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GTA San Andreas CJ going to home for mission
GTA San Andreas

I know that you all very well know about San Andreas and must have heard about it. It was the biggest launch from the rockstar company and also it created a revolution in the gaming industry. Here, I will tell you about how to Indir latest version APK of GTA San Andreas for free on Android and PC.

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San Andreas was our childhood crush as this game was the whole world in itself. We have to complete missions to earn money and respect. There were many massive gang wars in which we were always included. Overall talking about this game then it is the story of a common man who becomes a gangster. He rules the whole city gangs by the end of the game which means a lot from nothing to everything.

What is GTA San Andreas?

Grand Theft Auto is a game series that includes San Andreas as one part of it. This game was launched by Rockstar Games which is a very famous game publishing company. San Andreas was released on 25 October 2004. It was developed by Rockstar North which is a very famous game developing company. This game was the massive hit of its time and now also some people play it. It comes under the category of action-adventure games.

The game is placed in one of the US State called San Andreas. It consists of three metropolitan cities which are Los Santos(Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas(Las Vegas).

GTA San Andreas CJ on airport coming back home
CJ Back Home

The game starts with CJ (Carl Johnson) who returns to Los Santos from liberty city after his mother’s murder. He tends to be an old gangbanger who finds his friends and family in disarray after coming the game, he reunites his old gang and fights with corrupt cops. He also unravels the secret of his mother’s murder as the game passes by.


Within the whole story of the game, we would see him escaping the cops, protecting his area from other gangs and forming his old gang.

More info about GTA San Andreas

Missions in San Andreas are completely full of action and because of that people have completed this game more than one time. Every single detail reflects the game from driving vehicles to eating food. The most interesting part comes when you got five stars and had to escape from the police. You can also free roam there in the city and explore more places and complete side missions.

The developers of this game worked so, hard to give us such kind of experience. Currently, the best version of GTA which is available in the market is GTA 5 and people are eagerly waiting for GTA 6. This game is available on various platforms like PC, X BOX, Play Station, Android, IOS and PS Vita.

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How to download GTA San Andreas APK Mobile

I have provided here two methods to download GTA San Andreas on mobile if you want it on PC then go down. On mobile GTA can be played for free or paid version is also available. If you want to download GTA for free then download from my site or go to play store(paid). Below here are the steps mentioned to download the San Andreas.

Download GTA San Andreas from this site on the above-mentioned download button then you will be redirected on the new page. (NOTE: Before the red download button will appear it will take the time of about 10-15 seconds to load).

2.scroll down and there you will see two files one will be of APK and another will be of Obb. Download both the files separately. In between this process, your system will ask for permission to download from unknown resources. Just give it permissions and then click on continue.

3. Now install the APK in your mobile and just leave it as it does not open it. Take your Obb file and copy it then go to file manager.

4.after that search for ANDROID there and once found open it. In that android part, you will see the OBB section click on it. paste the OBB file which you just copied and then return to your home screen.

6.clear all the cache by cleaning the apps which are running in the background.

7.go to the application and open it you will see online and offline option clicks on offline. Then after that start a new game and it’s done. The game will start with the story mode where you will see CJ at the airport.

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comment below about how is the game, story and what special functions do you like about it.

Download GTA San Andreas from play store or app store

car modified and repainted in San Andreas
Car Color change

The process to download this game is very simple here but it’s paid. The main reason why people do not buy this game is that it’s already available for free.

1. To download this application go to play store or app store and search there for GTA San Andreas. Once you find results of what you searched for click on it. will see that there it requires have to click on the payment option and choose the payment method.

3. After choosing just to pay the amount and install the application.

4. Open GTA San Andreas in your mobile and you will see options whether to play this online or offline. Go online if you have mobile data or wifi. Create your account by filling all the steps and then click on continue.

5. As you will enter the game there will be one story displayed about the main character. What IOS his current situation and what he will be doing next.

write which part of this game you like the most and comment below on it.

Gameplay and storyline of San Andreas


Five decades back, Carl”CJ” Johnson escaped from the pressures of life from his hometown, Los Santos, San Andreas. Now, it is the early’90s, and he has got to get back home. On his return to the area, a bunch of corrupt cops frames him for the homicide of a police officer.

The match initially copes with Carl’s return to Los Santos, his efforts to maintain the living members of his family together and alive, along with his attempts to deliver the Grove Street Families back into the peak of this Los Santos gang circle. Carl is also, for its very first action, stuck in Los Santos, banned by the villainous C.R.A.S.H. to journey away from the town and its’ immediate heaven.

very rare car in gta driving in night
Rare Car in GTA San Andreas

However, because Carl finds betrayal inside his own group, he’s exiled and forced to find his way from the towns of San Fierro and Las Venturas.

Since he stays away from Los Santos, Carl develops investment opportunities and monetary stability in both San Fierro and Las Venturas, by a chop shop, to a bet at a casino, to pulling a huge bank heist. From the time he can return to Los Santos, he’s blinded by his victory and, initially, he sees nothing in his hood. But all it takes is his family’s advice to snap him from his selfishness once again and empower him to finally guarantee that Grove Street is now king.


San Andreas is similarly structured to the preceding two games from the set. The core gameplay contains components of a third-person shot and also a driving game, devoting the participant a big, open environment in which to maneuver(Move) around. On foot, the player’s personality is capable of walking, running, swimming (the first GTA game where diving is possible), restricted leaping and climbing, in addition to utilizing weapons and various kinds of hand to hand battle.

Players may run many different vehicles, such as automobiles, boats, planes, trucks, trucks, tanks, bikes and bicycles. Players can also import vehicles instead of stealing them. Carl is Grand Theft Auto’s most customizable protagonist on account of this chance in-game to change his clothing, boots, corset as well as his body mass where he could be fat, skinny or muscle.

Download GTA San Andreas for PC

You can download /Indir GTA San Andreas by various methods on PC.first one is to click on the download link given below. You can also watch the complete tutorial on how to download this game for free.

The second option which is in front of you is that go to the official store by clicking on ROCKSTAR GAMES here. You can purchase the officially licensed game of this company. Here you will also get to play this game online. Choose wisely before picking up any of the methods provided above. Comment me down what you will prefer here and did it really helped you.


Watch the video carefully before moving into the download procedure of this game.

People also ask for

sports bike near the dockyard in san andreas
Sports Bike in GTA San Andreas

Although complete information of the game is provided over here there will be some questions that will be blocking your mind. Here below I have listed some of the most frequently asked questions by people.

How to download GTA San Andreas and is it still free?

To download this game I have provided all the information with download links above. You can Indir GTA San Andreas game for mobile and pc both versions are available over here.

I have provided this game for free on my website and also explained it’s a step by step procedure. If you want to pay for it then you can go to the official website of this game and purchase its copy there.

The game is still free but in the form of MOD APK and I have provided that over here. Enjoy the whole gameplay of San Andreas by downloading MOD and play wherever you want. If you will go to its official store, play store or app store then you have to pay for it. One of the best games from ROCKSTAR NORTH is available for free and that’s not fake it’s true.

Where can I find GTA San Andreas and how to install it?

You can find San Andreas on its official website for the PC version. For the mobile version, you have to go top play store or app store with respect to your operating system. There you will find the official version of the for the game and get it installed on your system.

Another method is that you can Indir GTA San Andreas from my website completely free. I have also told how to download this game in my article read it and follow the mentioned steps. If you want more game-related APKs from my website then just comment me below.

Review and Conclusion on San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

Initial release date:26 Oct 2004

game engine: render ware

series: grand theft auto

rating on google play:4.5/5.0

if you want to visit San Andreas click here.

platforms available: PS 2, X-BOX, Microsoft Windows and Android

awards won: VGX award for best performance by the male character

developers: rockstar games and rockstar north

According to the people, GTA San Andreas is one of the best open-world games. The hopes which people build from this game are completely satisfied. They said that the story and the gameplay are just astonishing. Controls, Graphics, and Smoothness of the game are also good. Overall they rated it 9 /10.


The most renowned game of 2004 by ROCKSTAR NORTH GAMES GTA San Andreas. The game is based on the life of a gangster named CJ (CARL JOHNSON). Best with graphics, controls, music, storyline, characters, plots, vehicles and also weapons. a complete package of entertainment which is way more addictive. When it comes to a realistic experience of life there then it’s just immense. You can do whatever you want and every place is available to explore which is in real life.

All the information you want related to GTA San Andreas is provided in the article above. Also, Indir GTA San Andreas latest version APK for free on PC and Android from

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