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Mini Militia aka Doodle Army

Mini militia often called Doodle army 2, is a popular and addictive android gaming application. here we will be learning about how to download mini militia hacked version mod APK for free.

This game is basically which allows you to play and combat with 6 online players or 12 local players via a local network.

In this game, you are offered immense guns and various different types of weapons. With the help of these weapons, you can conquer or kill your enemy. This game provides you light and stern environment to boost your gaming experience.


Mini militia offers you highly cartoonist graphics and it is a 2-D game. If you are an action lover who loves shooting games then this will be the best choice for you. It is a highly engaging game because of its online Connect and Plays with friend Feature.

How to play Mini Militia (hacked version)

It is obvious that mini militia is an online multiplayer game So, you will require an internet connection or wifi to run this game. Talking about how to play these game then it comes with three modes in it-

customize your player in mini militia hacked version
Mini Militia player edit
  1. Solo play
  2. Quickplay
  3. Multiplayer with LAN-WIFI

1. Solo play (Mini militia)

In solo play, there are again two more types in it-


A). Training mode

In this mode you are taught the basics of the game by general sarge .you are introduced with the controls present over there and also the weapons which are very deadly.

Once you complete your training then you are tested in survival mode and there too general sarge guides you on how to survive and defeat enemies.

B).Survival mode

This mode is your further promotion of learning the basics of the game. Here you are tested with the help of bot players specially designed for training purposes. Once your testing is done then you are ready for quick play and multiplayer mode.

2.Quickplay (Mini militia)


1. the very first step here is connected to the internet or wifi because this game demands it, as it is multiplayer and you will be connected across the globe.

2.come to the homepage of mini militia and then select the server in which you want to get connected.

3.everyone needs to press or tap ready those whoever is connected to the game.

4.then you have to choose one map from options given there

5.then you have selected your team it is an optional process

6.then their countdown appears and you will enter into the game within that time

7. once you entered into match kill as many possible enemies you can kill. If you get killed there you will get respawn too.

after the timer ends there will be shown the stats of your particular match played.

3.Multiplayer mode (Mini militia)

Here are some of the following steps from which you can connect to multiplayer

1.create a WIFI Hotspot among your friends and then ask all your friends to connect to that WIFI hotspot.

gun firing by one player on another player

2. Once all your friends are connected to it then open mini militia app and select multiplayer.

3.there select with LAN wifi and then choose the next option as team deathmatch. will need to host thereby selecting host options present over there and after that select map or location in which you want to play.

5.wait for your friends to connect and join the map or location in which you are.

6.once everyone is ready the countdown will start automatically .you can choose a team or play a solo over there.

How to download Mini Militia hacked version (legit method of mega MOD)

Method 1 to download MOD APK –

Follow these steps to download APK of mini militia

1. Delete the existing MOD APK or original mini militia(DOWNLOADED FROM PLAY STORE) on your device. If you did not do so then this may cause some sort of error.

2.clear RAM of your mobile device in order to continue by closing background apps.

3.just click on the download button or download button icon provided up here. page will open where you will get direct download option so, just click on it.

5.After downloading the application just open the folder and install it on your mobile device.

6. While installing you may get a pop up that ‘installation blocked’.Allow the app from the settings option to move further.

7.Once you installed the app turn off your internet connection and then open the application.

8. Then again turn on your internet connection to continue. Now here you can play the complete modded game.

NOTE: when you open the application for the first time there you will see an option of unlimited on the later button and move further.

In this mod application, you will get infinite health, infinite ammo, all avatar unlocked and many more.

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Method 2 to download Mega MOD APK –

  1. Here, first of all, open your any kind of browser like google chrome, UC browser, etc.

2.then there search for mm super patcher v 1.5 and from the shown results visit any one website present on top or just simply click here.

3.after landing on the download page just click and download the application and after that just install it.

4.then go and search for mini militia into your home screen and there you will find two applications –

  • The first one will be of mini militia
  • second one with a name mm super patcher.

open the second application there you will find lots of options along with tick, enable only those functions which you require into your mod and then just open the application and enjoy the game.

Requirements to download mini militia mod APK –

  • android 4.0 or above
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 60 MB free space in your mobile device
  • internet connection to play multiplayer or quick play

Controls and gameplay of mini militia

At the beginning of the game, the avatar lands from the sky safely with a secondary gun and few side shots like grenades. You and your opponent play the game for nearly 6 ½ Minutes. In that span of your time, all you have to do is to kill as many opponents as possible.

close combat in mini militia between two players

The simple Controls are as follows:
You can toggle between weapons by tapping the upper right corner of the screen and reload your weapon by tapping on the ammo button.

The upper right corner shows the zooming capacity of weapon you have: long-range for snipers and shorter-range for pistol, next to that there is present the jetpack meter and therefore the life meter.
The upper-middle bar shows the flying capacity (blue color) and remaining health (pink color). The lower-left side of the screen shows the circular button which controls the movement of the avatar.

Tips and Tricks to enhance your ranking ( mini militia hacked version)

Follow these tips and tricks to procure decent notoriety in the game.

  1. Don’t straight away battle with the star players who have just got a high score. They might downfall you in-game.

2. Try not to utilize the weapons while it has extremely less force (like a gun)

3. Attempt to reload the weapons and keep it completely stacked before you fight with a new one. so, you do not have to bother in front of the enemy by doing a reload.

players fighting in mini militia hacked version

4. Attempt to keep the blue bar full at whatever point conceivable, so you can avoid during assaults no problem at all.

5. Try not to stall out in the center where two others are as of now on the assault.

6. In the event that your wellbeing is less, end it all with the goal that your rival won’t get the focuses.

7.On the off chance when a bomb is tossed towards you, at that point plunk down with the goal that it will have less impact on your wellbeing.

8. Spot the green projectiles in the respawning zone with the goal that rival will get killed consequently when he respawns.

9. Attempt to get the shotguns, sharpshooters and rocket launchers.

10. Utilize the two guns wisely and properly at the same time.

Guns and weapons in doodle army aka Mini Militia (hacked version)

Guns and weapons available for combating in Mini Militia hacked version are listed below with there descriptive information:

1.Desert Eagle:

The Desert Eagle is one of the default weapons within the game, therefore the player does not have to buy the professional Pack to use this weapon. Unlike to the Uzi and therefore the Magnum the player will spawn with the Desert Eagle as his default secondary weapons (as long as he has not purchased the silenced golden Desert Eagle )


The Uzi is one among the default weapons within the game, therefore the player doesn’t go to buy the professional Pack to use this weapon. The Uzi may be used as a machine gun, so it is totally an automatic handgun, which means it fires multiple shots per second with no longer interruptions. The magazine holds generally 40 bullets, but this amount is often enlarged with the perk“Handgun Clip Extender”, which increases the clip size for the Uzi (and Desert Eagle) by 25%.


The Magnum is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player doesn’t have to purchase the Pro Pack to utilize this weapon. Magnum, or 44 Magnum, is a self-loader handgun, so its discharging rate is extremely moderate. The Magnum shots around 1 projectile for each second, while it can simply hold 6 rounds.

sarge talking with soldier and giving him training

Like the Uzi, the Magnum is one of the beginning weapons in singleplayer and multiplayer coordinates also.


this weapon is best to rush on your enemy. with its spray, you can fall down your enemy within seconds. But keep in mind to always keep a long-ranged weapon in case your opponent favors the long-ranged combat instead of a short one.


one of the most famous and well-known guns. This gun offers a deadly spray with a huge amount of will not find this gun in a pro pack as the game developers consider to keep two uzis at once.this combo can also beat the AK47, but not always.


this is not an automatic gun rather it runs on burst mode. this gun sprays three rounds of burst in a single go.use it when you are in open spaces or in straight corridors.


it is a sniper rifle which is the lower down version of m93ba, it offers low accuracy, range, and noninstantaneous bullet speed. this gun performs well in closed range because of its fast firing rate.

8. Shotgun:

this gun is somewhat, different from other guns and you may have seen them in movies.they are suitable for close range and their one shot is enough to kill the enemy completely.but yeah you must keep the long-range weapon as a backup.


this weapon is like using AWM in’s one shot on your head means game over. although you can see the high tower map with the zoom set to 7x and using a 2x view.


also called is a rocket launcher that has got slowest weapon loading speed. This weapon can hold three rockets and with the extension, it will move up to 6.although the speed of rockets is too slow but if they burst near you then for sure you will die.


it is a closed combat weapon which is similar to have to put a backup of dual uzis or a shield whenever getting in closed combat with this weapon.


basically, it is an electric gun that throws an electric ball and if anyone comes into its radar it will electrify them.

It is helpful in finding and terminating proxy mines.

When the person is electrified in then there will not work for about 30 seconds. This weapon does not offer damage.


this weapon throws flame and it is best to damage multiple enemies at a time. It also penetrates the riot shield by its flame.


they are usually called as hand bombs or hand grenades. if the enemy is not in your fire range then just simply throw these towards them. if you are lucky enough then you will get their kill.

15. Gas:

this weapon when thrown or used anywhere forms a green cloud.the appearance of this cloud lasts up to 15 seconds.this also offers you the damage, insane in the middle of it and moderate in is widely used the weapon to get free kills.

16. Proxy mine:

it is similar to a land mine. you throw it in the air it will burst after two seconds. If it falls on land it will get stick to it and whenever anyone comes in contact with it then it will explode.

17.laser gun:

it is a long-range weapon and offers a minimal amount of damage.we can spot the long-range enemies via its scope. also used to rush on enemies.

18.saw gun:

the weapon which is mostly used in mini offers an insane level of damage if used correctly.

This weapon is usually found on catacomb and cliffhanger maps. the saw explodes after 5 seconds and the only weapon with rebound ability.

Be sure not to throw it towards the wall because it will get rebound and will kill you.

Even powerups like power boost, riot shield, and health pack are available to play in this game and considered as its different features.

How to customize your avatar(Mini Militia hacked version)

These are the following steps by which you can customize your avatar. Mini Militia hacked version every costume unlocked.

customize your avatar in mini militia hacked version

1: click on the Settings option in-game menu.

2: you will find an option named as AVATAR just click on it.

3:here you can change your existing name and change it with the new one.

4:to customize or get the character just press on the customize button given below.

5:after pressing there you will land on a new page where you can customize your avatar.

6:once you are there just get anew look to your avatar and press on done button.

It’s very simple to customize and use your character in mini militia. But one thing there are premium clothing accessories too for which you have pay. Don’t worry, in this MOD APK, you will get all that for free with easy access.


It depends upon a few factors-

  1. How many enemies you kill in a match and that defines your K\D ratio.
  2. How many points do you score in a match
  3. At last your experience will not increase in a single day for that you have to play consistently and wait.

After doing all the above-mentioned things you will get a good rank in mini militia.


According to your rank in the game, these Badges are allotted. More the rank better the Badge you will be there on you. If you want to get a good badge then you have to play consistently and improve your per match score.

Review and Conclusion of Mini Militia

Mini Militia

app version:5.1.0

updated on:20-Feb-2020

map list in mini militia hacked version

downloads: 10,00,00,000+ downloads

offered by:

In-app purchases: 34 RS to 2,965 RS per item price

released on: 13-mar2015


  • other

If you want to visit Mini Militia click here.

available platforms: Android, IOS

gaming app which contains action

size: 34.77 MB

type: adventure,competitive multiplayer,single-player,stylized ,action

contains ads and in-app purchases while using

rated for 12+ and requires parental guidance

rating: 4.0

This game is good for shooting and multiplayer categories and also the most addicting one according to people. But after the recent update of this app, the users are facing connectivity issues. they are not able to connect with their friends. I hope mini militia will fix this issue.


This game is an all-time favorite of people and they are addicted to it now also despite Pubg mobile. this game gives you cartoonist graphics with insane gameplay and mini of the best online multiplayer games.

Here we have told you how to download hacked mod APK of mini militia and that too for free. also, we did its a review on the above section to better understand what the game is all about. for more mod APKs like this keep coming to my website(

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