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easy way to download movies from extramovies 2020
Extramovies 2020: Torrent website

Extramovies 2020: This article is especially for those who are a die heart movie lover. Who does not love to watch the newly released movies? There are many digital services that provide the online streaming of movies.

But the main problem here is they are paid one and not everyone can afford it. Another option is to go to theatres to watch movies on a big screen. But again some of you might not be having time to go there.

People to people the reason is different. Like some people love to watch movies from Bollywood. While some people strictly prefer Hollywood movies. Here I have come with a solution to all your problems.


There is one website that does provide all the latest movies to download for free. Just you have to visit here and search for your favorite movie. Although the way by which this site does that is not a legal way.

The owner of this website does not hold any right to that. I am not telling you to visit this site just informing you about an illegal alternative. Also, let me tell you that according to the Indian law doing piracy is a crime.

Once who found doing it must be put behind the bars. Comment below about your opinions on piracy.


What is Extramovies 2020 actually?

Extramovies is a torrent site that is famous for proving the latest released movies for free. Here the visitor who wants to watch the movie comes and downloads the content.

It is very simple here anyone can use this website for their personal benefit. Every content on the Extramovies 2020 website that you get is in HD and Full HD quality. Here you will find movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood.

As the name of this site depicts extra this means you will always get more here than you think of it. The language barrier is removed by this website by providing dubbed movies in every possible language. The option of subtitles is also available here for those who focus primarily on the dialogue.

More info

You all know that every good thing must contain at least one flaw. The same thing here is also with this website. This is a piracy site which leaks movie and then uploads its pirated copies on their site.

Google has blocked this torrent site several times but nothing happened. With the help of proxy domains, it is still surviving in the market. The supporters of this website are in millions who daily visit here.

I am warning you not to go there because it is very risky. If you found downloading something from here. Then official authorities can take strict actions against you. By listening to this also you want to go here then do not forget to use vpn.

Now your question must be what is VPN? The simple answer here is that it is your online bodyguard that protects you from digital threats. It is also helpful in unblocking the blocked URLs.

Also, it provides you safety and security at the same time. If you have any questions then comment below.

Features of Extramovies 2020

extramovies website search on google chrome

Have you ever wondered why the movie downloading torrent site has a huge user base? They do nothing extraordinary just make the pirated copy of the new movies and uploads it on their website.

Then also they have a fanbase in millions. The reason behind this is the features that the Extramovies provide to its user. There are many things that make this site awesome.

If you are a visitor here then you must be knowing about it. Now, without wasting time lets see what are the features of this torrent site.

Main features

1.Free for all– yes, you heard it right this site is free to access. The only motive of this site is to provide you high-quality content free of cost. No one will charge you any hidden costs here. Just they will show to one or two advertisements that too will not bother you at all.

2.Content Quality– the resolution of the movie that you will get here is awesome. Because you can choose between HD and Full HD quality here. Also Bluray print of the movies is available here to download.

3.Account Creation– no need to create any kind of account here. Neither they will ask you for any of your personal details nor you have to tell them anything. Just visit the website search for your movie and click on the download button.

4. Beside Movies– you will also get here web series to watch. Other content like- tv shows, cartoon movies, anime, serials are also present on this site. You will get a complete package of entertainment for free here.

Special features

5.Language Barrier– this thing is not with this Extramovies 2020 website. Here you will get dubbed movies in your own language for free. Also with movies, you will get subtitles which will make it easier for you to understand the movie.

6.Categories available– movies are available in a variety of genre, size, language, and resolution. For easily filtering out your favorite movie you will get here several filters that you can apply. Frankly speaking, these filters are the best. And will also help you if you want to search for a particular movie.

7. Movie genre– now let’s talk about something different which is related to the categories of the movies. From romance to comedy and from horror to suspense you will find everything here. Just click on the movie type selection option and the categories will be in front of you.

8. Multiple links– last but not the least feature of this website. Here while you will go to the movie downloading page there you will see multiple links to download movies from. If one link is dead then others can be used instead of it.

These were some of the most important features of this site. If you know more about then tell me in the comment section. Also if you have anything in mind which you want to ask me then comment below.

Procedure to download movies from Extramovies 2020

homepage of extramovies with movie download category

Let’s take a look at the step by step procedure to download movies from Extramovies torrent site. The process is very simple here anyone can do it. I just read it once because I have told here some important points also.

By reading this procedure you will get the complete idea on how to download movies from this torrent site. Lets see what’s the procedure.

Phase: 1

1.open the browser on your mobile, laptop, tablet, or PC. Go to the google chrome according to my recommendation. It is because chrome is a widely used web browser and most secure also. Another browser that you can use are-safari, bing, Yandex, and UC browser.

2.now the main thing comes here vpn. if you have one then activate it otherwise go get one first. It is very important because it will unblock the blocked URL by google. Some of my personal recommendations are-Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, and Psiphon Pro.

For PC users the list is different- Setup VPN and Pure VPN.

3.now search for the Extramovies 2020 website on a web browser. Once found the relevant results click on it. If you are getting any kind of trouble finding the website then below given is the list of proxy sites. Where you can find the original website. It is because the site frequently changes its location from one domain to another.

Phase: 2

4.after you are inside the website then you can see one search bar on the top of the website. Click here and search for your desired movie or web series. Once found the right one tap on it.

5.you will get redirected to the new download page after that.there you will see download button for that movie. As you click on it the download procedure will get started instantly. After completing the download you can watch the movie here on your device.

This was the step by step procedure on how to download movies from Extramovies. Also here one more option is available to live stream the movies. If you do not have time to download the movie then you can use it.

New leaked movies and web series by Extramovies 2020

Below given is the list of newly released movies and web series which are leaked by Extramovies. This torrent site is very popular for doing that kind of thing. Let’s take a look at the list which is available on the Extramovies website.

Web series

  1. Made in Heaven.
  2. Kota Factory.
  3. Four More Shots.
  4. The Family Man.
  5. Kaafir.
  6. Mirzapur.
  7. Delhi Crime.
  8. Gullak.
  9. Asuran
  10. Sacred Games.
  11. Hacked.
  12. Jamtara.
  13. Ghoul.
  14. Thappad


  1. Tanhaji
  2. Baaghi 3
  3. Angrezi Medium
  4. Mumbai Saga
  5. Sadak 2

This is the list if you want to ask me anything else then comment below.

List of proxy domains of Extramovies 2020 website

new released movies listed to download for free in hd

If you are unable to access the original website of the Extramovies then here is the list given of its proxy domains. By checking them out one by one you can get the reallocation of the Extramovies website in current time.

If after going through this also you are unable to get the real site then comment below.

  • ExtraMovies.net
  • ExtraMovies.org
  • ExtraMovies.pro
  • ExtraMovies.vip
  • ExtraMovies.ws
  • ExtraMovies.ml
  • ExtraMovies.pw
  • ExtraMovies.wiki
  • ExtraMovies.trade
  • ExtraMovies.cc
  • ExtraMovies.top
  • ExtraMovies.com
  • ExtraMovies.in
  • ExtraMovies.co

Comment below whether this list helped you or not.

Categories to choose from

search bar on extramovies to find content to watch

Here on the Extramovies 2020 website, there are a few important categories from which you have to choose which one to go with. This can be said as filters in other words. If you are really interested to know what are the categories provided by it then continue reading this article.

Movie genre

The movies here are categorized amongst the options listed below. You can choose here the type from which the movie suggestions will be shown to you.

  • Action
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • Biopics and Documentaries
  • Mystery
  • Sports
  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Kids

Download size of the films

Here you can download the file according to your data budget which you want to spend here. The movies start from 300 MB which is highly compressed. The quality will be the same as the compressed movie because later on while the download is completed it will get expand.

  • 300 MB
  • 500 MB
  • 700 MB
  • 1 GB
  • 1.5 GB
  • 2 GB
  • 2.5 GB
  • 3 GB
  • 3.5 GB
  • 4 GB
  • Blu-Ray print.

Languages available here

The option to download movies in your mother tongue is available here. You will get a wide range of dubbed movies on this site. Also here you will get subtitles with movies.

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Marathi
  • Malayalam
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada

Video download quality

Here you can download a video in a wide range of qualities. Just you will have to apply filter while downloading the movie. It is simple and anyone can do it.

  • 144p
  • 240p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p

These were all the categories of the Extramovies website. If you have any queries regarding this topic then you can ask me in the comment section below.

Alternatives of Extramovies 2020

full movie information with trailer and download link

Below given is the list of alternatives to the Extramovies website. If this site is not working properly then this can be taken in use. Some of the alternative options are legal while some of them are illegal.

Some are free while some are paid. Among them, few are safe while few of them are risky for use. You only have to choose between them whether to go with a legal one or an illegal one.

I know the legal way is not free but it is safe. Because of this, you will not face any trouble in the future. Let’s see the list that is mentioned in it.

Legal alternatives

1. Youtube

Currently dominating the video streaming industry. This company is very old and started with two people. Now it has billions of active users. This company is spread widely and every mobile user knows about it.

The biggest platform to share videos. you can watch here movies for free without paying anything. Just you will have to see some ads of a few seconds here. They will not interrupt you at all. And if you want their ad-free service then go for youtube premium.

This is the only platform that has got billions of monthly watch time. Especially for gamers and music lovers, this platform has created a separate place. Isn’t it cool? According to me, this can be used as an alternative to the Extramovies 2020 website.

2. Amazon Prime Video

This is a video service launched by the biggest e-commerce company in the world amazon. After seeing Netflix, Amazon launched its Prime service in the market to compete with Netflix.

Here you will get the latest movies, web series, tv shows and many other things to watch. One main reason for getting amazon prime is that it’s cheap as compared to Netflix. Another reason is by subscribing to the one you will get the benefit of two.

You can get the super fast delivery of amazon products by getting free amazon prime. Isn’t it seem to be interesting? This alternative can be considered as the most powerful option.

  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Hulu
  • HBO
  • Pluto Tv
  • Ice Movies
  • Go Movies
  • Voot

Illegal alternatives

1. Jalshamovies

Especially for those who love movies from Bollywood and Tollywood. This website has got easy to use user interface. Which helps a newbie to easily understand the website completely.

All the content that you will get here is in HD quality. Language is not a barrier here movies from all the spoken languages are dubbed on this site. Multiple download links are also available to make your process much easier. This can be considered as one of the most famous torrent websites.

2. Worldfree4u

One of the best torrent sites to download movies easily and for free of cost. You have to use VPN here to unblock the URL of this website. Besides movies, you will get here web series, tv shows, serials, cartoon movies, anime, and much more other content.

No need to sign for an account here just visit and download the movie. Here the vast collection of movie genres is available from action to romance and from sci-fi to biopics and documentaries.


multiple torrent download links to download films fastly

Specially created for those people who have some of the other questions related to the topic mentioned here. It is quite obvious in getting doubts. I am here to solve everyone’s queries with my knowledge.

Below mentioned is the list of common questions with their answers. If your question is not mentioned here then comment below.

1. What is Extramovies 2020?

It is a torrent site that is used to download movies for free. Here you will get the latest released movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood.

All the content that you will get here is in HD quality. You will also get dubbed movies here in your language and also subtitles option is present on this site.

Besides movies, it provides web series, tv shows, serials, cartoon movies, anime, and many other things.

2. How to download movies from Extramovies website?

Downloading movies from this site are very easy. Just the thing here is that you will have to keep order in mind. That order I have given in this article by the step by step procedure name.

By following it you can easily download anything from the Extramovies website. You will only require one VPN, one device, and a fast internet connection.

Keep in mind there is nothing technical in it and anyone can execute the procedure. Whether a techie or non-techie doesn’t matter. The thing which matters here is the will power of that person.

If you really want to download movies from here then this will really make sense for you.

3. is it legal to download movies from Extramovies 2020?

No, the Extramovies website is based on piracy, and downloading movies from here is illegal. The owner of this site leaks the copies of movies. They upload the pirated copies of it on their site and then viewers visit here and download it.

The process might feel simple to you but it is quite complicated. Here no one holds any license of wat they are doing. Also, no permission of the content creates everything they are providing on their own.

In India, the law related to piracy is very strict. And once found red-handed then strict punishment will be given to that person. It is my duty to tell you that I do not download anything from such websites. If you do then it will be considered as supporting them.

4. How can we safely download movies from Extramovies 2020?

There is only one doing it and that is via VPN. Yes, you heard it right the only way which can be taken into use here. VPN will unblock the URL of the Extramovies website.

Also, it will constantly change our IP address by which any third person will not be able to track us. Now talking about our personal data then while accessing some unlawful website. There is always a risk of losing all our personal data.

Hackers are said to be active on such websites. To prohibit it VPN is a must-have thing that is mandatory to proceed.

5. Is this Extramovies 2020 website safe to use?

No, this website is not at all safe to use. The reason behind that is here all the things that you will get to download. It is provided by an individual person or a group of persons.

They are not an authorized group of workers that holds license of providing such kind of things. These people do such kind of things in order to earn money. And they not only suffer themselves but make other people do that too.

It is to inform you that doing and supporting piracy is a crime and must be stopped. According to the Indian government if anyone found doing it or supporting it then he must be put in prison. Also, compensation will be taken from his side regarding the seriousness of the case.

It is to strictly inform you that take any step further by knowing what will be its outcome in the future.

Summing up

This was all about the website Extramovies, I hope you all enjoyed reading the complete article. This site is not new but not too old, its made somewhat in between.

Millions of monthly visitors and one of the most famous torrent site amongst teenagers and adults. Fully loaded will exciting features and those who visit here love it by heart.

Easy to access and use, no matter if you are a pro or a newbie. Within the first visit, you will understand each and everything. Also talking about the movie genre than for a real movie lover this is a great place to visit.

While downloading any content you will get information about it. Like download size, resolution, subtitle, language, story, and much more. Describing it, in short, then this place is a complete package of entertainment.

Last but not least

Now, let’s talk about what’s the harm of using the Extramovies website. Seriously speaking everything is good here but the main thing is only defective. The content is the only thing that makes this site illegal.

Here the owner does not hold any right of uploading any other person’s content. On his own website without the due permission of that creator. This thing is wrong and also in law, there is an Act related to it.

To be honest, then it’s completely risky visiting on the website. If official authorities spot you visiting here then you must be put in prison. Also, compensation will be charged from your side.

Much other act will be then also implemented against you. Don’t be in the wrong impression that no one will do anything. Now the government is adopting very strict policies to avoid piracy.

It’s my request to you all not to support piracy. And also if anyone is doing it then tell him what are the current punishment government is giving for it. Stay safe and avoid piracy.

This was all about the Extramovies 2020 torrent website and if you want more such things then visit podcastfresh.com.

Thank you all.

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