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minecraft pocket edition APK dashboard with game play option
Minecraft Pocket Edition Dashboard

Minecraft the word itself defines the game completely. Mine stands for resources that we extract in the game. Craft means what we build by these resources it can be building, bridges and many more things. Here I will tell you how to download Minecraft pocket edition latest MOD APK (Android, IOS and PC)for free.

You all very well know about the Minecraft game and its popularity. Although without any quality of graphics this game stood on the base of it’s a concept. This game comes under the top-grossing category and is worldwide famous.

If you want complete information on the game with a download link then read the article carefully.


What is Minecraft APK pocket edition?

Minecraft pocket edition is basically the mobile version of original Minecraft which runs or PC. This game edition was created for mobile and tablet users. The company wanted to expand the reach of the game that’s why they launched it for the handy devices.

There is a lot of difference between a pocket edition and the original edition. But by the continuous update, this game is getting near to its original version.

In Minecraft, game players see or explore the blocky world which is pixelated. It is a 3d game where players detect and extract raw materials. With these materials, they build structures, craft tools or weapons and create earthwork.


Based on the game mode, you may combat computer-controlled foes. In addition to either collaborate together or compete against other players at exactly the identical world.


These modes comprise a survival mode, where players need to get resources to build the world and preserve health, and also a creative mode, in which players have infinite resources.

From the Java Edition, players may alter the game with mods to make new gameplay mechanisms, things, strengths, and textures.

In this edition, you will get access to only two modes that are creative mode and survival mode. Creative mode, you can create your own world and live there the way you want.

Survival mode, you are just put in some world where you have to survive from monsters. Also maintain your health and hunger bar there otherwise you will die. Always keep the weapon with you in case of enemy attacks on you.

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How to download Minecraft pocket edition

There are various methods by which you can download this game. Some of the methods are paid while some of them are free and both work the same. Here I will be telling you about how to download the Minecraft pocket edition.

There are two ways to download it, you have to choose wisely because the first one is free while the second one is paid. Minecraft APK Pocket Edition.

beautiful village in minecraft designed by pro player
City in Minecraft

Method 1:download Minecraft from this site

1.delete the existing MOD APK or original mini militia(Downloaded from Play Store or App Store) on your device. If you did not do that then this may cause some sort of error

2.clear RAM of mobile devices in order to continue by closing background apps.

3.click on the link given below and press continue to download the APK. Before this step wait for 10 to 15 seconds to unlock the red download button and once it appears to click on it.

4. You will be then redirected to a page where you can just simply click on the download button. The process will start immediately.

5.after downloading the application just open the folder and install it on your mobile device.

6.while installing you may get a pop up that”installation blocked”.allow the app from the settings options to move further.

7.after completing the installation open the application and create a new world and play.

comment below on how was the APK of Minecraft and did you really enjoyed the game.

Method 2: Download Minecraft from play store or app store

1.just go to the play store or app store and search there for Minecraft. As it shows the result click on it.

2.you will see that this game is not free on play store or app store you will have to pay some amount there.

3. Complete the payment procedure over there and continue further.

4.install the application and just open it in your mobile or tablet .if you get some problem then comment below.

5.when you will open the application it will ask for your further details. Fill the information properly and enter to the dashboard of the game.

6.there you will see the options to create the world or survive in another world. Choose between them and continue.collect their resources and build your own city or village to put characters and enjoy it.

comment below if you created your own world. also, tell us about how it looks like.

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How to play Minecraft pocket edition with tips

So, you’re brand new to Minecraft and want to know how to play Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you’re already familiar with Minecraft this article probably isn’t going to be for you. Don’t worry though you can still subscribe to the site and catch all my future tips tricks.

Before actually starting the game including the various platform and release versions of the game and the differences between creative mode and survival mode in which one you should consider using when you’re just getting.

Know what version of Minecraft you’re playing that may sound silly. If you’re like me you’re probably going to be looking for videos on how to perform certain tasks in the game.

YouTube is a wealth of information with a lot of great content. But it can also be frustrating and confusing if you don’t know how to search effectively.

You see there are many variations of Minecraft while it’s the same game at heart. Each variation may contain differences in how the game plays or what items or features may or may not be available within the virgin you’re playing.

There are platform-specific versions of the game such as the original PC version windows 10 edition Xbox one edition apple TV edition and PS Vita.

Just to name a few each of these platforms can vary drastically from one another and as if that weren’t confusing enough. You also have multiple versions within each platform for instance.

Why choose creative mode over survival as a beginner

Create the new (generate) random you’ll see the default game mode is survival. We also have another option for creative mode if you’re getting started I highly recommend checking out creative mode.

It is designed to give you all the tools you need to be as creative as you want by making every game asset available to you from the start. So, let’s go ahead and create a creative world that just says that.

Achievements won’t be activated while and creative again because it’s giving you every asset within the game. We’re going to leave everything else the same for now.

big ship in pocket edition APK travelling in the ocean
Ship Minecraft

you and it spawned me on top of a tree well that’s interesting okay so, this is creative mode. Now what I want you to notice about the creative mode is the inventory bar down at the bottom as you can see there are a number of things in there.

The world generates randomly just like as if you were playing in survival mode. However, if we open up that inventory you’ll see that I have access to every game asset in the game.

Every kind of block every kind of weapon every kind of piece of furniture you name it I’ve got access to it. Creative mode again is designed so, that you can get in and you can make whatever you want.

In addition to that creative mode does not have a health system and it does not have a hunger system

Minecraft APK online free download for PC

To download this game into your PC you will have to follow some specific steps. The steps are mentioned below in the video. This video will guide you on how to get Minecraft for your PC. Also, comment me if you face any kind of difficulty while downloading this application.

Minecraft beta and java edition

Java edition

Java Edition is marketed directly by Mojang, so it doesn’t need to go through the system holders’ certificate. J E has its launcher. Logging in with a Mojang account must play the game.

In addition to the latest version and latest snapshot, most past versions of Java Edition are also accessible through the launcher.

Mods, development versions and older versions that are allowed by separate profiles are set by launcher. For example, the addition of this obfuscation map, which is intended to make modding easier.

Realms for Java Edition is Another support from Realms Plus for Bedrock Edition. Owners of Java Edition who bought the game before October 19, 2018, can redeem a free copy of Bedrock Edition for Windows 10, provided that the code has been redeemed before April 20, 2020

Beta edition

Beta was the first time and the final development phase that triumphed Alpha and preceded the full release of Java Edition. It was the fifth and final Minecraft development platform to get some of its variants released to the public.

It was declared on Notch’s site on December 11, 2010, and released nine months later, on December 20, 2010.

In addition to some minor updates, the transition out of Alpha saw a 50% cost increase (hence making the cost 25% off the full cost ). A change in the disclaimer (Notch eliminated the line that said”all future updates will be provided free of cost”, though the announcement still applies to users who bought Minecraft before Beta was released.

Both Alpha and Beta buyers got the full game free of charge) and small updates to the main site.

People also ask

The common questions asked by people are listed over here. If your question is not mentioned here than at the bottom of this article write your comment. In the comment section given.

Is Minecraft pocket edition the same as Minecraft?

megacity in minecraft created in creative mode
Megacity in PE Minecraft

Not many people would tell you that Windows 10 edition is the same as Pocket Edition. For the most part, they are not wrong however there are a number of differences. In the way the game plays with the most obvious distinction is in crafting with windows 10 edition.

You need to know how to create each item according to this recipe Pocket Edition is much more forgiving. It shows you the recipe and what’s required to craft the item besides that though most of what you see.

Windows 10 edition will be applicable to Pocket Edition and also it’s Vice versa. That is the thing which brings me to the question of the day.

comment below if you have experienced some differences when you switch platforms in Minecraft.

How do you get Minecraft pocket edition?

You can download the MOD APK from this website or download it from the play store or app store. The choice is yours whether you want it free or you will play the licensed one by spending some amount.

both the options work better but differ from person to person. You must have to understand that the extra features which you will get from MOD APK are more and that too for free. So, in my opinion, think before making a purchase of this application.

Is Minecraft pocket edition good?

More number of people who are new in this or they play Minecraft on pc get stuck into this question. Whether this game is good or not(pocket edition). Some people will even say that the controls of this game are a bit laggy or whatever it is.

players in survival mode collecting resources and food
Players in Creative mode

in my opinion, this game is a pocket bomb like a Pubg mobile. Here you can do the same things as what you do in Minecraft PC and even with more ease. Every player will not be comfortable with the controls provided in the mobile version. You may upgrade to console for that and get an even better experience.

the only lack which I found in this game was all the modes were not available in this version. But the main modes like survival and creativity are available which are the most played out there.

How much money for Minecraft pocket edition?

If you want to get Minecraft pocket edition for your mobile or tablet then you have to spend some amount. The cost of this app is near about 6.5$ to 7$ which is good and you will worth paying it.

The thing which you have to do is just click on the payment option and choose by which method you want to pay the money. Automatically it will then transfer you to the further page follow the procedure and you are done.

if you do not want to pay for this and want it completely free then download from this site. You will get all the premium features for free.this game is quite addicting and will consume more amount of your time. Before spending money on it check whether you personally like it or not.

comment below which method or step you will prefer those you want this game.

Can I download and play Minecraft for free?

yes, you can download and play Minecraft for free on whichever device you want. For downloading the application just visit the top section of my article you will see there on the red button.

Click on that button you will be then redirected to a new page. Again click on the download button there and then your process will begin.

Comment below if you face any issue while downloading Minecraft APK Pocket Edition. I will solve it and also tell me which more MOD APKs you will require in future instances.

How to download Minecraft full version on an Android phone?

I have explained how to get the full version of the Minecraft APK pocket edition in the top section of the article. Here (How to download Minecraft pocket edition) I have mentioned two methods by which you can download the full version of this app. Read the following steps carefully in order to get complete information.

choose method carefully over there because the first is free while the second one is not.

Review and Conclusion of Minecraft APK


Release date: 17 May 2009

Game composer: Daniel Rosenfeld

Developers of Minecraft: Mojang,4j studios, other ocean interactive,x box game studios

Designers: Markus Persson, Jens Bergensten

If you want to visit Minecraft click here.

Founder(Minecraft): Markus Persson

Awards won by this game: BAFTA Games Award for the best social and family game.

Rated on play store: 4.5/5.0

This app is not free and requires a purchase.

From different age groups, we got different reviews about this game. Some say that it is good and can be played with family. We require the brain to build our empire here and some suggest that it’s virtual lego.

Frankly speaking, it is an overall good game with no or very minor violence. Here you will get to explore a lot of things. And The last thing about it is that this game is addicting.


From this above article, you have got all the information about Minecraft pocket edition. How to play the game what the game is actually about and many more things.

This is an open-world game where you can design the world in the way you want. As this game requires your creativity it is must that you will get addicted to it.

You can download the Minecraft APK pocket edition for free on this website. Also, daily check out Podcastfresh.com for more MOD APKs. Comment below about the article.

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