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Snapchat is a multimedia messaging application that is used globally. It was created by three former students of Stanford University, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. This app was launched on 29-Oct-2012 by Snap Inc. In categories, this app comes under the social section.

Here you will be guided on how to use Snapchat with its complete information and user review. Also, you will be provided the link to download this particular application.

What is Snapchat?

It is basically an app from which we can share moments with our friends and family. This app completely revolves around your camera and contains a filter that outlooks your photo appearance. You can capture your photos or stories and share them on your friend list.

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while sharing your photos or snaps you can also add caption there. Here you can present your photo in a different way because this application contains different Filters, Lenses, Bitmojis and all kinds of fun effects.

In the case of security, this is one of the best applications. It does not save your image to the viewer’s account rather it will display the pic for some limited period of time (it depends on you)to them.

But there is always an exception in each case, as they can take a screenshot of your pic. So, before snapping be mindful of what you snap.

How to use Snapchat step by step tutorial?

In this portion, I will be providing you a complete guide on how to use Snapchat with its complete information –

A guy holding IOS mobile and using Snapchat in it

Step 1 ( Know how to install or download, Snapchat) –

First, go to the play store of an android device or app store of the IOS device. Then search there for Snapchat and as the results show click on the install button.

Snapchat new user account sign up –

After installing this application open it and sign up for it. It will also ask you for two permissions in the start of it –

1.Contacts(read and find accounts on your device)

2.Telephone(read phone status and identity)

Then it will ask you about your first name and last name and date of birth. After completing these steps it will provide you default username which you can edit and then you have to set your login password on it.


Then it will fetch your mobile number directly and send a confirmation code to it, just for verification purposes.

After completing all these steps you have to click on continue and then it will show an option to add friends, existing on your contact info.

At last, it will show a message seeking permissions of the camera, local storage (to take photos and videos), detect screenshot, allows audio and more. Finally, you have completed the setup lets move towards the next step.

you can also download Snapchat from here download button is given below.

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Step 2 (How to Quick add friends) –

Open your Snapchat application and then swipe right or just press the chat option given on the bottom left corner of your mobile screen. There you will get an option on top to search your friend or just you can find them in the list given below.

Click on add button to whom you want to add and then there will display an option to send a snap(it means your friend is added to the friend list).


Step 3 (Follow official celebrity accounts) –

After coming to the home screen of Snapchat just swipe left or press on discover present on the bottom right corner and there you will find a For you page.

On top of it, you can search for official accounts and subscribe to them or just you can find content shared by people directly on your screen.

The content present there is also from some official accounts which you can watch freely. Also, you can find there an option to add your friends.

Step 4 (Edit or view your profile) –

Come to the home screen again and on the top left corner, you will be able to see the profile icon. Click on that profile icon and you will land on a page which contains some following terms –

1.Your username below the Snapchat icon. If you want to change it or want to do any other setting in your account then just click on setting icon displaying on the top right corner. There you will get a huge list of setting mentioned below –

My Account

  • Name
  • Username
  • Birthday
  • Mobile Number
  • Email
  • Password
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Connected apps
  • Notifications
  • Bitmoji
  • Shazam
  • Language
Additional services
  • Manage
Who can
  • Contact me
  • View my story
  • See me in quick add
  • See my location
  • Memories
  • Spectacles
  • Customize emojis
  • Ads
  • Data saver
  • Clear conversation
  • Search history clearance
  • Clear top locations
  • Contact syncing
  • Our story snaps
  • Permissions
  • My data
  • Need help
  • I have a safety concern
  • I have a privacy question
  • I spotted a bug
  • I have a suggestion
  • Shake to report
More information
  • Privacy center
  • Terms of service
  • Other legal
Account actions
  • Clear cache
  • Just Clear lens data
  • Clear my cameos selfie
  • Blocked
  • Log out

2. Verify your email account and get security updates from Snapchat.

3. Add stories is an option where you can add your story publicly or privately.

4. Friends, in this you will get the option to add or watch who are your friend already.

5. What is Bitmoji? answer to these questions is very simple it is just a cartoon version (Avatar) of yourself which we can use or share anywhere. It is actually for fun purposes.

6. What is the snap map? It allows you to see where your Snapchat contacts are and also you can share your location with them in order to view snaps from nearby users or users present at some specific locations.

Step 5 (Snapchat camera and filters) –

Here I am gonna tell you how to use Snapchat filters using your mobile camera and also be going to give some information regarding it.

So, stay tuned to this article about Snapchat camera and filters and learn how many types are there.


Basic Snapchat filters list –

Before knowing the list of Snapchat filters let’s first know what is Snapchat basic filters? when you are a new Snapchat user and don’t know anything about it then these are some of the filters you must start with.

Filters are the only center of attraction of this app because it provides lots of filters and that too for free. It also provides you lenses and Bitmojis which are useful for taking your snap too. here is the list of some of the Snapchat basic filters.

girl using Snapchat rabbit filter in mobile
Animal Filter


2.High contrast


4. Remove Overlay

5.Temperature overlay

6.Altitude overlay

7.Black and White

8.Time overlay

9.Slow speed or Slow motion (video only)

10.Speed up (video only)

11.Super speed (video only)

12.Reverse(video only)

13.Special occasion or seasonal filters (these filters are just provided for some limited period of time ‘during some festival or any other special occasion)

ex: Diwali, New year, etc.

What is Snapchat geo-filters and how to edit them?

Snapchat geo-filters are the special overlays which can be accessed on particular or certain locations. They are just a graphical form of dress which outlooks the appearance of your snaps.

You might be wondering about what we require to edit the geo-filters, all you need for this video is a PC or a smartphone.preferably the one with Snapchat because he can only do that function and what this allows him to do is rock hard and harder.

cute cat geo-filter using Snapchat
Cute cat filter

In this article, I will be telling you a step-by-step guide on how to make sure you can get the most out of the geo-filter maker. Now, this is easy and sometimes it can be Technical, we are going to do both sides today, So you can get your geo-filters whenever you need them.

How to get Geo filter, these are on Snapchat for everyone,(Guaranteed devices) I know that I was getting comments about oh is not available on Android yet.

I can confirm that these have been in the applications almost two years ago to find these geographical filters, all you have to do is take a photo or video in the application Snapchat.

Once you have done so, you can edit the video and all you have to do here is swipe left or right according to the filters .you want colors or more to the left and to the right you have all Festive places and national days.

Now the article today is about Geo filters but also works for lenses, they also have the same price. I forgot to mention that they cost and will come with a small charge, however, it is not too much to celebrate your birthday.

Snapchat geo-filter

So, let’s start with this simple option. where you make these filters on your phone now, the way to activate them or access the creation menu is quite simple.

First, all you have to do is open the Snapchat application and on the camera screen, if you give it a touch, the lens tray will appear. So, all the way to the right-hand side you will see a purple plus if you release it when it is at that time, the new lens maker appears.

The alternative route to this is if you enter the configuration of the application, you will find filters and tab lenses and if you touch that, it takes you to the creation screen. So as I said in the introduction, we are only making filters today, so let’s start.

First, what is your occasion when you enter the option of filters? You will see several occasions, since it is now autumn or as you call it autumn. You can also see that they have birthday goodbyes, weddings, bachelor parties, even go deep to sports venues, so cover a wide range of topics that they can create.

So, once you have selected in this menu the theme you want inside, you will see some preset templates now that vary, but they will remain around the theme you have chosen. once you touch it then this is where you can edit it now.

Editing of Snapchat geo-filter

More text makes the fonts that you cannot get in the regular Snapchat application, so you can find even more elegant fonts in the wedding section.

You can now notice when you are in this editor that has limited functionality on the right: On the side of the hand, you only have text and stickers. Now, you can add as many pieces of text as you want, you can also see those two sources or more from which you have to choose.

You can still change the color as you want also on the sticker in the section you can put Bitmoji x ’emojis and anything you have in your sticker palette, so once you’re satisfied with your geo-filter.

Then, if you click on the green mark at the bottom right, it will take you to a screen wondering when you want it now.preferably if you can do it in advance, it is better because Snapchat really has to check them before they are published.

They are not something instantaneous due to brand promotions and obviously they are vulgar images I guess please be sure to give it. I would say more than three days Help once you have selected when all you need to do now is say where and how big you want this location.

Of course, now the minimum cost in the UK is $ 5.99 on a device Apple, obviously, will vary depending on the size of the place you select. Now here is very nice, it has four corners and simply aligns them with the location you need now. Consider some countries where you cannot use geographical filters.

List of every Snapchat lenses you want to know –

Before jumping on to the list lets see first what are Snapchat lenses? and how they are useful to us.

If you want to enhance the appearance of your snap then you can do it with the help of Lenses. The lenses are based on the concept of AR(Augmented Reality) which means adding a character, effect or sound correspondence with the surrounding. Its fun to use them on your pics.

List of lenses for truly classic Snap Chaters –
beautiful girl with boy taking Snap together

1. Dog with tongue hanging out

2.Classic flower crown and glow

3.Puking rainbow

4. Rosy cheeks re-touch

5.Pink glow flower crown

6.Dancing hotdog

7.Face swap

8.Camera roll face swap

9.Golden butterfly crown

10.Extreme sad face

Snapchat lenses that will make you look good –

1.Black and White with colored sunglasses

2.Black and White with red lipstick and eyeliner

3.Jeweled Eyes and pink lipstick

4.Scruffy beard and chiseled jawline

5.50’s glam

6.” I love you “fog

7.Cat Ears, Eyes, and nose

8.Comic book drawing

9.Halo and beam of light

10.Purple lipstick and tattoos

Best Snapchat lenses to scare your friends –
A boy using horror lens to scare friends

1.Screaming zombie

2.X-ray skeleton skull

3.Human-pug hybrid

4.Face on fire

5.Molten plastic mask

6. Marshmallow being roasted

7.Your mouth as eyes

8.Lizard face lens

9.Spider hat

10.Thunder cloud and glowing eyes

Funny Snapchat lenses to use –

1.Cat on head

2.Big eyes big mouth

3.Tiny chin big mouth

4.Tiny mouth

5.Scuba diver

6.Bigmouth and nose

7.Crying eyes

8.Heart eyes

9.Bubble gum explosion

10.Tiny chin big eyes

Snapchat lens for living an alternate life –
father and son using cute flower lens

1.Police officer


3.Age yourself(old or child)

4.Grandma glasses and head wrap

5.Magazine cover



8.Santa Claus

9.Red riding hood

10.Pilot with flight googles

Must try out animal lenses –

Are you among the one who wants to see their animal avatar then these are the best lenses to show you that?

1.Buzzing honey bee

2.Rapping bee

3.Zebra face

4.Glam lion with eyeliner

5.Voice changing deer

6.Mouse ears with cheese

7.Rainbow puking unicorn


9.Animal ears with glasses

10.Realistic monkey face

List of most upsetting Snapchat lenses –

1.Demonic bunny

2.Green sick with a thermometer

3.Poo on the head with flies

4.Angry skull

5.Laser eyes

6.Evil laugh with a creepy mustache

7. Devil to angel transition

8.Boxing with a black eye

9.Screaming orange

10.Lights out with spiders

Food-related Snapchat lenses –

1.Donut face

2.Taco face

3.Tomato face

4.Face in bread

5.Strawberry head

Winter season-best Snapchat lenses collection –

1.snow ball slingshot

2.snow falling

3.crocheted moose hat googles crown with a frozen screen

Top 20 best-uncategorized lenses on Snapchat –
boy taking 4 photos using 1 animal lens

1.cartoon bunny

2.under the sea crown

3.shattered screen

4.andy Warhol day

6.pom pom headband with color-changing lipstick

7.emoji monkey bill with purple eye shadow and glasses

9.liama face

10.alien abduction

11.wolf whistle with heart eyes

12.broken mirror


14.inside a fishbowl

15.frog face with a bowler hat

16.iron man system view

17.motorcycle, bandana, and beard

18.tiki hut

19.sheep on head face

Learn how to Log in or delete existing Snapchat account

How to log in to your Snapchat account?

Before learning, what procedure to follow to log in to your Snapchat account? first, confirm that you have your existing account with Snapchat. This is the only required mandatory step before getting started.

The simple way to login in your account

Go to the Snapchat icon and press on it. After opening it you will find there two options, one for login and other for sign up. Press on login and then a new page will get open in front of you and there you will be asked for the username or email.

You just have to put your email or username to move further. Coming down it will ask you for the password if you know it then put otherwise click on forget the password. After filling all the required information you will get Login to your account.

How to reset Snapchat password without email on phone

For this step after clicking on forget the password, you will be shown a pop up mentioning the two ways to recover. The first one will be via phone and the second one through email.

You have to select the first option and move further. After that, you will be taken to a new page which will ask you your mobile number and one mobile number will be already put over there.

Then click on continue and after a few seconds there will again show a pop up containing, send SMS or get a call. choose the option which is relevant to you and then move further.

After some time they will send you a verification code, put it there. Finally, they will ask you to set your new password and again you have to get logged in via it.

How to download and use Snapchat on PC?

Desktop containing complete information of Snapchat with Review
Snapchat for PC

Hello and welcome to a tutorial on getting Snapchat for your windows PC. Unfortunately, there is no native Snapchat app to windows so we have to use a workaround using an android emulator. everything laid out in this tutorial is 100% free, Let’s begin.

First, we need to download an android emulator the emulator that I highly recommend is called Nox App Player. on your web browser, go to then click on download. Click on the finished download to begin installing. once it is installed, hit start.

This is just a tutorial on using Nox. you can read it or skip it. once Nox has launched, click the play store. Since it’s the first time you are using this android, you are going to have to log in to a google account in order to access apps from the google play store. you will also need to agree to the terms and conditions.

Once that is done, head back to the play store and search for Snapchat. download it once it’s finished installing it will appear on the home screen of Nox.

The first time you log in to Snapchat will take a long time, just be patient. Now you are logged into Snapchat, your camera may or not be working. if your camera is working, great, you can now access all of Snapchat right away.

Solution for camera issue on Snapchat

If your camera is not working, then follow these steps. First, exit from the Snapchat app. now open the camera app on the Nox home, on-screen you should now see a message saying “please start your cam”.

You cam is an app saved on your Windows 10 machine by default On your windows search bar, search for You cam, and open it. once it has opened, look back at Nox app player you should see the camera has now properly connected.

Now, you can exit YouCam again. back on Nox, click on the settings button. choose “apps”. click Snapchat. on the Snapchat settings, click “Force Stop” then “clear cache”, then click “clear data”, and finally, click uninstall.

Now you need to go back to the play store and download Snapchat again once its installed, log back into your account, and this time the Snapchat camera will activate. you can now freely use all of Snapchat’s features from your PC, and that draws an end to this tutorial.

All app info about Snapchat

Keyboard with Snapchat download button icon


• Snapchat opens right to the camera. Tap to snap an image, or press and hold for video.

• Add a Lens or Filter to your photo — new ones are incorporated every day! Change the way where you look, hit the move floor with your 3D Bitmoji, and discover games you can play with your face.

• Create your own Filters to add to photos and accounts — or assess Lenses made by our area!

Talk 💬

• Stay in contact and Chat with buddies with live educating, or offer your day with Group Stories.

• Video Chat with up to 16 companions without a moment’s delay. You can even utilize Filters and Lenses!

• Express yourself with Friendmojis — restrictive Bitmojis made only for you and a companion.


• Follow companions and watch their Stories to see their day unfurl.

• Keep fully informed regarding selective Stories from top distributors and makers.


•you have to always see where your companions are hanging out, on the off chance that they’ve imparted their area to you.

• How you share your area with closest companions or go off the lattice with Ghost Mode.

• Try to discover the live Stories from the network-accessible, or over the world!

Recollections 🎞️

•Edit and send old minutes to companions and let them spare to your Camera.

•Look back on your Snaps you’ve spared with free distributed storage.

• To create Stories from your preferred recollections to impart to loved ones.

Companionship PROFILE 👥

• Every companionship has its own unique profile to see the minutes you’ve spared together.

• Discover new things you share practically speaking with Charms. Perceive to what extent you’ve been companions, your celestial similarity, your Bitmojis’ design sense, and then some!

• Friendship Profiles are simply among you and a companion, so you can bond over what makes your kinship uncommon.

Review and conclusion of Snapchat


App version:

updated on: 02-march-2020

downloads: 1,00,00,00,000+ downloads on play store

offered by: snap inc

released on: 29-oct-2012


  • camera
  • contacts
  • location
  • microphone
  • telephone
  • storage
  • other

If you want to visit Snapchat click here.

available platforms: Android, IOS, Android (beta)

social app with #6 Top free

size: IOS- 192.3 MB, Android – 53.18 MB

type: photo sharing, instant messaging, video chat, multimedia.

contains ads while using.

rated for 12+ and requires parental guidance


This app works great as per users’ review and they love using it. But there is a scope to improve the security regarding the snap stories and chats. It is because the users are not aware of who is seeing their stories. It may cause trouble in the future.


Snapchat is the app that fits you perfectly if you always share photos socially. this app provides you a lot more options to choose from. In this article, we have learned about how to use Snapchat with its complete information.

You also learned to download Snapchat and reviewed it. Here on this website, we give information about apps and websites and also let you know how to download it. Today we reviewed Snapchat for more knowledge to keep visiting

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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