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GTA 4 Indir game on PC and play free
GTA 4 : Indir Free

You all have played the old Rockstar games like the Vice City and San Andreas. They were just way better than any other games that we played. Here I will tell you about how to Indir GTA 4 for PC and Mobile.

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Now Rockstar games have come up with his new sequel in GTA series that is GTA 4. This game is just wow in the case of graphics and dominating the gaming market recently.


I will talk about the story of this game below in the article. The overall controls and gameplay of GTA 4 are just fabulous according to people’s reviews.

In this, the whole story revolves around one character that is NIKO BELLIC.

Comment below which character you like the most and why?


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What is GTA 4?

Niko Bellic with his friend talking in GTA 4
Niko Bellic

GTA 4 often called Grand Theft Auto 4 was launched in 2008 by Rockstar games. This is an action-adventure game that was created by Rockstar North and published /launched by Rockstar Games. In the GTA series, this game comes on 11 Th number in release order.

This game is set within fictional Liberty city which is based on new york. It allows a single character as it’s lead whose name is Niko Bellic and he is War Veteran.

In the complete story, his attempts are to overcome his past while being under pressure from loan sharks and mob bosses. It is an open-world game like other Rockstar games.

Players here can move within the liberty city or complete the mission it all depends on them.



Gta 4 Indir (Download) for PC and Mobile.

This game is truly based on TPP (third-person perspective) mode. We can explore the city here on either foot or via vehicle. Throughout the game, we are provided with one single character Niko Bellic via which we have to complete our missions.

This game also supports online multiplayer mode. It allows up to 32 players to join through both competitive and cooperative gameplay in a recreation of the single-player settings.

Some expansion packs for the game were released later and added to the story and they are part of it. The lost and damned and the ballad of gay tony is the two expansions that are interconnected with the story.

The new additives that were added follow the protagonist.

The gameplay of GTA 4

Rockstar North game developers started work on GTA 4 soon after the launch of GTA San Andreas. This game shifted to a more realistic story and a detailed view of every object.

Unlike GTA San Andreas, GTA 4 focused on a realistic approach rather than cinematic. As this is an open-world game then the developers must have knowledge about what to design.

So, they conducted field research around new york throughout the development and also captured footage.

It was released for PS 3 and X BOX 360 in April 2008 and for Microsoft Windows, the date was December 2008. As the game was released it was appreciated worldwide for its game design and storyline.

Download the GTA 4 (Indir) now for your PC and Mobile device for free.

GTA 4 broke all the sales records within the first week of its release. On the first day, it earned 310 million US$ and talking about the first week then the number was 500 million US$.

It created a record as the fastest-selling game in history. This game sold more than 25 million copies by 2013 and is one of the best selling games of PS 3.

It was also undergone some controversies on behalf of the character who do violence and is a super alcoholic in-game. One of the games who won every great title and is renowned as the best game of the year.

Later on, in 2013, it’s a further sequel was launched GTA 5 which is still a massive hit.

Ways to download GTA 4 (Indir) on PC

GTA 4 Indir in PC and drive Chevrolet car on road

we all want to play this game on PC and that’s the reason why you are here. I will be telling you two different ways by which you can get this game for your PC.

Also, mobile download is available below in this article you can download from there. read the article carefully before diving into the download procedure.

Method 1: download GTA 4 from Podcastfresh

it’s free here but if you go or download from somewhere else then they might charge you. on the above-mentioned download button then you will be redirected on a new page. (NOTE: Before the red download button will appear it will take the time of about 10-15 seconds to load).

2.then on the new page just scroll and you will see download button click on it. Continue the download procedure and you will see on the bottom left corner the files are getting downloaded.

3.after completing the download click on the file and then open it. Then separately open the file on file manager and there just extract Setup Exe section.

4.come to the home screen and there you will see the icon of GTA 4 click on it and proceed further to install the complete game.

5.after completing all the procedures open the game and configure settings according to your needs and it’s done. the game and complete all the missions and you will get to know the story right there. Also, you can free roam there and can escape from cops if any star appears on your screen.

That was all about downloading GTA 4 from this site and if you really enjoyed downloading the game please comment on how was your experience.

Method 2: download GTA 4 from the official website

The official game is paid and comes with its original license. You can either purchase it from rockstar games or some other online stores like Amazon. will get the official link of the website at the bottom of the article. Click on it and get redirected to your desired page. will get to see the official page of rockstar games where it will be displaying the download option. Click here and it will again provide further options whether you want to download for PS, X-BOX or PC choose wisely.

3.After choosing it will land you to a new page where you will have to provide your information before making any purchase. Then pay the total amount of the game and it will give you all the keys which will be required while installing.

4.they will mail you or directly send you the download link of the game by which you can run it.

5.aftyer completing all the procedures and setting up each and everything open the game. will begin with a story of NIKO BELLIC just skip it if you want and move further. Your first mission will start at the very beginning of the game.

I have provided above the Indir options of the game GTA 4 on PC. Choose the method which suits you and proceed.

if you like the explanation of the procedure then comment below and let me know about it.

Requirements to Run GTA 4 on PC

Niko Bellic driving motor bike and firing on enemies

To run any high graphics game on any particular device like PC there is some sort of requirements. If that device fits into that requirement stats then only you can play it right there.

Let’s look here if your device is capable of running this game or not.

Minimum requirements to run GTA 4 on PC

  • processor: AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4 GHz/Intel core 2 duos 1.8 GHz
  • memory:1.5 GB
  • free disk space required:16 GB
  • video card:256 MB ATI X1900/256 MB NVidia 7900
  • audio card: direct x9 stereo sound
  • other accessories: keyboard and mouse
  • processor: AMD Phenom X3 2.1 GHz/ Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz
  • memory:2 GB(Windows XP)2.5 GB(Windows Vista)
  • free disk space required:18 GB
  • video card:512 ATI 3870/512 MB NVidia 8600
  • audio card: direct x9 surround sound
  • other accessories: keyboard and mouse

If the PC which you are using fits into these categories then you can easily run this game and for further query comment me below at the bottom of the article.

People also ask for

Police chase in car in GTA 4 on 4 star Indir Pc

There always tends to be questioned in people’s minds and here I have discussed the most common one. If your question is not mentioned over here then comment below. If you require any further help regarding the game then ask.

Comment on what part of the article you like the most.

GTA 4 Download (Indir) highly compressed for windows 10 PC

if you want to download GTA 4 for PC and that too highly compressed file. You are at the right place just click the watch video button below.

The new video will open and there you will get step by step tutorial on how to get GTA 4.

watch that video carefully and also do not directly dive into the procedure. If you want to download the game directly then click on the download button provided below and you will be redirected to a new page.

Download from there and complete setup as mentioned above in the article.


Download game

Comment me how was the game and ask queries if you are facing any issue.

Download GTA 4 for Android on the below-mentioned download button then you will be redirected on a new page.

Download Apk

Download Obb

2.scroll down and there you will see two files one will be of APK and
another will be of Obb. Download both the files separately.

In between this process, your system will ask for permission to download from unknown resources. Just give it permissions and then click on continue.

3. Now install the APK in your mobile and just leave it as it does
not open it. Take your Obb file and copy it then go to file manager.

4.after that search for ANDROID there and once found open that android part, you will see the OBB section click on it. paste the OB file which you just copied and then return to your
home screen.

6.clear all the cache by cleaning the apps which are running in the background. the game and mention all the required information there and it will get start with a story mode. Complete all missions there and write down in the comment section how much time did it took to complete all.

Review and Conclusion


Producer: Leslie Benzies

developer: rockstar north

publisher: rockstar games

programmers of game

  • adam fowler
  • alexander roger
  • Obbe Vermeij

artist: Aaron Garbutt

if you want to visit GTA 4 Official site click here

writers: Dan Houser and Rupert Humphries

composer: Micheal hunter


engine: RAGE

Platforms: PS 3, X BOX 360 and Microsoft Windows

genre or type: Action-Adventure

mode: single-player or multiplayer


From the above article, you have got to know all the information about GTA 4. Who developed this and how good this game is and what’s its Speciality. An open-world game developed by Rockstar North which runs on intense graphics.

Overall talking about these games then it is a complete package of action with realistic reaction. Not a normal game which launches every day and we play it for a week or month and then forget about it.

GTA is always remembered to make evergreen games like Vice City and San Andreas. And GTA 4 has also maintained the company’s record.

An open gangster game that no other gaming company can make with that much precision. Many companies tried to make a copy of the open-world games like GTA but failed because this game has its own history.

very few people know the struggles which Rockstar took to be in this position. No single company can compare itself to it now.

GTA 4 Indir for PC and Mobile. here I have provided the download link on top of the article. go download the game and enjoy the real-world experience.

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I hope you all enjoyed reading this article.

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