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Hago App

You all have seen Hago ads on various platforms and might be wondering what this app is about. Here I will tell you what is Hago and how to download, play, and earn money for free from this app.

To get the complete information about the Download Hago game app you have to read the article carefully. This is an app in which you play games and you are going to love it.

Also if you face any issue regarding this app then you can comment me below. I am also gonna share some tips and tricks on the Hago app so, stay tuned to this article.


What is the Hago game app and how to download it?

It is basically a platform that offers you very interesting mini-games to play.when you will download this application and get into it then for a few seconds you will get shocked.

It will be because you will see their variety of games in one place. Hago offers you more than twenty mini-games in one place which is awesome.

you will get addicted to this app after you will start using it.it provides you the facility to play the games with your friends. you can also make here random friends who are in your location and also play games with them.


In the Hago app, you will get two options whether to play for free or to play and earn money.

The top games which most of the people play here are sheep fight, ludo, carrom, fruit master, etc.the main highlight of the game is that you can play with friends or you can discover new people.

Channels are also available here which you can join .also there is a meetup section where you can meet random players and join into their room. This app basically provides you types such as for you, games with coins, choice of editor, new arrival, hot games, and many more.

Download Hago game app and earn money

Everyone wants to earn money nowadays and uses lots of different platforms where the app owner do fake claims about giving money.

In the Hago app, the case is completely different here you can earn money through your skills by playing different games. this app does not do any false claims because it actually gives you money and gifts.


1 st Option (Hago)

homepage of hago where every game is displayed

The very first method to earn money is by participating in events.go to your Hago profile and there below you will see coin mall click on it. Here on a daily basis, the event occurs and you have to register for that via coins. you can collect or get these coins by playing games here.

The first event you will see here is a treasure hunter and that is basically lucky draw .just join the event in which you want to participate and if you are lucky then you will win here. the Hago team will send a message that you have won the game and will also give you the prize.

In the event, the second thing is Hago money plant where you will get one seed just sow that and let your tree grow.on a daily basis, you have to take care of it and the tree will give you money as a money plant does. through Paytm you can then receive your payment.

The third thing in the event is TANTANGAN LIPSTICK. In these, you have to choose a gift of your choice and then pay coins for that. After you registered for that then you have to play games and through your rankings, you will get the prize.

2 nd Option (Hago)

In coin mall, the second option is exchange click on that.you will see there three wings green, silver and gold you can buy those to update your profile.

Below the coin mall, the next option is diamond and cash click there. when you will get into it you will see the word GET GOLDEN KEYS. To to get the golden keys just invite your friends or perform daily tasks there.you can use those golden keys to redeem diamond and win mobile recharges.

The next step comes to my wallet section in app.there you will get information about how much diamond equals how much money. Just collect that much diamond and earn money.

The very famous method to earn money here is just by creating your channel. In your channel just indulge your followers with you. your followers will then give you likes in the form of stickers and by converting that you can earn money.

Let me know which method you will use or you are already using to earn money, comment below.

How to download Hago game App?

Method 1: Download the Hago from my site.

1.click on the download button given above in order to continue downloading the Hago app.you will be then redirected to a new page there just click on download option. The downloading will start there instantly.

2.after downloading the file just click on install and there just give permissions to download from unknown sources.

list of most addicting games on hago
Hago games

3.after installing the application click on the app and let it open. there you will see the three options to sign up in Hago, Facebook, Google, and mobile number. Choose the suitable option and fill details then click on continue.

4. after signing into Hago you will be directed towards its home screen there you will find various games to play.

Also, check out for MOD APK of – Hotstar, Spotify, Subway Surfer, Mini Militia.

Method 2:Download Hago from play store or app store.

1.just go to your Android play store or IOS app store and search there Hago app. After getting the result just click on the Hago app to download it. your download will then start.

2.after downloading the application just click on install and open then open the app.

3. there it will ask for permissions such as a microphone, location, etc allow that only if you want to.

4. then sign up there via various options provided and click on continue.you will be then directed to the dashboard where you can now play exciting games for free and earn money.

List of Hago app game download

Cute games

ludo lord game play and make friends
  • fun link
  • snake and ladder
  • remember me
  • hit and dodge
  • rainbow bowling
  • ludo
  • sheep fight
  • carrom 2
  • hexagon fight
  • fly!balloon
  • coin monopoly
  • pet link
  • swing swing!
  • jump fast
  • candy fantasy 2
  • juice splash
  • music rush!
  • little red
  • pirates coming
  • slide blocks
  • reversi
  • snake battle
  • brick paver
  • penguin chess
  • fleet commander
  • Hago farm
  • badminton champion
  • initial drifting
  • gold miner
  • cooking maniac
  • jungle chess
  • airline tycoon
  • Nyan cat
  • jump jump
  • puppy crush
  • typhoon arena
  • snowball.10
  • statues
  • cosmic guard
  • ocean war
  • Couple balls
  • sport ninja
  • sheep pasture
  • sheep fight duet
  • hexagon 2048

Multiplayer (Hago games)

fruit ninja game on download and play
Fruit Ninja
  • Smash of berserk
  • werewolf
  • doodle guesser
  • bumper hero
  • airline tycoon

Bounce and Throw(Hago games)

  • pro thrower
  • swing swing!
  • jungle assassin
  • ball jump
  • double Arkanoid


  • virus breaker
  • Maniac archer
  • virus war
  • ace archer
  • fireballs
  • zombie siege
  • sharpshooter
  • blaster shooter
  • Axe-gang
  • sniper duel

Casual(Hago games)

sheep fight game on hago app download and play
Sheep Fight
  • drop drink
  • island lord
  • ninja sword
  • Zuma Verus
  • juice splash

Tap games(Hago games)

  • rhythm driver
  • agile buddy
  • helix tower
  • Tahu temple
  • jigsaw puzzles

Match -3(Hago games)

  • laser protector
  • bounce verse
  • star blast
  • Double Arkanoid
  • snake battle

sports (Hago games)

  • soccer pinball
  • soccer all-star
  • crazy cricket
  • badminton champion
  • rainbow bowling
  • pool winner
  • funny golf
  • iceball
  • rugby
  • burning dunk

Parkour(Hago games)

playing shoot them all game on hago
Shoot Them All
  • pet trainer
  • crazy taxi
  • wild motorbike
  • stack tower
  • The 3D ball runs fast!

Table and Board games(Hago games)

  • Dominoes
  • gin rummy
  • rummy
  • zombie chase
  • Texas Holdem

This is the list of games which you can play in Hago app.think that you can play that many games in one app.download Hago now to get the real gamer experience.

List of 3 players game in Hago app download

  • statues
  • bumper hero
  • werewolf
  • doodle guesser
  • Hago farm
  • airline tycoon
  • fun link
  • smash of berserk
  • sheep fight duet

The above-mentioned list shows the names of multiplayer games in Hago. These games can be played between three or more than three players.

What is Hago online and how to download the game app?

HAGO is an online social gaming program. It includes hundreds of online games, like Sheep Fight, Knife Hit, Fun Link, Football Game, and Gold Miner.

download hago app to find new online friends
Meet New People

HAGO permits you to voice chat with your opponent while playing the game, however, you might also turn off the live voice chat feature if you’re uneasy with it. This feature makes it simple and fun to make friends while playing against people all over the world.

People also ask(FAQ)

There must be lots of questions coming into your mind after reading this article. I will be here answering the most commonly asked questions by people

How to delete the Hago account?

Hago accounts can’t be deleted permanently but there is one solution to do the same. First, go to your account and then go on your profile.change all the provided information there.after that just clear the cache of your account. The last step is to go to privacy settings and there enable every blocker you can.

you can now leave your account permanently by just logging out from your account.

How to download the Hago game app on PC?

Here is the video that will tell you about how to download the Hago game app on PC for free.


watch the video carefully before moving to download.

How to win and earn money in Hago?

you can just compete with online players, do the daily task or promote the app to your friends.

join contest and earn money with exciting prizes
Earn Money By Playing

Also, you can try your luck in lucky draw contest which occurs there on a daily basis. Make your own channel be active on it and let the users do the rest of the things.

for more information read the above article on how to earn money from Hago.

How to add friends in Hago?

If you want to add the known friends of yours then just click on the top left side of Hago home screen. you will get a lot more sharing options out there just connect and enjoy games with your friends.

Want to add unknown or strangers than just click on discover people there on the home screen. Another option is to play games with random people and when you finish just send them a friend request.

If you missed someone then just search into your history for whom you played with and then send him/her friend request.

Review and Conclusion of Hago


app version:3.16.1

updated on:downloads:20-Feb-2020

downloads:10,00,00,000+ downloads on play store

offered by: Hago games

In ap purchases:10 RS to 25,200 RS per item price

released on:09-jun-2018


  • camera
  • contacts
  • location
  • microphone
  • storage
  • other

If you want to visit Hago click here

available platforms: android, IOS

social app with#3 grossing

size:42.22 MB

type: online gaming platform.

contains ads and in-app purchases while using it.

rated for 12+ and requires parental guidance


This app is ok according to users and they love playing the games present over there. the problem is with some of its features and criteria which the users don’t like.

One of that feature is money plant and it’s withdrawal limit some people do not like that. You can download the Hago game app from here or you can simply visit to play store and download it.


The Hago game app is overall good and the withdrawal of money is also quite decent here, Download the app. some problems may occur in connectivity but in limited cases. This app is basically for those who want to p[lay and earn money from home.

Here in this article, I have given the game download link to get the Hago app.you can play and earn money through it and too for free and that is 100% working. for more APKs just subscribe to my website (podcastfresh.com) and get updated with all new mods of popular apps.

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