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You all know about Pubg which is one of the most popular games amongst youngsters. This game is renowned for it’s best graphics with too smooth performance. Here I will tell you about the procedure to download the latest version of Pubg lite APK for free(PC, Android, and IOS).

Each and every detail of this game will be shared over here by me via this article. If you feel any difficulty then comment below I will solve it for you.

What is Pubg Lite (Download APK)?

First of all, let’s take some information about PUBG then we will talk about what is PUBG lite. So, basically, Pubg stands for “players unknown battleground” which is an action game.


The basic or we can say the original version of this game was launched for PC and that was a massive hit. After that, this game was launched on various platforms including X BOX and Sony PlayStation.

pubg lite mobile wallpaper with level 3 helmet

The main key specs which make the game interesting is that its graphics and gameplay. This game is highly engaging because you will feel like you are on that island. Survive till last and get the chicken dinner.

In between you will pass through multiple close combats if you survived that then it’s ok otherwise welcome back to the lobby. This game is a complete compact package of action and reaction.


In 2018 this game became a massive hit on mobile devices. People from various countries started playing it on mobile phones .tournaments like PMCO also started to occur from that time.

Players also became famous worldwide and currently, mobile players in Pubg are more than PC in number.

How to download Pubg lite APK for free

To download the Pubg lite in your mobile device just follow the steps mentioned below. If you face any difficulty while doing the process then just comment below.

Method 1: download Pubg Lite APK from this site

1.first of all click on the link given above and press continue to download the APK. Before this step wait for 10 to 15 seconds to unlock the red download button and once it appears to click on it.

2. You will be then redirected to a page where you can just simply click on the download button(Pubg lite). The process will start immediately.

3. It will notify you that this type of file can harm your device and if you want to continue further or not. Just simply click on continue and the process will begin.

4.after downloading this application just simply click on the install button.

5.when the install will get complete click on open the application. You will be then moved toward the dashboard of the application. can now login via Facebook or twitter in this game or play as a guest.

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comment below if you like the APK of PUBG Lite provided here.

Method 2:download from play store or app store

you can also get this app from the authorized inbuilt stores of your mobile device.

1.go to play store or app store and search for PUBG Lite and once it shows results click on install.

2.after installing the application you have to just open the app.

3. You will be then directed to the main dashboard of the app where you will find two options to choose from. Sign in via Facebook or twitter.complete the steps and enjoy the game.

comment below how was your experience while playing this game and many enemies you kill in your first match.

Pubg lite PC download and site requirements (APK)

The below-given video will tell you about how to download Pubg lite and also the requirements which are required to run the game. Watch the video carefully and if you found any doubt in it then comment below.


Weapons in Pubg lite (APK Download )

Below given is the list of weapons that are used in Pubg mobile lite. These are the top deadly weapons which are used In different modes for closed and long combat. Players carry these weapons to kill enemies and get chicken dinner.


Tier 1

1.AKM: The best weapon in close combat with high damage. When it comes to scope then this gun is not at all stable.

2.M16A4: this weapon is available in burst mode which most people don’t like about it. Easy to control with scope in short and long-range.

3.SCAR-L: a good weapon in the 5.56 ammo category with overall decent performance and average damage. When it comes to m416 this option lacks somewhere.

4.M416: the best weapon in the 5.56 ammo category with intense performance on the battlefield. Best for scoping with single firing mode and silencer equipped.

Tier 2

5.groza: best gun available in Pubg which can be only found in the airdrop. The highest damage with overall god-level specs. If you get this gun and you can handle it then chances of your chicken dinner will be more than 70%.

6.AUG: again an airdrop gun which is rarely found because of its damage but most of the players do not prefer this gun. It is because of it’s bad reloading time in which your enemy can kill you easily in closed combat.

7.QBZ: only found in the map of Sanhok and best for that particular region. It is a completely different weapon and no one can judge this gun based on its specs.

8.M762: often called a barrel in Pubg. This is a good gun in case of damage but the slow speed of firing of bullets which may or may not be beneficial In some cases.

9.MK47: players use this gun in Pubg pc but when it comes to the mobile version I don’t know why this gun is there. You will found no one using this gun in the mobile version. In case you do not found any gun then only you will use it.

10.G36C: not found in the map of Erangel. If you only love playing in Erangel then you will not have seen also this gun. Good gun but for forest region.

Bolt action sniper rifles

pubg pc lite player shooting the enemy in open space

1.KAR 98K: good sniper with an average level of damage and one perfect headshot can easily knock out the enemy.

2.M24: I have seen most people going for M24 in exchange with KAR 98K because of its damage and control. This gun carries overall good specs.

3.AWM: The best gun available in Pubg and only found in the airdrop. This gun comes with its special ammo which is limited(300 Magnum). One body or headshot can easily kill the enemy and this gun is often called King of PUBG.

4. Win 94:found in the map of Miramar and is not considered as a heavy weapon. If you are a perfect shooter then only you can kill the enemies.

Automatic sniper rifles

1.SKS: This weapon is good but most of the players do not use it. Carries 10 bullets at starting and with extended you can maximize it.

2.VSS: this gun comes with pre-loaded scope and uses the ammo of 9. Not preferred gun because it’s a low level of damage.

3.Mini 14:very good gun if you cannot knock or kill the enemy at one shot. Supports 8x scope and uses the ammo of 5. It can also be in closed combat.

4.MK14: airdrop gun which supports three modes of firing(single, burst and automatic). You can try it once because everyone can not handle it.

5.SLR: similar gun to the SKS with nearly the same specs and can be used for sniping at the intermediate level. Its damage is intermediate and 3-4 perfect shots can kill or knock out the enemy.

6.QBU: can be only found in the Sanhok region. Used for the intermediate level of combat and also preferred for scoping.


1.UZI: a king in close range with the highest bullet fire rate per second. You will even don’t know when you started firing and when the bullets just got finished.

2.UMP45: it offers below-average damage and uses 45 ammo. You can not compete with this in front of players carrying AKM or M416.

3.Vector: good gun but requires perfect aiming to kill the enemy because fewer bullets are offered in it. You can knock two enemies at a time with this gun.

4. Thompson SMG: my favorite gun in Pubg lite. When you use it with an extended magazine in it then it is the best gun in closed combat. It can go up to 50 bullets maximum.

5.PP Bizon: good gun but below average damage. You will have to fire more bullets to kill the enemies. Maximum it carries 53 bullets in it without any need for the extended magazine.

6.MP5k: found less In Pubg lite and often used in close combats with a minimal level of damage. This gun looks similar to the scorpion.


1.S686: carries two bullets and useful in closed combats.

2.S1897: carries five bullets and best used with extensions.

3.S12K: only shotgun which enables scope and extended magazine in it.

4.DBS: new arrival in Pubg lite and can be only found in the gives good damage to the enemies.

Light machine gun

pubg pro squad killing enemies in pochinki

1.M249: It is a very powerful gun in case of open spray as it can fire 100 bullets at a time. The only lagging point of this gun is that it takes more loading time. You can wipe out more than one squad with this gun.

2.DP-28: One of my favorite guns and most used too whenever found. The thing which I like about this gun is its stability and overall performance. The thing which I don’t like about this gun is it’s reloading time.


1.P92.       2.P1911.       3.R1895       4.P18C        5.R45         6.Swed- off        7.Flare gun          8.Skorpion           9.Desert Eagle.


1.machete          2.crowbar           3.sickle             4.pan


Crossbow: it is the only weapon in Pubg which fires something without making any kind of noise. One perfect headshot of it’ dart can kill the enemy.

Vehicles in Pubg lite (APK Download)


1.Closed top UAZ: great vehicle for the squad with complete protection and carries four passengers. It uses a decent amount of fuel.

2.Semi-closed top UAZ: can be driven in just about any terrain and repairing them is a breeze!

3.Open top UAZ: it can be driven from any terrain and if enemy spots you then they can kill you easily.


1.Open top Pickup: found in the map of Erangel in Pubg.

2.closed top pickup: useful for the squad but less speed and more vehicle damage.


1.Dacia: though it looks old, this sedan gets you to your destination

2.Mirado(closed top): great for the highway but not great for off-roading.

3.Mirado(open top): good in speed but not for offroading.


Motorcycle: great for doing tricks and flips.

 Bike with sidecar: Be careful while riding this because it may flip.

Snowmobile: able to travel in different glacial terrains with its tracks.

Buggy: an off-road vehicle that can adapt to various terrain types.there are many glitches regarding this vehicle in Pubg lite.


1.PG-117: A must-have for traveling via water.

2.Jet ski: Go as fast as you want.


1.Minibus: driving this beast is a can carry up to 4-6 members in it.

2.Tukshai: an autorickshaw found in Sanhok with low speed and capacity of 3 members including the driver.

Modes and maps in Pubg lite

There are a total of six modes in Pubg lite and each one carries a different match style.


1.Erangel: most loved and played map in Pubg lite.

2.Miramar: big map with a desert area suitable for sniping.

3.Sanhok: small map which is located in the forest region and very intense gameplay expected here.

4.Vikendi: snow map which will make you feel too good while playing.


1.hardcore mode 2.quick match 3.war 4.sniper training


1.arena training death match 3.domination 4.assault

Play lab

1.ragegear -TDM 2.payload

Training mode: you can do training here using different weapons and shoot the dummies located there. You can also drive vehicles there which are placed in a line.

Room: create a room and play with your friends via sharing Room ID and Password.

Pubg lite PC and mobile download hack mod APK

In today’s world, there is MOD APK available of every single app which is paid or contains premium features. We want the skin of a gun or car or want any particular character or voice. These things require UC to purchase and before using any kind of APK for that read this article carefully.

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We all know that hackers in Pubg mobile or pc are increasing day by day.PUBG has taken intimate action on these to avoid such kind of things. It is because first it violates their rules and regulations and second it downsizes the user experience.

If someone is playing the game seriously and any hacker just kills him by cheating in-game. Definitely, he will stop playing that game because of os bad user experience. If you want to use its hack version then please stop at once because PUBG will ban your game ID if it spots you.

Play the game for fun and with time your game will definitely improve just keep patience and be consistent in-game. Watch the streams of professional players how they play and also develop your own techniques over time.

How is the gameplay of Pubg lite (Download APK)

The gameplay of the Pubg lite is also similar to the original Pubg. We have to land on an island and there we have to in houses for weapons, ammo, and medicines.

Then with your other teammates go and find enemies and once spotted kill them and take their loot. The maximum time for which the game will be played is between 30-35 minutes.

There will be a total of 100 players including you. As this is Pubg lite the game will run on low specs but then too it will be fun. At last, the best player of your squad will be the MVP(main player) of the match.

Pubg lite available platforms (APK Download )

It is available on various platforms including- Android, IOS, X-BOX, Play station, and PC

Difference between Pubg and Pubg lite

The only difference is that Pubg lite is designed for low-end devices with 1 or 2 GB of RAM. While Pubg is for intermediate and high-end devices with settings to change the FPS and Quality of the game.

Both games are played smoothly in their respective devices. Pubg and Pubg lite offer separate platforms it means the players can not mix each other.

You will not find any difference in the gameplay of both. The size of Pubg lite is less than Pubg and both it’s PC and Mobile versions are available in the market.

Is Pubg lite any good (Download APK)

This is a very important question that is Pubg lite any good. We will enjoy or not playing this game very different questions comes in our mind. The answer to this question is yes that this game is really good and can be compared with the original Pubg if we do not see some factors.

The graphics of this game are low and the fps will also be less but think of its size too that it’s very less. You will definitely feel that you are playing Pubg and will forget that it is the lite or original one.

I am saying to you that if you are holding a low-end device then just go for it. Although some factors will be missing they will not bother you at all.

Review and Conclusion of Pubg lite (APK Download)


GAME INFO(original application)


Updated on:16-Dec-2019

Downloads:10,00,00,000+ downloads

Download size:461 MB

In-app purchases:10 to 8,500 per item in rupees

This game contains ads

if you want to visit Pubg lite click here.

Rated for 16+ age category

Offered by: Tencent games

Released on:25-Jul-2019

App permissions

  • microphone
  • storage
  • other


This is now the best game in the world with the most number of active players in it. You have to land on an island and then collect weapons and many other items.

Kill the unknown enemies make friends or play with friends. Carry your squad in the vehicle and roam freely to kill enemies.

Most intense closed combats between squads. The last man to survive there will get chicken dinner. This game is overall fun

Here I have told you every important aspect of Pubg. Also, you can download the Pubg lite game for free on this website( Latest Apk for android and also get the latest version for IOS and PC. Comment below how was the article and what more can be added in it.

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