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GB Whatsapp official logo with APK Download
GB Whatsapp APK Download

As you all know that WhatsApp has now become the most important part of our life. We daily use this application to share files like photos, videos, etc. also, this app is used for chatting purposes in recent times, earlier it was Facebook. Here I will tell you about how to download Latest GB Whatsapp MOD APK for free(v9.1)(Android and IOS devices only).

If you have any dought regarding GB Whatsapp then you can read the complete article given below. Here a comparison with detailed information about this application is provided. Then too if you feel any kind of dought ask me in the comment section below.

What is GB Whatsapp

As you all know how big WhatsApp is and it’s user base. While using this application you might be lagging with some features. These features limit your capability of representing yourself or your work.


GB Whatsapp was designed to resolve that purpose is the modded version of original WhatsApp which many people use daily. GB Whatsapp is just the application where developers have done minute changes in code in order to add some extra features.

The company does not provide this kind of change in the original WhatsApp. This application is famous around the whole globe.

contact list of friends,family in GB Whatsapp
Contact list GB Whatsapp

While Whatsapp gives us or provides us several features it lacks some customization that we want in it. Several restrictions are there and we also cannot customize this application according to your needs. If you want customizable WhatsApp then GB Whatsapp is best for you.



This app was developed by senior XDA member which is based on Whatsapp plus, app closed by Whatsapp. This application allows you to fully customize your app appearance and features.

Here hiding double ticks, change themes, set online status, use Whatsapp accounts and many more features are available to choose from. The main thing is that all you get this is free of cost and publicly available.

If you are concerned about your security then advanced features related to it are also present. As you all know that day by day the cases related to cyber crimes are increasing and you must be aware.

Security is our first important criterion while using any kind of application. This app will make your profile secure and you will be protected 100 % here.

you get to know about it what’s GB Whatsapp, now download the APK of it and try.

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Features of GB Whatsapp

Here are some of the most important features of GB Whatsapp are listed. Why you should download this application and what are its benefits.

1st Tier

  • if someone texts you and you are unavailable to re-text them then here auto-reply feature is enabled for that.
  • you must be concerned about your privacy GB Whatsapp will assure you not to keep it public.
  • here it will also hide your last seen options from others.
  • message delivered option can also be hidden from others.
  • it also has the ability to hide read receipts.
  • if you want to hide last seen for any particular number then also it works.
  • you can edit your group name or set the characters up to 35 characters.
  • any WhatsApp story will be saved in your mobile whichever you want.
  • by tapping on anyone’s status you can copy it.
  • you can transfer or deliver any kind of files(eg: APK)through this app.
  • in original WhatsApp, you can set characters up to 139 only but here you can extend it up to 255 characters.
  • here you can send a broadcast to 600 people while in the traditional one you were only able to send up to 250 people.
  • it also carries the ability to copy staus selectivity.
  • you can share or send links without saving the senders number. this option is fabulous here.

2nd Tier

GB Settings to manage privacy and security
GB Whatsapp Settings
  • it also distinguishes between normal and broadcast messages.
  • this app will consume your battery but it can keep you online up to 24 hours.
  • you can directly call a person from the application without going to the contacts section.
  • the ticks and bubbles which you get are also customizable via this application.
  • completely you can MOD this application according to your need.
  • at a time you can pin more than three chats.
  • contact tabs are also available here in different styles
  • send 50 MB of video instead of 16 MB with GB Whatsapp
  • 100 MB of audio clip can be sent instead of 16 MB.
  • you can send 90 images at arow while the official WhatsApp can only allow up to 10
  • hide your name and date while copying more than two messages.
  • download and change the theme of the app. Every single thing is customizable here.

How to download GB WhatsApp

To download this particular APK we have to follow some steps that I have listed below. You have two options whether to download the app from my site or download original WhatsApp from the play store or app store. If you want the MOD APK of any other Whatsapp APK then comments below I will upload.

Method 1:GB WhatsApp APK download from this site

1: If you have downloaded WhatsApp then just delete it before installing this GB WhatsApp APK. It is because if you do not do that then it will not work properly. Before that wait for 15-20 seconds till that time, the download link will get unlocked.

2: Now just simply click on the download button provided at top of the article and then you will be landed on a new page. There you just have to click on download and continue.

3: now go to the folder where you have downloaded that file and press on it and click on install.If there comes that this app is not permitted because it has been downloaded from an unknown source.

4: just simply click on settings icon if displayed there and change the permissions for unknown sources and click on allow. If not then go to settings manually and there go to app settings and change the permissions there.

5: wait for install and once installed then just simply tap on it and it will get open.

6: Here you will get into the dashboard of GB WhatsApp APK which contains interesting features.

NOTE: Do not continue with your primary number because if caught the official WhatsApp may ban you.

enjoy the features provided over there and if you face any problem regarding it then comment below.

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Method 2:GB WhatsApp download from play store or app store

Downloading this app from the play store is very easy but you will not find the features you are looking for. You will get there an official version of the app, not the modded one. WhatsApp original and WhatsApp business can be found on these platforms(app store and play store).

1.go to play store(Android) or App Store(IOS)and type there WhatsApp or WhatsApp business. Once found the results click there on the install button.

2.after installing the application click on the open button and you will be moved into the application directly.

3. Complete all the required steps mentioned there and come to the original dashboard of the app. You will find their contacts fetched from your contact list. Add the number which you want and make a separate group.

4.enjoy the application by sharing photos, files, and various other documents. You can also chat with the person who is available in your contact list and is available on WhatsApp.

use this application without any fear as this is assured by WhatsApp.Also, go for the download of GB Whatsapp APK.

comment below whether you downloaded the official version or mod version of WhatsApp application.

GB Whatsapp MOD APK file details

privacy and hide online status in GB Whatsapp
Privacy section in GB Whatsapp

name of the application: GB Whatsapp

android version:4.3 and above devices

latest version:9.1.0 (current one)

total downloads:4,000,000+ and still continuing

app size required:53.5 MB

if you want to visit official WhatsApp click here.

root required: no root required to download this application

primary/main purpose: security, customization and some extra features

these are the detailed information about the application and if you want to know more read the complete article.

People also ask

If you get complete knowledge about everything then this does not mean that you will not get any kind of doubt. There are always some questions in our mind related to a particular topic. Some common questions are frequently asked related to GB Whatsapp are mentioned below.

How to know who is visited on my GB Whatsapp profile?

security by creating password lock in whatsapp
Password and Security Status in Whatsapp

The simple trick to get that is first going to settings. There check your privacy status and enable every disabled one option. You can now see from that who have visited on your WhatsApp.

also on a weekly basis check whether all your settings related to privacy are enabled or not.

What is GB Whatsapp and how to download it?

The complete information about GB Whatsapp is provided at the top of the article. There I have covered all the points related to GB Whatsapp. What are the features of this application, why you should use it and many more? I have also provided a detailed comparison between the two of them? This app is just amazing if you want premium features along with your official WhatsApp.

To download the GB Whatsapp I have provided the download link at the top of the article. From that section, you can get the application. If you get stuck at any step then follow the procedures I have mentioned below and choose method wisely.

It’s very simple to get or Download the GB Whatsapp APK from Podcastfresh.


More than 200 million people are now the current users of WhatsApp and this company is growing day by day. But when using this application some of the features might be lagging in it. To overcome that issue I have to bring GB Whatsapp for you.

Customize from inside or outside the way you want. Use it according to your needs and don’t let people see the content which you might not feel safe to explore publicly. This application comes with every single advance features which you will get while you will use this application.

Unleash each and every new feature that you want your Whatsapp must-have. For whom you are waiting just download the GB Whatsapp APK from

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