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fallout shelter mod apk game of survival and strategy
Fallout Shelter: MOD APK

Fallout Shelter MOD APK: I want to play Fallout Shelter but don’t know where to download from. You have landed in the right place. Here you get every information with a download link.

Have you ever played construction games where you have to manage everything on your own? Sim City and many other simulators are also some of the alternatives to this game. One of the most award-winning games that have crossed candy crush in terms of earning.

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What is Fallout Shelter MOD APK?

Fallout Shelter, it is free to play a visual game that is launched by Bethesda game studios. This game was published by and assisted by Bethesda Softworks and Behaviour interactive respectively. In this game, the player has to build their own vault or shelter.

Overtime in the game the players have to develop their shelters and this justifies the name of the game. Also, available on various platforms like- Android, IOS, Nintendo Switch, PS, X BOX, and Microsoft Windows.


Fallout Shelter The IOS/Free-2-Play Fallout game. It Has turned out to be one of the Odd and riveting games released this year. Not because of the game itself really but rather because of how it did in the market. It challenged a lot of people’s assumptions about Free-to-play.

shelter base area where all the players are staying

And brought up a lot of questions about what the hardcore audience is really looking for from a Free-to-Play game. See, there’s been a prevailing idea that the hardcore DON’T wants Free-to-Play games.

So, when Fallout Shelter MOD APK tore up the charts it caused a bit of an uproar in some of the design community. It’s because this game is actually chock-full of what the hardcore demographic (as we all define it). The point is that it usually rails against on forums and vlogs and in user-reviews.

So, the question becomes: Are these elements of Free-to-Play design really the problem? Or is something about this game so great that it can overcome all that hardcore reluctance?

Truth is, while we don’t have absolute demographic data on who’s downloading this thing. And some portion of them is clearly not your traditional core audience or PC player.

If you look at the user-reviews on Fallout Shelter a lot of them reference having played Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Even mention hearing the E3 announcement for Fallout 4 which is pretty indicative of being part of that hardcore audience.

On the Bethesda Forums, there are even calls for it to be brought to steam. So, it’s clearly not just demographically casual players playing this thing. And more than that they’re paying for it. Shortly after launch, this game beat out Candy Crush for daily gross. That’s a lot of money people are throwing at this thing.

Download the Fallout Shelter MOD APK

fallout shelter mod apk all players fighting between them

Downloading this application is very easy here. I have told you about the game above and now it’s time to download it. You will get two ways to download the application and choose wisely between them. If you face any kind of difficulty then comment below.

Method 1:Download the application from Podcastfresh.com.

1.first step is that go to the top of the article and there you will see one red download button. Click on that button and then you will get redirected on a new page.

2.scroll down little there and you will see the download option click on it. If your device says that downloading from unknown sources not allowed.

3.go to settings and there on application permissions and there allow downloading from unknown resources.

4.after downloading the application click on install the application.

5.after the app is installed open it. There it will seek some permissions allow it if you want to.

6.then create or sign up there for a new account. After completing these steps you will be directed in the dashboard.

Enjoy the application where you will get everything for free. Comment below about your experience while playing the game.

Method 2:Download the application from Play store or app store

1.go to the app store or play store according to your device type. There search for fallout shelter APK and once found click on install.

2. As the application gets installed open it. There it will ask some permissions from your side allow it.

3.then sign up there that means to create a new account and get directed into the dashboard.

4.you will be given some intro and tutorial there at the very beginning. Once you complete all the things then the original game will start.

Enjoy the game and if found interested then only go for in-app purchases. Comment below about your experience.

Pc download Fallout shelter

If you want to download the fallout shelter game for your Windows PC then you are at the right place. Here below I have provided the download link of the game. Either get it from here or go to the top of the article.

Talking about the PC version of Fallout Shelter then you will experience some difference here. Graphics, controls, and some more things will differ in accordance with the other platforms. Build your shelter and develop it over time to increase your in-game progress.

APP info

amy bowman character stats all the players sitting

Launched on the date of June 14, 2015. itis a single-player game and comes under the category of construction and management simulation. The developer of this game is Bethesda game studios and behavior interactive. Publishers and producers of the fallout shelter are Bethesda Softworks and Craig Lafferty respectively.

The designer of this game is Emmanuelle hardy-Senecal, Tomas Henriquez, Janick Neveu. Programmers here are Federico Cicchi, Daniel Amthauer. Artist involved inbuilding this game is Ilya Nazarov, Jaime Villa, and Istvan Pely.

This game is from the series of fallout. The writer of this game is Emil Pagliarulo. The gaming engine used to build this game in Unity.

Fallout Shelter MOD APK is available on various platforms like- Android, IOS, Nintendo Switch, PS, X BOX, and Microsoft Windows.

People also ask

istvan rice stats shown in fallout shelter mod apk survival

As you all know despite getting every information the users get some sort of doubts. To clear the common doubts related to everyone this section is present here. The most frequently occurred questions are answered below. If your question is not in the below section ask me it in the comment section.

How to MOD Fallout Shelter APK unlimited everything?

You do not have to do anything I have done everything for you from my side. On top of the article you will get the download link of the app from there to get it.

After downloading and installing the game open it. You will see that everything is free and unlimited. Resources and many more things you can now get for free without paying anything. Play the most awarded game for free only on Podcastfresh.com.

How to install fallout shelter mega MOD APK?

Go to the top of the article and install the game application. It is called mega MOD because it is the combined version of every single small MOD. Here you will get every single character and resources for free of cost.

Comment below if you face any difficulty while installing the application. Also, tell me how was the game and what especially do you like there.

How to download fallout shelter MOD APK?

It is very simple to download it but you have to choose before continuing. Whether you want the application for mobile devices, consoles, Nintendo Switch, or Microsoft windows. After you choose to go to the top section of the article and click on the download button? After downloading the application open it and see there every game asset unlocked.

Download it from Podcastfresh.com for free and play wherever you want to.

Everything you want to know about Fallout Shelter

So, let’s take a look at the game: As of launch, it’s central mechanic was basically a simpler version of Tiny Tower with an XCOM layout. The majority of the gameplay was looking at your unit’s stats. And matching people with a high stat to the room that used that particular stat.

Basically you’d move everybody with a high Strength score into your power station. And then you wait for the game to generate resources. This mechanic idea was popularised in 2011 and was designed to be as casual as possible. There’s basically nothing that qualified as ‘hardcore’ gameplay here.

By comparison, Bejeweled and Peggle are both far more interactive, far more mechanically deep games than Tiny Tower-type games. And that’s not to say Tiny Tower-type games are bad, there’s actually genius behind that kind of game’s design.

But the industry at large had always thought that: Tiny Tower’s genius was genius for IT’S audience, not for the hardcore player. Which leads me to my next point, which is Fallout Shelter’s lack of overall interactivity.

Often, one of the key complaints I see from hardcore fans about many mobile and tablet free to play games is their lack of interactivity. And yet Fallout Shelter APK has barely ANY interactive components.

Exploring the wastes and wasteland combat is entirely non-interactive. Gathering resources are completely non-interactive other than putting your people in the right rooms and tapping every couple of minutes. And getting new people for your shelter is, for the most part, an act of waiting too.

So, it seems that lack of gameplay or interactively can’t actually be the essential component. To what is keeping the hardcore from playing these games? But let’s look a little deeper: Fallout Shelter is a game of timers. Almost all of the game is based around waiting for timers.

How do you gather resources? Wait Tap and wait again. How do you explore the Wasteland? Assign someone to the task, and then wait. How do you get your loot once you’ve explored the wasteland? You wait for them to come back.

How do you get new people into your shelter? You assign people to the radio room and then wait, Or you have your survivors get romantic in the lounge, and then wait. How do you increase your survivor’s stats? Assign them to the special stat increasing room of your choice, and then wait.

When Fallout Shelter was announced at E3, The audience cheered when it was proudly proclaimed. That the game wouldn’t make you wait for new vault rooms to be built but make no mistake. The rest of the game IS about making you wait.

Being forced to wait, is another one of those core complaints. I always hear about Free-to-Play games, and yet, this game is incredibly timer dependant. Now interestingly, Fallout Shelter doesn’t use an explicit Energy System but instead opts to use timers to fulfill the same design role.

And that tiny bit of freedom the game gives you in not forcing you to stop. Playing might be one of the things that make Fallout Shelter APK more palatable to a traditional hard-core audience. But before I get more into why I think Fallout Shelter worked.

I have to cover one last thing: monetization this game is monetized by a ‘Gottchapon’ collectible system. Like almost all other free-to-play games found on Tablet or Mobile these days. The monetization is, in a number of ways, less elegant from a design perspective than that used by many other companies.

Where many Free-to-Play companies allow the player a thousand subtle ways to continuously grind out paid content for their account. If they don’t want to shell out money, Fallout Shelter has just one: Lunchboxes, the Gotchapon mechanic. In Fallout Shelter Can occasionally be gotten by completing quests.

What’s interesting though is that the system is SO explicit about the fact that ALL the best stuff will only be gotten through buying Lunchboxes. Every basic dweller who comes to live in your shelter has the same base-line for their stats.

And every child born into your shelter will simply have a random +1 tacked onto one of those base-line stats. Making it impossible to breed super children by pairing off your most skilled Vault inhabitants.

So, every single dweller who shows up at your door or is born into your community. They will have their default stats cap out at one or two but the ones you find in Lunchboxes often have sevens or eights. This exact sort of explicit ‘Paying is better system’ is often the BIGGEST complaint against Free-to-Play. And yet here it seems to have been met with little objection.

In fact, the surprising thing is that Fallout Shelter actually gives the player free Lunchboxes. LESS frequently than most Free-to-Play games that have to fight this stigma.

So, with all of that said, now I’m gonna tell you why I think this worked for Fallout Shelter. And a lot of my industry friends are probably gonna think this is crazy but here we go. Without a doubt, a lot of the embracing of Fallout Shelter is driven by love for the Fallout franchise. But I give the ‘hardcore’ audience more credit than to think. That they would drop all objections simply because they’re blinded by a brand they like.


In this article, you got a complete idea about the Fallout Shelter. Here I have discussed every single aspect related to the game. You can create your shelter in the game and meet the needs of citizens. Provide them food, power, and many more things on time and keep them loyal to you.

Play the game and see how pro players strategize their gameplay apply it and increase your rankings. If you like this post on Fallout shelter MOD APK then comment below. Want more such posts to read then visit Podcastfresh.com.

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