Fmovies 2020: Illegal Bollywood movies download in HD and Full HD

free movies with fmovies 2020 torrent website
Fmovies 2020: Torrent website

Fmovies 2020 -first of all, tell me do you really love watching movies that are newly released. I know that who doesn’t love watching it. Everyone wants entertainment and here I will be telling you about how to get it for free.

You must have seen some applications which are best for entertainment but they charge some monthly amount from you. This case is not here because the same content now you will get for free. If you want to know what the application is then stay tuned to

Let’s move towards our point that what this website is all about. Talking about Fmovies then it is a torrent site that leaks the movies. Not only movies but here you will get web series, tv shows, tv serials, cartoons, and animated movies.


The content that is available for download here is in HD quality. And the audio is also one of the main highlights of this website. Here you will find dubbed movies in the languages that you speak.

Isn’t it seem to be cool? Also, here content is updated on a daily basis because of which whenever a user visits here he gets something new. Being an old torrent site the overall ranking here is very good. And it has got millions of monthly visitors.

If you are new here then let me tell you that it is a complete package of entertainment that is free of cost.


Intro About Fmovies 2020

This was all about the good qualities that this site is having. Now, talking about the dark side which you don’t know here. This website is based on piracy and is illegal to visit.

In Indian law doing and supporting piracy is a crime and this is an example of that. If you found here visiting and using this site then some serious action will be taken against you.

It is my due request to you all whoever is reading this that please don’t get into it. Say no to piracy and stand strong against it. If you have any doubts in your mind then ask me in the comment section below.

What is Fmovies 2020?

Fmovies is a torrent website that is famous for providing pirated movies to its users. Here you will find each and every type of movie to download and watch from.

A wide range of films to download from-360p to 4k and also some movies are available here in blu-ray print. If you want to stream and watch 4k movies then download it from this site. And watch on the device which supports 4k resolution.

It’s very simple to visit and download something from here and I will be discussing that below. If you struggle understanding Hindi or English then Too there is good news for you.

homepage of fmovies 2020 website with multiple features

Here you will easily find dubbed movies in your own native languages. Being one of the biggest torrent site Fmovies 2020 runs on multiple servers. If you are facing a site speed issue then you can change the server which is less crowded.

Also while downloading anything from here multiple links are available. Easy to understand user interface and for a newbie who is non-techie, this site is really useful.

A common person can also fully understand it while using it for the first time. This is all about the good things of this site now let’s talk about what’s the fault here.

More info

If you want to be on the safe side then it is my recommendation to you all that do not visit here. It is because this website does illegal things. Google has also penalized it several times.

Also, this website has got blocked by many countries. Here the site owner makes pirated copies of newly released movies. And other content and then upload it on their site.

Visitors visit and download all the things for free. Also, they do not hold and official license of what they are doing. In law, it is clearly written that doing such things will not be tolerated. And once a person gets caught red-handed then he will be punished.

According to the law doing and supporting piracy, both are crime and a person can be put in prison for that. Also, he can be charged some amount as compensation.

You people don’t know that the things that you take lightly can get worse than you think of it. It is my suggestion to you all to be on the safe side of the digital world. No matter when what can happen. Stay safe and say no to the piracy.

Why VPN is useful?

After reading the complete statement written above now also if you want to go there then this is for you. VPN will help you reach there safely. It is a virtual private network that is helpful in unblocking the URLs.

Let me tell you if you don’t know that google blocked such websites like Fmovies 2020. If a person wants to go there then he must have a secure network.

VPN also changes your location constantly because of which a person is unable to access your exact location. It is very important to hide your location while visiting such sites.

It is because there is a huge risk of being followed by hackers. And then they might give you an online threat and demand something from you. To be on the safe side of the internet use a VPN and maintain your privacy.

Some of my recommendations regarding vpn are- Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, Nord VPN, Panda VPN, and Psiphon Pro.

If you want to access this site via PC then VPNs are-Setup VPN and Pure VPN.

Special features of Fmovies 2020

newly released movies to download in hd on fmovies

Talking about the Fmovies website then it is best in itself only. One of the most popular torrent sites which are mostly searched on google. This site holds lots of useful features inside it.

The visitors which visits here on a daily basis know the importance of it. Below here are mentioned some of the major features that are really special here. Millions of monthly traffic this website gets there must be something special about it let’s see-

Main features

  1. Free for all-anyone from any age group can download anything from here. The whole website with its content is free to use. No one will charge a single penny from you.

2. Multiple servers– as you know that big website has huge numbers of visitors. To maintain the speed of the website. And to hold that much amount of people constantly big and multiple servers are required. Here you can find this option. If one server is crowded then you can simply switch to another one.

3. Stream online– if you do not want to download the content or you don’t have time to do that. Then there is one more option that is available with download and that that is of live streaming. You can just simply watch anything like watching videos on youtube. Also doing this will save your time and device storage.

4. Language barrier– if you are not habitual with Hindi or English then there is one more option available for you. Here on the Fmovies 2020 website, you will get dubbed movies in your own language to watch. Also, here subtitles are made available for those who are really concerned about the film dialogue.

Special features

5. Video quality-this feature is really awesome here because a major part of movie depends on its quality. If the picture print is dull then you will not find it interesting watching the movie with that excitement. Am I wrong or right?

Also here most of the films and other content are available in HD and Full HD only. Some of the movies are also available to watch in 4k but for that, you will require a 4k streaming device.

6. Account regisration-no need to create an account here everthying is open on this site. Just visit on fmovies search for a movie and once found it then download. Isn’t it sounds intersting to you all? If here you will be asked some information then do not provide because of its very risky here.

This was the main list of features that this website provides to its user. Not complete list but the main features that are special are covered in it. If you want to know more about it then comment below.

Simple steps to download movies from Fmovies 2020

fmovies website bumblebee full movie download

I will be telling you here the simple step by step procedure to download the films from Fmovies. It’s very simple and anyone can do it easily. Just the thing is that here you will require some things which will execute the procedure.

The requirements are of an active device, a secure internet connection, and a good VPN. After having all these things you can move further. Keep in mind that if you are a techie or a non-techie does not matter here. The thing which matters here the most is following the given procedure.

Let get back to it-

Phase: 1 web browser on your device. I would recommend going with google chrome. Other available options are Safari, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and UC browser.

2. The next thing is that activate your vpn and then check it whether it is connected or not. If you do not have a VPN then go get one first. It is because without it we can’t move further.

VPN will help us here unblocking the blocked URL of Fmovies by google. Also, it will hide our location and keep our data safe and secure. Some recommendations regarding VPN are-Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, and Psiphon Pro.

For PC my choice is-Setup VPN and Pure VPN. on your web browser type Fmovies 2020 and click on the search icon. As you find the relevant results click on it. If you are struggling to find the right website then below given list of proxy sites will help you. It is created for the purpose of finding the right site.

4.after you are inside the original website then there you can see lots of movie posters. If you want to download those films then just simply click on them.

If you want to search for something particular then on top there is one search bar. Tap on it and type the name of the content and click on the search button.

Phase: 2

5.after doing that you will be shown some irritating ads come over it. And then you will see the download page of that content. Over there you will also see the different filters to apply from. Set all the things and click on continue.

6.after that download links will be shown in front of you. Just click one of them. Instantly your download will start and the download icon will be shown on your screen. After completing the download you can watch the movie offline on your device. Repeat the same procedure every time for getting the content from here.

This was a simple procedure to download films from the Fmovies website. its very simple to download anything from here. Just the thing is that properly follow the above-mentioned procedure. If you are facing any doubt I patricular step then comment below.

List of proxy sites of Fmovies 2020

Below mentioned is the complete list of Fmovies proxy sites which is known until now. If you are unable to find the right website then this list is really helpful for you.

You must be aware of why the URL of Fmovies 2020 changes constantly. To prevent google from penalizing it. This website has faced several block issues in the past. And because of it, this site is not taking a risk now. If you want it then check the list one by one.


By googling through this site if you are now also unable to find the original site then comment below. I will provide you the new list which you will be helpful for you then.

Pirated movies leaked by Fmovies 2020

I am providing here the list of movies and different web series that is leaked by Fmovies. As soon as these content releases in the digital market than on the same day or the other, this site owner uploads it on their website. Let’s check out the list-

  1. Ghoomketu
  2. Bloodshot
  3. Onward
  4. Sonic the hedgehog
  5. Black widow
  6. Wonder women 1984
  7. Darbar
  8. Bad boys for life
  9. Kgf
  10. Thappad
  11. Four more shots Please
  12. Baaghi 3
  13. Top gun: maverick
  14. Angrezi medium
  15. Tanhaji: the unsung warrior
  16. Dolittle
  17. Tenet
  18. Jawanni Janneman
  19. Extraction

Categories available here on Fmovies 2020

screenshots of the movie with information

Here the categories are treated as its filter. The user can choose what he wants. And then the site will take him to his destination related to his choices. Isn’t it feels like a pro service?

This site offers categories or we can say varieties in different things. Like-download size, movie resolution, genre, language. Let’s check out them one by one.

Movie genre

Films to watch from this mentioned categories.

  • action
  • romance
  • comedy
  • thriller
  • suspense
  • horror
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • sci-fi
  • mythological
  • adventure
  • drama
  • sports
  • documentaries and biopics
  • short films

Download size

The storage and data require to get this content

  • 300 MB
  • 500 MB
  • 700 MB
  • 1GB
  • 2GB
  • 2.5GB
  • 3GB
  • 4GB

Download resolution

The content quality which is considered to be an important prospective

  • 480p
  • 550p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 1440p
  • 4K
  • blu-ray
  • dvd-hd
  • hvtec

Movie language

The comforts of listening to the words that we understand and which makes a sense for us.

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Marathi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Punjabi

These Were all the categories that are available on the Fmovies 2020 website. It helps people a lot and seems to be very useful from an actual person’s point of view. If you have any doubt then comment below.

Alternatives of Fmovies 2020

watching movie online on torrent website in full hd

You must be aware of the alternatives that each and everything have. Like Netflix has an Amazon prime video. Jio has Airtel and Vodafone. Apple has Samsung and One Plus.

Everyone has their alternative which makes them better. Likewise, the Fmovies website also has its alternatives. Some of the alternatives are legal while others are illegal.

In some options, you will have to spend from your side while some options are free. Some are safe while some are risky. Few options are right while others are wrong. You might be confused about what I am talking about.

Then let me clear it out that this all is about the legal and illegal entertainment platforms that our digital world has. People must be aware of it that the way they are choosing must be right. And the option must be safe in the future.

If you chose legal then it’s well and good. If you go with illegal then the future risk is there and most of the people, are taking it lightly. Now it’s upto you which one to go with. And if you want to be safe then there is only one-way and that is a legal one. Let’s check out the list of alternatives.

Legal alternatives

  • Amazon prime video
  • Hotstar
  • Zee5
  • Netflix
  • Mx Player
  • HBO
  • ice movies
  • Hulu
  • Hoichoi
  • Popcornflix
  • Hulu
  • Hoichoi
  • GoMovies
  • Voot
  • Sony Liv
  • Crackle

Illegal alternatives

This was all about the list of alternatives. Now, it’s up to you which one to go with. If you are comfortable with the legal options. Then definitely go with it because spending some money will not empty your pocket.

And by the way, you are spending some amount to get something. And if you want to know my opinion about it then I will also choose the legal alternative. Comment below what you think about it.

People also ask

insidious movie download link on torrent website

This section is made for those who have doubts in their mind. It is quite normal to get doubts because we are humans and if humans will not get doubt then who else will.

The queries related to the above topic are mentioned here. Go through the below-mentioned sets of questions as these are asked by people many times. If your query is not listed below then comment.

1. How to download movies from Fmovies 2020 website?

It’s very simple to visit the website and download the movie that you want to see. But there is one procedure which you have to follow for that. I have given a complete step by step explanation of it in this article.

In the middle of this post, you will find one heading containing step by step procedure. Just read it out and you will get the idea on how to download movies from Fmovies 2020.

If you are a techie or a non-techie it doesn’t matter here. Just remember the steps to follow ou there. A normal internet user can also follow this process to trust me. If now also you have some doubts regarding it then comment below.

2. Are Fmovies 2020 safe and secure for download purposes?

The simple answer is no because it is an illegal website. You all know that this site is based on piracy and visiting here will be like supporting them. And downloading movies means you are involved in the crime of supporting piracy.

If you are now also willing to visit there then you must have to use a VPN because it will hide your location. That is important because nobody will be able to track you then. Also, in my opinion, itis better not to go there because it’s risky. You might get caught by the official authorities.

3. Why FMovies 2020 is not working?

There must be several reasons behind it I will be telling here the most common one. The first one is to try clearing the cookies of the Fmovies 2020 website. And for that, you must have the latest version of your web browser.

Another reason must be the google has blocked its URL. For that, you have to use a VPN which will unblock the URL and also maintain your location. The last reason must be that you have not given permission to such websites to open in your browser check it in settings.

4.Where can I watch movies for free online?

There are many places to watch movies online but most of them are paid alternatives. You want a free website which will entertain you. So, here is the list of the sites that provides the free streaming of movies online-

  1. Pluto TV
  2. IMDb TV
  3. Khatrimaza
  4. DownloadHub
  5. Fmovies
  6. Filmyzilla
  7. Hotstar(can be considered)
  8. Jio TV
  9. 7starHD
  10. KatmovieHD

5. Is FMovies 2020 legal?

No, this website is not legal, and visiting here can cause trouble for you. Fmovies site is based on piracy and leaks the movies for its user. Here, the owners do not hold any kind of license of using the copyright of the movies.

The whole website is under piracy and the total content that is available here is illegal to download and watch. It is my request to you all that please do not visit here.

It is because the official authorities are spying such torrent sites. And once anyone found red-handed they will take some serious actions against you. For your safety and security visiting here can cause trouble for you in future instances.


This was all about the Fmovies website that is a torrent site that comes under the list of piracy. Many people often visit here frequently to download movies and other content.

Also, talking about its average monthly traffic then its in millions. The number of visitors that come here is really huge. If we see the content quality that is provided here then it’s wide. From 360p to 4k the range varies.

If you have a 4k streaming device then its very good because the movie experience then will be really great for you. Also if you do not speak or understand Hindi and English then also then is nothing to worry about here. It’s because this website supports dubbed movies in all native languages that you speak.

And if you want subtitles while watching any movie then you can enable it too. Multiple servers are running here to handle this big torrent website. While downloading you will get two options whether to download or watch the movie online.

Also, you will find multiple links while downloading the movies. Last but not least then you must also take a look at its user interface because it’s simple and attractive. Here you will also find various filters to apply from. This is all about the good points that this Fmovies website has.

Last but not the least

If we talk about the side of this website which is unrevealed then it’s very shocking for you. Also, keep in mind that you do not make a decision quickly before reading this.

As you know that doing and supporting piracy is a crime. And once found doing it then you must be put in prison. According to Indian law, piracy is a huge crime and must be stopped. It is considerable that you can’t use any other creators’ content and use it by yourself for your personal benefit.

Likewise, this type of crime is done by these website owners by uploading any other person’s content without his permission. Also, let me tell you that if you download anything from here. Then you will be also considered as criminal because supporting piracy is also a crime.

It is my request to you all that whoever visits here and supports it please stop. In the future, it can cause trouble for you and will be very painful to face. Now the government is taking straight decisions regarding such things. Who knows when your number will come. Stay away from such things and prohibit piracy.

This was all about Fmovies 2020 and for more such things visit

Thank you.

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