Moviezwap 2020: Download Tamil and Telugu movies for free

moviezwap 2020 a torrent website to download new telugu movies
Moviezwap 2020: Torrent site

Moviezwap 2020: Who does not love to watch movies? obviously everyone loves to watch the newly released films. What better can be there for them to get to watch the films that they love for free.

In the movie industry, you also know that every week something new and fresh is released. And also people are eager to watch these things.

Not everyone has a fair opportunity to watch all these content with that ease. Some of you might not be having money while some will be lacking with time.


Everyone has their own reason because of what they are unable to enjoy or fail to entertain themselves. For those dedicated movie lovers I am back with one more torrent site which provides the download of the latest released films.

The name of this site is Moviezwap which is famous for downloading each and every movie from Bollywood to Tollywood. Pirated site with millions of active user base.

These people do not make a monthly visit here they download something every day from here. Illegal to use but then too most people prefer this way to get entertained themselves.


Let’s see what is the total history of Moviezwap website and how it can benefit you. If you have any doubts or want to tell us something then comment below.

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What is the Moviezwap 2020 website?

Let’s know first what is Moviezwap website and what does it serves its audience. So, talking about Moviezwap then it is a torrent site that provides its user to download movies for free.

It provides movies from Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, and Kollywood. Also, it is quite famous for providing dubbed movies in HD quality. It is for sure that this is currently the Best out of the Rest torrent site to rely on downloading movies.

Many torrent sites come and go but this never stopped working.users of this website are very loyal here because the site also does the same with them. This site is also providing them movies, web series, tv shows, serials and much other content free of cost.

searching on google web moviezwaphd website

That is the most important reason why this site is now also running and giving the fight to the other websites. If you know that standing out of the crowd is never an easy task because you must have to genuine first.

Moviezwap 2020 website provides newly-released content in HD quality to its user for free of cost. That is the reason why this site stands wider when compared to others. Not too old and not too new somewhere in its middle but now also maintaining its position and popularity.

More info about Moviezwap website

This site always seems to be in trend and lime lite whenever some movie leaking issue comes forward. It is true that this site does piracy and the content which it provides here is illegal.

If you are an active member here or want to, then be alert that someone is spying on you. they are just waiting for the right time because if you once get caught by the official authorities then no one can rescue you.

It is wrong to do piracy and I do not promote it here on my website. this article is just for information purposes nothing more than that.

If you want to ask me anything then comment below. Also, leave your opinion down about what do you think.

Features of Moviezwap 2020 site

A lot more features to tell you about this site but confused about where to start form. this site is fully loaded with tonnes of different features which is very useful.

If you are a new member of this torrent site then it will be difficult for you to explore its full potential.

Let’s see what are the main features of Moviezwap website and why it is important.

1.If you want to watch your favorite movie in your desired language or the language in which you are comfortable. then let me tell you here is a filter by applying which you can easily do that.

2.If you want to download movies for free that option is commonly available on every torrent site. But here on Moviezwap 2020 website, you will get the option to Live to Stream the movies but it will charge some extra data here.

3. Here on the Moviezwap website, you will not have to sign up for an account or have to share any information. everything here is free and safe for the visitor and there is no risk with your privacy. (terms and conditions apply).

4. Each and every new movie are available in HD and full HD format. which is why if people do not compromise with the quality then why we. this is the explanation of this website.

5. Not only movies are available here but besides that web series, animated movies, tv shows and serials are also available to watch here. A wide range of collections from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood.a common user will never find an end here.

These were some of the most frequently known features of the Moviezwap website. if you know something about it then let me know. I will share your knowledge with everyone.

Moviezwap 2020 website proxy domains 2020 site home page list of new movies are present

Below given is the list of proxy domains that can be used to find the location of the site. it is because the Moviezwap 2020 website is not at all stable in one place which means it changes its location frequently.

Let’s see what are the proxy domains of this site.

  • MoviezWap.age
  • MoviezWap.web
  • MoviezWap.string
  • MoviezWap.rao
  • MoviezWap.stark
  • MoviezWap.starm
  • MoviezWap.storm
  • MoviezWap.streak
  • MoviezWap.system
  • MoviezWap.arg
  • MoviezWap.cs
  • MoviezWap.or
  • MoviezWap.lite
  • MoviezWap.bhojpuri
  • MoviezWap.proxy
  • MoviezWap.lite
  • MoviezWap.telugu
  • MoviezWap.vpn
  • MoviezWap.tamil
  • MoviezWap.south
  • MoviezWap.Telugu
  • MoviezWap.Hollywood
  • MoviezWap.marathi
  • MoviezWap.pakistan
  • MoviezWap.punjab
  • MoviezWap.rao
  • MoviezWap.cs
  • MoviezWap.apk

These are some of the domains where the location of the site frequently gets shifted to stop getting penalized by google. comment below if this is working or not.

If there is any doubt then comment below on what do you want to know.

Step by Step procedure to download movies from Moviezwap 2020

latest released movies to download from bollywood and hollywood

Downloading movies from the Moviezwap website is very easy. Now, here I will be telling you the step by step procedure by following which you can download any movies from this site easily.

You must be thinking that downloading movies is some rocket science and only those who are techies are able to do So. If This is your thinking then you are wrong because a common internet user can also do it very easily.

Before getting started just read the procedure that is mentioned below. This will help you in your journey for downloading movies from any of the Torrent sites. Let’s see what are the steps.

Phase 1

1. First of all pickup Browser from which you want to get started. Browsers like- Google Chrome, Bing, Yandex, Safari, UC Browser, and many other.

I will personally suggest you go with Google Chrome because it’s easy to use and widely used by people.

2. You will require a VPN for this procedure because Google blocks such Torrent sites. To unblock this website you will have to use a VPN. Also besides that, there are a lot more other features of using a VPN.

This will keep your data safe while accessing the internet and also maintain your privacy by hiding your location. VPN is a must-have thing in this procedure if you do not have a VPN then I will not suggest you move further.

Some of the VPNs which I personally use  and recommend are- Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, and Psiphon Pro,

If you are a  PC user then go with- Setup VPN or Pure VPN.

3. After this open your browser and search there for Moviezwap 2020 website. As it will show the result click on it. If there is a problem in finding the original website then I have mentioned the proxy Domains list above. 

Check one by one from it and once found click on it.

Phase 2

4. Once you are inside the website and there you will see lots of poster of newly released movies. If you want to download any of them then just simply click on it and move further.

If you want a particular movie then on top of the website there is one search bar click on it. Type the name of your desired movie and once found the relevant results click on it.

5. After that, it will redirect you to the download page where it will ask you in which resolution, audio, and size you want to download the movie. After completing all the steps there you will see a bunch of links.

Check it out one by one and if any of the links is dead then you can go with another link. This is the benefit of providing multiple links.

6. As I will click on the download button instantly the downloading will appear on the screen. After the movie gets completely download you will be able to watch it on your device.

Isn’t it cool and simple is there any Rocket Science in it.

These are some of the steps which you must follow and do not forget to use a VPN. I have provided the list of some of the VPNs which I personally use and recommend others to use also.

If you like this then comment below whether It helped you or not.

What are the categories of Moviezwap 2020?

free download of telugu movies on moviezwap website

Here on the Moviezwap website, you will explore a lot more categories to select from. From Action to Romance and horror to comedy everything is available on this Torrent site.

Just the thing is that you will have to make a visit here and search for your desired movie and click on the download button.

More categories which you can explore here are- download size of the movie, resolution, language, and the subtitle option. You will not get that much option on any of the Other Torrent website.

This website is unique in itself although based on piracy then too many people support it. whether it’s wrong or right I don’t know but the thing here which I know is that you are getting informed about it.

Let’s see what are the categories on the Moviezwap 2020 website and why it means a lot here.

Movie download categories on Moviezwap 2020

  •  Action
  •  Romance
  •  Drama
  •  Suspense
  •  Thriller
  •  Horror
  •  Comedy
  •  Mystery
  •  Science-Fiction
  •  Sports
  •  Kids
  •  Documentaries and Biopics

These are some of the categories from which you can look at movies before getting downloaded.

 Language categories are

  •  Hindi
  •  English
  •  Punjabi
  •  Malayalam
  •  Telugu
  •  Tamil
  •  Marathi
  •  Kannada

 Some of the available languages which a user must know.

 Video download sizes are

  •  300MB
  •  500MB
  •  800 MB
  •  1GB
  •  1.5 GB
  •  2GB
  •  3GB

Options to choose from which size to go with and see which fits best for you

 Resolution categories are

  •  360 p
  •  480 p
  •  550 p
  •  720 p
  •  1080 p

 Resolution to look before downloading movie to get better experience.

These were some of the categories I hope now you have got a better understanding of this website by knowing this information. But one more thing I am not promoting this website here.

I am just informing you of what this website is about. Comment below your opinion about the piracy this side does.

Alternatives of Moviezwap 2020 website

page displaying your movie download has started

There are two types of an alternative to this is legal and the second one is illegal in which this website also falls. you have to choose before continuing which one to go with.

There is a risk with the free options and its illegal. with the legal options, you have no restrictions as it is legal and you are paying for it. let’s get started.

Illegal Alternatives


One of the oldest Torrent websites in the field of free movie download. Renowned site for the dedicated movie lovers. Now also this site is running in the same condition as is it used to be in earlier times.

Here are the site owner uploads movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood. Each and every content in HD quality for free end users can access this site anytime.

Several blocked issues faced by this website from Google and other search engines. As this site is based on piracy that is the main reason why these trusted search engines block this Kat movie HD website.

Then too it did not stop its journey and that is the reason why it is now also running in good condition.

The language option on this site is immense and anyone can download movies from here. languages such as- Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and many more others.


The YTS website provides the movie download resolution in various qualities to its user like-480p,720p,1080p, and 3D quality. one more specialty of this site is that besides downloading the movies you can also stream it online here.

You might face some buffering issues on this site if your net connection is slow. you must take care of the data speed which you will be giving here.

To avoid buffering issues you must have a strong internet connection in your hands. especially if you are a Hollywood movie lover then let me tell you that here more than 100+ movies are uploaded every week.

This site is also famous for uploading the latest released movies fastly than any other torrent site. fast, simple, and easy to use user interface. which means a newbie also can access this site with the same ease that the regular user does.


One of the most famous websites which provide movies and piracy content for free of cost. no need to sign up for an account here just visit the site and download the movies that you want to download.

While searching for this website you will also come across many of its dummy sites. started in the UK in 2011 and also came in there after some years.

Download the favorite movie that you want or stream it online here both options are available here. The high court of the UK banned this website several times and also Google penalized this site.

Due to the piracy issue, this website has faced several blocked issues. But now also this website is running and hiding its location by switching from one domain to another domain.

Millions of monthly visitors who love this site and also get benefitted from here. official authorities can anytime take strict action against this site So, be aware before visiting here. This can be considered as an alternative of Moviezwap 2020.


One of the best websites in terms of language as here you will movies in any language. Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and many others.

As this a torrent site and most of the people are aware of it that’s the reason why here every week something new is uploaded. movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood available here.

Especially for movie-lovers, this website is designed for those who do not have any technical background. It is very easy to download movies from here and also you can stream it online.

According to their need, you will get here every sort of content to watch from. One of the best alternatives to watch the newly released films without paying a single penny as this is a Torrent site.

 Kickass Torrents

Want to download movies, different Softwares, MP3 and MP4 songs, interesting videos, and many other things then visit Kickass Torrents. It is the only solution which is free, fast and at the same time effective also.

Not specially designed for movie lovers but can be used as an alternative. Here you will get the bunch of newly released movies that gets updated within a month.

Blocked by many countries and still also in the process is going on in the same way. If you want to get access to this site then you will have to use a VPN. It will help you to unblock to URL of this site and at the same time maintain your online privacy.

All the movies here are provided in HD quality and you will not face any issues while downloading the movies.

 123 Movies

If we choose the term popularity then this site will talk at the rank. It is because it has more followers and visitors as compared to the other torrent sites.

Famous for providing good quality of content. Here we will get movies, web series, anime, funny videos, TV shows, serials and many more other things to watch from.

Launched in somewhere between 2015 to 2016 and now also running in a good condition. Most people visit here on a daily basis to download movies that can entertain them.

Here the categories which are provided are vast as compared to any other Torrent site. This is also a piracy site that provides the movie illegally. Not good to use but most people prefer this option as a safe one.

Download the movie online for free or stream here it’s your choice.

Legal Alternatives

1. Netflix

Digital video streaming platform which is currently dominating the market with its quality of content. It is a paid service but an official one and has millions of user who has a subscription of Netflix.

It is the safe option if you want to watch movies online and that too by paying a little amount. Subscriptions here are based on a monthly basis. You will get four options as a part of your subscription.

Best on the Ranges this platform will offer you different services according to it. Here from SD TO 4K, every content is available. Watch it on TV, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, PC, or any other device.

You will have to pay a small amount but it will be worth paying it because the content which provides is really of good quality. based on its content this platform is getting much more popularity and also many people love watching Netflix.

2. Amazon Prime

Another digital video streaming platform that gets started as a competition for Netflix. This service is started by buying one of the biggest E-commerce websites Amazon.

It also provides movies, web series, TV shows, kids movies, and many other things. One of the main reasons to subscribe to Amazon Prime is that you will also get Prime membership of Amazon for free with it.

Isn’t it cool that the only getting subscription of the one you will get the benefit of two? Also, the prices which Amazon Prime has set are very less as compared to Netflix.

 That is the reason most of the people who were on Netflix has a switch to Amazon Prime.

But let me tell you one thing that the web series which Amazon Prime holds is of the same quality but then too Netflix is Netflix no one can overrule it.

3. Hotstar

This platform is specially built for Indian viewers who love watching content locally. Hotstar got its boost when it started live streaming cricket matches on its app because in India the most famous sport is cricket.

It has got billions of fanbase and that is the reason why Hotstar choose to target cricket in order to promote their app. Also, this company tie-up with Reliance Jio in order to provide live telecasts of cricket matches for free to its users.

Besides cricket here you can watch web series, TV shows, serials, cartoons, and many other things. Also here International content is available for those who want to enjoy globally.

If you are an Hotstar user then you will be knowing that it offers two plans. The first one is a Hotstar premium and the second one is Hotstar VIP. Both the plans for different pricing and the content.

You will have to choose between these two packs if you want to be a real member of Hotstar. As you will subscribe to Hotstar you will unlock the premium content.

If you also not to Hotstar then also you can watch here much more content for free. A good alternative for Moviezwap 2020 website.

4. YouTube

Currently, one of the leading companies when it comes to video streaming platform. YouTube has got billions of active users. And on a monthly basis, you will see YouTube growing step by step.

In India, it was not popular before but in other countries it was. As Jio entered into the market YouTube got a boost in India. People in India before that were suffering from the data availability and Jio fulfilled it.

That’s the reason why in India the scope of YouTube got boosted in some of the past years. Do you know that YouTube has got billions of hours of monthly view time? This is really immense.

Which means YouTube is dominating each and every sector. Also for companies, it’s their promotion spot. Now YouTube has got its YouTube premium, YouTube Music, and YouTube gaming section for especially those that were dedicated to it.

One more thing which I want to tell you is that it’s completely free despite they might show you some ads which will last for a few seconds. It’s great that in exchange you provide them value and they provide us the same too.

5. Crunchyroll

Are you an anime lover?  If yes then this app is for you. Here you will get to watch animes from all over the world and one more thing is that it provides tonnes of content.

You will get here anime, drama, anime movies, and comics. Isn’t it cool everything is available here if you are specially an anime lover. Here most of the content which is available to watch and read is free.

But as you know it has got some premium content for which you have to pay. Like Hotstar it has also got some content curated packs. These packs are specially for those who are a die heart anime lover.

Like your Madness, the price of your pack will also differ here. If you choose a monthly plan despite the annual plan then you will have to pay extra money to them.

This means getting the Annual prize plan can save your money. But before that, you must choose a monthly plan if that works for you then go with an annual subscription.

  • Gomovies
  • Icemovies
  • HBO
  • Popcornflix
  • Voot

These were the list of legal and illegal alternatives to the Moviezwap 2020 website. If the original website is not working properly then these alternatives can be used.

They work the same and will give the same feeling that you will get on the Moviezwap website.

If you have any doubt regarding it then comment below I will solve your doubt and will also guide you on which option to go with.

People also ask

This section is made for those people who have doubts about the topic discussed in the article.getting questions and asking them is common and I love it when someone asks me anything.

below mentioned are doubts which the people ask frequently. let’s see what are the doubts and if your query is not mentioned here then comment below.

1. How to download movies from Moviezwap 2020?

Downloading movies from Moviezwap website is very easy and you don’t have to do anything extraordinary. Just you have to follow the step by step guide which I provided in this article.

If you are techie or non-techie it doesn’t matter here. Just the thing which will be required here is your device and a secure internet connection. You must use a VPN before accessing this website.

As this is a piracy site you might face issuing future instances. To get your personal data secure and to hide your location you must use VPN.

2. Is this website of Moviezwap legal?

The answer to this question is no. The Moviezwap 2020 website is not legal and it provides illegal content on its site. Whenever any new movie releases it makes the pirated copy of it and uploads it on their site.

Before moving further let me tell you that doing piracy or supporting it is an offense. And if once found guilty doing it then he will be punished by the official authorities.

That is the reason why most of the time this website gets banned by Google was there found that this site provides piracy content. If you are visiting this site then stop it at once because you may get into trouble.

3. Does the Moviezwap 2020 website provide dubbed movies?

Yes, Moviezwap website provides dup movies on its site for free.they also know that everyone visiting here will not belong from the same region.

If someone wants to see any movie in his own mother tongue then this option must be available here.

That is the reason why movies are dubbed here in various languages. Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, to Malayalam and many other languages. If you fall in the category from which the movies are dubbed then it’s good for you.

4. Is it possible to download a movie from Moviezwap without using Torrent?

Yes, definitely you can download the movies from Moviezwap website without using a torrent. The reason behind that is Moviezwap is a very big site and it has its own servers which manage everything.

That is the reason why it is very easy for any user to download anything from this site. No need to download Torrent software because you want to download movies from this website.

You will get links here on this site by clicking on which you can directly start your download procedure. Isn’t it cool and also let me tell you that here you will get multiple links because if one fails then others can be used.

5. Is Moviezwap 2020 website safe to use?

The simple answer to this question is no this Torrent site is not safe for use. It provides pirated content for free which is illegal and also it does not hold any license to do what it is doing.

Legal authorities have given them warning many times but as they run this website from a random location that is the reason why no one is able to track them.

In the Indian government, Law piracy is a very big crime and for that, you might also get behind the bars. Also, you will have to pay a huge compensation for that.

Before doing piracy or accessing such kind of website keep in mind that someone is watching you.

Summing up 

This was all about the Moviezwap website which is the Torrent site that lets you download the newly released movies free of cost. Here on a weekly basis new content is uploaded by the site owners.

This site has got millions of active monthly users which is really huge. This website allows you to download or stream movies online freely.  Movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, and Kollywood are available here.

Also, you will get a lot more categories to explore from like from suspense to thriller and romance to horror. You can download movies here in your own language.

Who doesn’t want to set the resolution of movies while downloading here that option is also available? If you want subtitle you will get that too here.

This was all information about the Moviezwap 2020 website which is illegal. It is a piracy site that provides the content illegally and also does not hold the right to doing it.

That is the reason why it has got Notice from the Indian government to stop piracy and also Google has Banded several times from the search engines. This website is running because people are now also searching for it.

Last but not the least one

You must be aware before supporting piracy. It is because filmmakers spend a lot of money on making the movies and also they put a lot of effort. And by supporting piracy we just with their efforts and their money.

We must not do that because it’s wrong. Think about it before doing it from the next time because if someone does the same with you what you will do for that.

Also if you are visiting the site then do not forget to use a VPN for your personal security. It is because hackers are mostly active on such kind of websites.

It’s very easy to track your location and hack your IP address and your device information. To prohibit that you must use a VPN because it will protect your online privacy and at the same time hide your location also.

Some of the VPNs which are recommended and personally use are- Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, and Psiphon Pro.

If you like this article on Moviezwap 2020 then share this with your friend. And also keep visiting for more such information.

 I hope you all enjoyed reading this article.

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