Filmyzilla 2020: Download Bollywood and Hollywood Movies for Free

how to download movies from filmyzilla 2020 easily
Filmyzilla 2020: Torrent website

Filmyzilla 2020: Before getting started here I want to ask you some questions. Tell me first that do you really love watching movies if yes then continue reading otherwise leave.

This article is especially for those who can’t live without watching movies. This means I am talking about those who are movie freak. You also know that in today’s world movies play a vital role in entertaining us.

I did not believe that a person can’t love watching movies. This means its the best timekiller at the same time it also teaches us something useful. Now let’s move towards our main point which is about Filmyzilla.


You all know that for watching any film you have to pay some amount. Here I will be telling you about one website which does that for you free of cost. I know that you must be eager to know about that website.

Who do not want to get anything for free? Also, some people might lack the time that the reason why they can’t go to the theatre. This option also works for them.

But before getting excited let me tell you one thing that this is a piracy site and I do not suggest using it. This site leaks the newly released movies and web series.


Also because of this google has blocked it several times. Use it at your own risk. also if you have any doubt then comment below.

What actually is Filmyzilla 2020?

If you are a dedicated movie lover then this website is for you. It is a torrent site that provides every content free of cost. It leaks the movies and makes the pirated copy of it.

After that, they upload the copy on their website from where different users can download this movie. This is illegal but then also the government is unable to catch the owner of this site.

It is because the website is controlled from the random location which is hard to track. Also, this site changes its location frequently from one domain to another.

official homepage of filmyzilla to download hd movies

This site provides movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and Mollywood. All the content provided here is in Full HD quality which is great.

Users can download or live to stream the movie on this Filmyzilla 2020 site. Films are available here in different languages like-Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Punjabi.

Also, you will get the option of subtitles here. Which makes it easy for the viewer to understand the dialogue in the movies.

Why VPN is needed here?

As you know that this is a piracy site and because of this google has blocked its URL. If you try also to access this site then also you can not because it requires a private internet connection.

By using VPN you can unblock the URL of the Filmyzilla 2020 website. Also, VPN helps you to maintain your online privacy and hides your location. That is the reason why most people use a VPN to get safe from hackers.

As you know in the normal world there is a lot of threat that is the reason why you must play safe here. Some of the VPNs which I personally use and recommend others are- Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch, and Psiphon Pro.

If you are a PC user then for you-Setup VPN and Pure VPN is best option.

Features of Filmyzilla 2020 website

Now let’s talk about what’s the specialty of this site means what is its features. One more reason why people love this site and visit here regularly is because of its features which is awesome.

Let’s look at what are the cornerstone features because of which this site came into action. can download and watch movies on this website in your preferred language. This website provides dubbed movies in multiple languages which makes it easy for users.

Here the user can easily download the movie and watch in his own language.

2.beside movies this website is also famous for providing web series, cartoon movies, tv shows, serials, and many more other contents.

3. No need to sign up for an account just visit the website and search for your favorite movie. Once you find the right movie clik on the download button.

4.multiple links are available here from which the download process can be completed. If you find one dead link then another can be taken in use.

5.various filters to apply from like movie resolution, download size, language, and genre. You can set the appropriate filters according to your need. This will make your search procedure much easier.

Steps to download movies from Filmyzilla 2020

Here I will be telling you a simple step by step procedure to download a movie from this torrent site. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you are done then.

1.first step is to open the browser whichever you personally recommend. I will say you use google chrome because it’s safe and easy to use.

2.activate your VPN and if you do not have one then go get it first. VPN is very important because it will unblock the blocked URL here. Also talking about your online safety that thing also will keep in mind.

Some of my personal recommendations for you are-Pure VPN, Touch VPN, Go VPN, and Psiphon Pro. for the Filmyzilla 2020 website on the web browser. Once found the relevant results clik on it. If you are unable to find the right website then try using proxy domains. The list I have provided in this article.

4.after you are inside the website then you can directly download the movies by clicking on the posters showing there.

Another option is to click on the search bar displaying at the top. And type the name of your desired movie and click on the search icon.

5.after getting the relevant results just click there then you will get redirected to the new page. There you will see multiple links to download movies from.

Click any one of it and then instantly the download will appear on your screen.

This was the simple step by step procedures on downloading movies from Filmyzilla website. If you have any doubts regarding the procedure then comment below.

List of proxy domains of Filmyzilla 2020 website

categories available on filmyzilla 2020 to watch movies

Below given is a very useful list if you want to download the movies. This list will help you in finding the correct location of the Filmyzilla website. Don’t take it for granted check it out one by one.

  • Filmyzilla.web
  • Filmyzilla.cp
  • Filmyzilla.line
  • Filmyzilla.te
  • Filmyzilla.information
  • Filmyzilla.information
  • Filmyzilla.on-line
  • Filmyzilla.greatest
  • Filmyzilla.pleasing

Categories available on Filmyzilla 2020

Now here I will be telling you the download categories that will tell you more detailed information about this website.

This site allows you to download movies according to the size, language, genre, and resolution. Let’s see what are those categories and why they are important.

Movie genre

The movie genre according to which films are categorized here is-

  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sports
  • Documentaries and Biopics
  • Kids

Film resolution

Movie watch quality is most important and no one compromises with it

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 550p
  • 720p
  • 1080p

Film languages and subtitles

language option available on this website are-

  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Punjabi
  • Marathi

Movie download size

you can download movies in respective sizes here that are mentioned below. If you want to download movies then you will have to look from these mentioned options.

  • 300 MB
  • 500 MB
  • 700 MB
  • 1 GB
  • 1.5 GB
  • 2 GB
  • 2.5 GB
  • 3 GB
  • 4GB

Types of films categories to choose from on Filmyzilla 2020

list of movies to download on filmyzilla website

Below given is the list of categories in which the films are divided on the Filmyzilla website. Here you can select one to watch.

  • 18+ Movies
  • Korean Movies
  • Motion Malayalam Movies
  • Motion & Journey
  • Marathi Movies
  • Journey
  • Mexican Movies
  • Animation
  • Music
  • Arabic Movies
  • Thriller
  • Argentina Movies
  • Netherlands Movies
  • Australia Movies
  • New Zealand Movies
  • Belgium Movies
  • Norway Movies
  • Bengali Movies
  • Bhojpuri Movies
  • Philippines Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Poland Movies
  • Cambodian Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Canadian
  • Actuality
  • Chinese language language language
  • motion pictures
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Russian Movies
  • Crime
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Documentary
  • Science Fiction
  • Drama
  • Season And Episode
  • South African Movies
  • Fantasy
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Finland Movies
  • Spanish Movies
  • Worldwide Swedish Movies
  • Gujrati Movies
  • Switzerland Movies
  • Historic earlier Taiwan Movies
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Talk
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Horror
  • Telugu Movies
  • Hungarian Movies
  • Thailand Movies
  • Indonesian Movies
  • Thriller
  • Eire Movies
  • Turkish Movies
  • Israeli Movies
  • Japanese Movies
  • Battle
  • Kannada Movies
  • Western

Alternatives of Filmyzilla 2020

iron man movie download in hd with full information

You must know that there are one or the other alternatives to the Filmyzilla 2020 website. Some of the alternatives are legal while some of them are illegal.

To watch or to get a subscription of legal alternatives you will have to pay some amount. While on the other hand, all the illegal alternatives are free of cost. One way is legal and safe for use.

The other way is illegal and risky at the same time. You might see the free option eye catchy but it might cause trouble for you. Let’s check out the list of free and paid alternatives.

Legal alternatives

1. Youtube

Biggest digital video streaming platform all across the world. Famous because it provides all the content for free. You will just face here some advertisements in between while watching videos.

That is the main income source of youtube. Also, it is the only video streaming platform with billions of watch hours. Now recently this app got boost in India after the jio storm.

This storm-filled Indian mobile phones with a really good amount of data at cheaper prices. Also in recent years, you have seen most of the YouTubers coming from India.

If here you want to stop seeing ads in between the videos. Then you will have to take a subscription of youtube premium. Also, youtube has got its special section for gaming and music lovers.

According to me in India and also in other countries, this app is best. It is not perfect but you can use it as an alternative to the Filmyzilla 2020 site.

2. Netflix

Another video streaming platform with a different concept. This is a paid alternative to Netflix. You can pay here according to the packs offered by them. This service recently came to India and became very popular.

Here you can watch movies, web series, and many other good contents. Just a little amount and it is worth paying here. Did you know that before starting Netflix this idea got rejected many times?

But you also know now that where does the Netflix stand now.

3. Crunchyroll

Before starting this first of all tell me that are you an anime love? If yes then this app is the best alternative for you. Here you will get each and every favorite anime of yours.

For the true anime lover this application rocks. Here the prices of the packs also vary according to the interest of the person and facility provided. All the episodes of your favorite anime you can watch here live from your mobile or pc.

Also if you love reading comics then manga comics are also made available here. This app contains each and everything which a real anime lover wants.

4. Pluto tv

It is a legal alternative to the Filmyzilla website. It is an American company. here you can watch live channels. This app is known worldwide and contains TV channels from every country.

Here you can watch movies, tv shows, cartoons, songs, sports, and many other things. This service is free of cost and that’s the most important thing here.

While watching live TV if you want to capture something to watch later then you can also download that here. This application is really cool but not that much widely spread.


Who does not know HBO is a famous platform. If you have heard about the game of thrones then let me tell that HBO owns it. The world’s most famous web series you can also say it as the beginning of the era of web series.

There is also one tv channel of HBO which is also very much famous. You can watch here movies, web series, and tv shows. Rounding up all the things and talking shortly about it then this platform is really marvelous.

Illegal alternatives

list of multiple servers to download and watch online movies

1. Bolly4u

One of the most famous torrent site which is famous in the field of leaking movies. Here you will get the latest released movie on the very first day.

Talking about the picture quality then it will be only provided in HD and Full HD. The language here is not a barrier because each and every language dubbed movies are available here.

Also, the content from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood is mostly uploaded here. This is an old torrent site that has millions of monthly active users. This can be seen as an alternative to Filmyzilla 2020.

2. Downloadhub

One of the oldest torrent site which lets you download movies for free of cost. Here no need to sign up for an account and neither you will have to give them some information.

This is completely safe and free. But it does piracy of the content which is illegal that’s why before making a visit think about it. Very risky to go here but if you want to then use a VPN.

It will help you by providing you security and maintaining your privacy.

3. Jalshamovies

As the name depicts Jalsha means rock full of entertainment. This movie platform is especially dedicated to Indian movie lovers. Here you will get the latest released movies from Bollywood and Tollywood easily.

Also, this site has got easy to use user interface which is really good. Multiple links are provided here because if one fails then another can be used as a backup.

Besides movies, you can watch here web series, cartoon movies, tv shows and serials. As this is a torrent site So, because of that everything that you will get here will be free of cost.

Also, this website has got fast servers with the help of which you can download the moves fastly.

4. Filmywap

For those who love movies more than anything and can cross any obstacle for it. Filmywap is a torrent site that lets you download the latest released movies illegally.

Here you can apply various filters from resolution to language and from subtitles to download size. Everything is available on this site. also, this website is the powerhouse of the newly released content.

You can download the movie or watch it online here for free. This website also has millions of monthly users who frequently make a visit here.

This site is really cool and you will not face any difficulty while downloading movies from here. Also, we can say it as the best alternative for Filmyzilla 2020.

5. Katmoviehd

This site is not too old and not too new it lies somewhere in between it. The thing which you have to keep in mind here before making a visit to Katmoviehd.

This is a piracy website and google has banned it several times. But this website makes it way all the time by using proxy domains. The government has also sent a notice to this site but they do not respond.

A completely illegal website that must not be used by a common user. It is because in Indian government law piracy is a crime. A person who does and support piracy must be punished according to the law.

Visiting here for some free content might cause trouble for you in future instances.

These were the list of legal and illegal websites that lets you download the movies and other content. If you now also want to go for an illegal alternative after reading this also then it’s your choice.

I do not promote piracy on my website and I am strictly against it. If you have any doubts regarding the topic then comment below.


downloading iron man movie from filmyzilla torrent website

This section is specially made for those people who got doubts about this topic. I know that getting a doubt while understanding some information is solve all your doubts I am here.

Below mentioned are the frequently asked questions related to this topic. If your question is not mentioned in the list then comment below.

1. Is the Filmyzilla 2020 website safe to use?

The simple answer to this question is no. This site is based on piracy and the owner of this website uploads the content publicly without having anyone’s permission.

According to the Indian law doing piracy is a crime and must be stopped. If you found doing piracy or supporting it them you must get behind the bars.

Some serious action must be taken against you for providing or downloading pirated content.

2. Is the Filmyzilla website legal?

This website is legal but the content uploaded on it is illegal. The owner here holds no right for doing these things. The official authorities are unable to find them because they control their site using different IP addresses.

It’s because of providing the pirated content, this site has faced several block issues from different countries.

3. Does Filmyzilla 2020 provide pirated content?

Yes, this site is fully based on the monthly traffic which comes in million supports them. That is the reason why this kind of websites never gets stopped. You must be knowing that the Tamilrockers gang got arrested for leaking movies.

This is a live example of doing piracy. It is my request to you all to not support it and stand strong against it. If anyone found doing piracy then tell him no to that if he refuses to listen. Then complain about him to the official authorities.

4. How to download movies safely from the Filmyzilla 2020 website?

There is one option by which you can get secure and also download movies from Filmyzilla 2020. The only way is to use a VPN. It stands for the virtual private network which changes your IP address consistently.

It’s because of this no one can track your location. If you want to get secured and free yourself from an online threat then you must use a VPN. It will protect your personal data which might cause trouble for you once it gets leaked.

My personal suggestion is to use VPN if you are accessing any risky place. Some VPNs which I personally recommend are-Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, and Psiphon Pro.

At the END

This was all about the Filmyzilla website which is a torrent site. Here you will get all the movies and other content for free of cost. Visit here anytime and download anything that you want to watch. Also here any age limit is not set.

According to my research here, the site owner has not put any kind of restrictions on its users. Talking about movies then Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood all moves are available here.

Also, the picture and audio quality that you will get here is just awesome and can’t be underestimated. On a regular basis here new content is uploaded and many people download it.

Being one of the most famous torrent sites it has got millions of monthly visitors. Here you will be also able to see that the user interface is quite simple and easy to understand.

There is a lot more feature to tell you about this site but due to certain limits, we can’t go further.

Last but not least

Now if you make your decision by reading what is written above then stop. This is not the complete truth of this site. Also, you do not have to visit here because it’s illegal and according to law a serious crime.

As you know the Filmyzilla website provides pirated content on its site. And also they do not hold any kind of license for doing that. After getting blocked by many countries then also this site is running in the same condition.

If you found downloading something from here and official authorities caught you red-handed. Then it is very difficult for you to stay stable. Also, you might be put in jail for that, and compensation will also be taken from your side.

This all will be done regarding the seriousness of the case. If you want to be on the safe side then avoid piracy and be good. Stay safe and prohibit pirated content.

Here I take your permission to end this post about Filmyzilla 2020. And also for more such information keep visiting

Thank you all for your love and support.

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