movies online or just download it. For downloading any content this site will provide you several options based on size, quality, and audio.

The list of clone websites that are similar to it is going stream, Me movies, 123movieshub, and many more. It is also renowned as the most popular illegal content or pirated content providing site along with Khatrimaza and Downloadhub.

3.Kickass torrents

If you want to download software, movies, MP3 songs, and videos then go here. It is the best website and one-stop solution for every content fetcher.

Here is one place, you will get access to lots of content that you will not be able to find anywhere.

Blocked by many countries and is still in the red list of blocking. This site can be accessed if you use VPN. Above in the article, I have mentioned some of the best free VPNs go check them. If you want to use your own then also its good.


Widely spread the website and is popular worldwide. On this site, you will get access to the latest released movies, tv shows, and web series.

Here the quality of download, you will find that any other torrent website will not provide. Use it at your own risk all the mentioned website because all of them includes piracy.


It started few years ago and due to its continuity in providing the latest content, it gained wide popularity. This site is famous for downloading movies and you might have heard about it.

This is also blocked and is hard to find on chrome. Many dummy sites are also present in the online market. To access it use VPN.


YTS provides you the download option of the movies in various qualities like HD, FULL HD, and 3D. The specialty of this site is that you can stream here the movies online. Other websites put some limitations because of that they differ from YTS.

Here users can get access to the online content but might face buffering issues. You must have a good internet connection in order to maintain the flow of films.

Here you will find more than a hundred Hollywood movies to download from every week. The popular site and trusty website for most of the piracy content watcher.

It uploads the content on its website faster than any other similar site. Here the user experience will get enhanced due to its smooth speed and easy to access the content.

YTS is also a very tough competitor of Downloadhub it is because both of them offer the latest movie for download.

7.The Pirate Bay

As the name describes it is also listed in the top piracy content providing website. It is also a torrent website means the download speed will be really good as the servers are fast here.

Recently Google has banned pirate bay as many complaints were registered against it. Also, google found inappropriate content on this site. Here you will get everything from video to audio and lots of applications for free.

It also advertises VPN on its website as the access to it is blocked and the only available option is VPN. The perfect alternative to Downloadhub for downloading movies.


As this is the famous website available on the internet for providing pirated movies. There are many dummy websites of Putlocker on the browser. this site was built in the UK(United Kingdom) in 2011.

This provides the user download links to the movies and also they can stream it here.

This website hs been banned in United Kingdom by the high court. In past years several times the location of putlocker has been changed due to the ban issue.

It still keeps changing that no one can spot all know the popularity of this website and it can’t hide from the official authority.

Millions of monthly visitors and one among the topmost sites which do piracy. The alternative of this website is Putlocker123Power.


This website is also like many other piracy sites. Many people know about it. Here you will get access to the Hollywood movies on release date only. It is also blocked by many countries.

The only option to access this site is via a VPN. Read the above article in which I have provided detailed information on the VPN.


One of the dominating sites when it comes to the torrent movie download. It does privacy and can be accessed via a VPN only. Fast servers and lightning-fast downloads. Use all the mentioned websites at your own risk. I do not promote these websites.

other alternatives are mentioned below:

  • Movies4u
  • Movierulz
  • TamilRockers
  • Khatrimaza
  • Sd movies point
  • Utorrent
  • Filmywap
  • Best movies
  • 7starHD
  • TamilYogi
  • DailyMotion
  • FilmyWap

Legal alternatives to download movies

  • Sony crunch
  • Pluto TV
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hotstar App
  • Popcornflix
  • Sony Liv
  • Crackle
  • Mx Participant
  • Ice Film
  • Gomovies
  • Nitro
  • Yesmovies
  • Voot
  • HBO

People also ask

A common question is that if you get knowledge then it is obvious that you will have questions too. Below I will mention the most common questions asked by the people.

Also if your question is not discussed below then ask me in the comment section.

What is Downloadhub (Movie Download)?

It is a site that provides piracy content for free. Here the latest movies are downloaded and also you can watch it online. This website leaks movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood.

It is a big site and is popular but illegal. Many times it has been banned by google.people have to use VPN to get on this site.

Why Downloadhub URL keeps changing?

As this website tries to not get caught by official authorities otherwise they will ban it. URL changing is one of the best ways by which no one can trace their location because it keeps changing consistently.

It provides pirated content and that’s the reason why there is more likely the chances of this website to get banned.

How to download hindi movies from this site?

I have provided all the required information by following which you can download the movies. Just go to the provided domains above and then once you open the site then search for a movie.

You will see there it will show several options based on your given word. Choose the most appropriate one and then click on it. Download the movie or watch online it is upto you.

If the site is not opening then use VPN(Virtual Private Network). I have provided the information on how to use this and which VPN is the best.

Always choose the United States server because they provide fast download speed.

The more efficient way is to download its APK file on your mobile device. This will eliminate the pop-up ads and also save Your Time.

User experience will get enhanced. the download speed will get the lightning-fast and searching movies is very easy here.

Is this website authorised?

All the privacy based websites are illegal and the user must be aware before accessing it. This may harm the device as it contains many harmful viruses.

Some hackers might be behind it tracing your local data. make sure that you do not give any kind of permissions to the application or browser. this may search your photos, files, and many other useful documents.

In several countries, such kind of websites are banned because they provide pirated content. Such kind of act is prohibited and the publisher and user are subject to crime here.

I do not prefer you to go there and download movies this article is just for information purposes.

Why we have to use VPN here?

It is because these websites are banned by Google and the normal user can’t access it. The blocked website can only be accessed by using VPN it hides the user location and unblocks the sites.

Here your browsing data is safe and secure and no one can monitor it.
I have provided all the useful information related to it in the above section.

Also if you are a professional user then go for paid VPNs and if the local user then free VPNs are best for you. The only thing Paid VPNs to do are they increase download speed, remove ads and enhance user experience.

What movie categories are available on Downloadhub: Movie Download Site?

On Downloadhub there are several categories from which you can watch the movies.Science-fiction,sports,action,horror,comedy,documentaries and biopics,etc.

Also, the picture quality, download size, file type in which you want to get movie files all to have their separate category.

Here you will see lots of variety in content base on the region, audio type, picture quality, dubbed movies, and many more. To explore such a vast website you will have to visit on it frequently.

Again telling you all that I am not forcing you it is your own choice. If you want to make a visit there.


This was the whole story of the Downloadhub piracy website. I tried my best and covered all the points. the reason behind that such websites are still running very efficiently is because people want it to be.

no one has complained against it and that’s the reason why the government has not taken any action against it.

It is an illegal option to download movies. Latest movies in every format(4K, HD, SD for free) and audio you will get here. Also, there are lot more categories from which you can pick up a particular movie.

Using such kind of website is not good and must be stopped by people. This affects the film industry and the hard work which they put in their movies.

Downloadhub (2020) free latest movie download is the site about which we talked above. If you want to explore more sites then comment below.

Keep visiting for such kind of information.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article

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