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subway surfers paris official wallpaper with jake and tricky
Subway Surfers Paris

You all know about subway surfers and it’s popularity in the gaming world. Today here we will be learning about how to download subway surfers mega MOD APK, that too for free.

Most important thing is that this is a 100 % legit method. Subway surfer is played globally and has got many versions containing each famous cities.

This game is available on a wide variety of platforms. Further in this article I am gonna provide you each and every single detail of this game. So, stay tuned to this article and let’s begin.


What is the Subway Surfers game and how to play it (MOD APK)

Subway surfer comes under the category of endless runner mobile games which were co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO games, Denmark based private companies.

It is available on a wide variety of platforms including Android, IOS, Kindle, and Windows mobile phones. Designed and developed using the unity game engine.

In this game, a young character runs on railway tracks putting on his graffiti costume. Although the character does not run unintentionally it is because a police officer runs behind him along with his dog.


Moving further in-game the character then collects coins, powerups, jetpacks and many more by doing that he grab points.

As we keep running obstacles come into our path we have to dodge them and keep moving further. also, we can jump over trains and obstacles or just roll down from it.the game continues until we crash some obstacle and the police officer catches us.

Special events come daily across your eyes in this game. We have to complete these in order to get rewards in the form of coins, characters or any other special item.

More information about the app


Subway Surfers was first released on 24, May 2012 with updates based on seasonal intervals. Since January 2013 the game come across its widely engaging strategy that was “World tour update.” by doing him the game updates its settings every three to four weeks(seasonal holidays).

In 2017, subway surfers became the most popular game to be downloaded on the play store and app store. 2018 was its luckiest year because this game reached 1 billion-plus download on play store in the march.

After two months, that means in May 2018 it crossed the target of 2 billion which is a massive number. App Annie also reported to this game for being the #2 most downloaded app on the IOS store.

After gaining that much popularity SYBO games launched its web series on subway surfers. They also launched their brand named as SUBSURF. It was the most popular game from 2012 to 2019.

How to download MOD APK of subway surfers for free

Guys, here I will be providing you steps to download Mega mod APK of subway surfers which is 100% working and legit method. If someone says that here you can download MOD APK of subway surfers for IOS then that’s completely fake .this game MOD is not available yet for IOS devices.

Here is given the steps to download subway surfers mod APK –

1: If you have downloaded subway surfers then just delete it before installing this MOD APK.It is because if you do not do that then it will not work properly.

2: Now just simply click on the download button provided here and then you will be landed on a new page. There you just have to click on download and continue.

subway surfers jake on jetpack collecting coins

3: now go to the folder where you have downloaded that file and press on it and click on install.If there comes that this app is not permitted because it has been downloaded from an unknown source.

4: just simply click on settings icon if displayed there and change the permissions for unknown sources and click on allow. If not then go to settings manually and there go to app settings and change the permissions there.

5: wait for install and once installed then just simply tap on it and it will get open.

6: Here you will get your subway surfers with unlimited coins, keys boosts and many more.

just enjoy the game and let me know in the comment section how was your experience.

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How many subway surfers are there

This game changes its location every week and still in 2020 it is continuing that. Below here is the list of some of the places where it has gone or you can say it as its types.

1.Subway Surfers World Tour: Amsterdam

2.Subway Surfers World Tour: Amsterdam

official homescreen of subway surfers

3. Subway Surfers World Tour: Arabia

4. Subway Surfers World Tour: Arabia

5.Subway Surfers World Tour: Arabia

6.Subway Surfers World Tour: Arabia 2016

7.Subway Surfers World Tour: Arabia 2016

8.Subway Surfers World Tour: Arabia 2017

9.Subway Surfers World Tour: Arabia 2017

10.Subway Surfers World Tour: Atlanta

11.Subway Surfers World Tour: Atlanta

12. Subway Surfers World Tour: Bali

13. Subway Surfers World Tour: Bali

14. Subway Surfers World Tour: Bangkok

15. Subway Surfers World Tour: Bangkok

16.Subway Surfers World Tour: Bangkok

17.Subway Surfers World Tour: Bangkok 2017

18. Subway Surfers: Bombay

this is very few of it and if you want the complete list then just click here.

Some famous or most loved subway surfers place information(MOD APK)

The list is given below –

Among all the subway systems in the world, these ten are the best.

1.subway surfers: London Underground

The Tube was the primary Underground Railroad within the world. It was built in the year 1893 and modernized around 1905. Today, of course, it’s must faster, cleaner, and more efficient than it’s ever been within the past.

Many travelers consider the London Underground to be the simplest subway system within the world. It not only serves London and its surrounding towns, but it also reaches Buckinghamshire, Essex, and Hertfordshire.

Forget the bus! This subway takes you right where you would like to travel, wherever which will be.

jake is trying to escape from the guard and dog

Driving during a strange city is often daunting but, luckily, many of the highest destinations within the world have great public transportation systems.

These cities have a number of good and best subways within the world. Some are so amazing they’ll actually qualify as tourist attractions!

2.subway surfers: Hong Kong (Mass Transit Railway)

The Hong Kong subway is known for it’s always on time facility, and it is renowned for the cleanest and best-kept systems on the earth. The simplest thanks to using the Hong Kong MTR is to shop for and cargo the swipe card, which may be used on just about all conveyance plus some stores.

The MTR system actually encompasses quite just the subway—above-ground trains and buses all fall into an equivalent umbrella as MTR, as well. This interconnectedness makes it even more convenient for travelers and commuters to urge from place to put.

3.subway surfers: Singapore (MRT)

Like many aspects, we judge Singapore one of them is its metro which is modern, clean, and efficient. In fact, the Singapore subway is one of the foremost energy efficient within the world, which makes great strides in reducing the region’s carbon footprint.

As a plus point, whole SMRT tunnels are double as bomb shelters and are entirely equipped with 3G service.

4.subway surfers: Paris(Metro)

If you’ve got read Les Miserables, you’re probably more conversant in Revolutionary Paris’ underground sewer system than you ever wanted to be.

Are you familiar with the Paris underground transport system? Not like the 19th Century counterpart, the Paris Metro is totally an efficient, well-traveled system covering about 130 miles of tunnels that runs beneath the feet of Parisian pedestrians.

Despite featuring tightly packed tunnels in just about 90 square miles of the city, the Paris Metro is one among the busiest within the world.

5.subway surfers: New York City (MTA)

The subway in NY City is that the very best thanks to getting around (unless you’re rich enough to have a personal helicopter). With a fast swipe of your subway card, you’ll enter the subterranean stations and go anywhere you wish within the city.

The subway is a simple shake the gridlock traffic that characterizes much of the latest York City’s streets, and it’s over 450 stations that go virtually anywhere within the city.

As a further attraction, the subways in NY are adorned with cultural and artistic touches. Many of the tunnels and stations have painted or tiled murals, and therefore the city features a program to encourage musical performances within the stations.

jake is doing graffiti on train and jumping

6.subway surfers: Tokyo’s subway

Tokyo’s underground transport system is like clockwork. It’s fast, on time, and mechanical. While visitors are crazy with the fast and convenient metro trains, the onboard etiquette is often confusing and hard to stay up with.

There are somewhat obvious ones, like don’t smoke on the train. on the other hand, there also are points like no talking on cell phones, no letting your telephone ring audibly, and no smelling stinky once you get within the train. Also, you ought to always defer your seat to a pregnant woman, and elderly person, or anyone with disabilities.

7.subway surfers: Moscow (Metro)

The Moscow subway was designed with care and excellent taste. The metallic art and marble interior make it appear to be an underground palace.

There are updates and upgrades constantly displaying on the system, which creates excellence in both efficiency and aesthetic appeal both at the same time.

The Moscow Metro is additionally one among the longest subway systems within the world also together of the busiest, and it’s 14 lines that cross the town.

Riding this subway may be a must-do activity in Moscow, for sightseeing within the system also as for transportation purposes. The stations and tunnels are just that cool.

8.subway surfers: Stockholm’s(tunnel rail)

This is arguably the foremost beautiful subway system within the world! With extensive art and themed stations, this subway may be a good way to find out about Sweden’s culture and history as you travel from place to put.

About half the tunnel rail is really above ground, So, you’ll also get the prospect to ascertain the open-air sights of Stockholm also because the tunnels once you ride the rail.

Unfortunately, graffiti and vandalism may be a huge (and very expensive) problem on Stockholm’s Tunnel Rail. The town is putting forth extra security efforts to curb the matter of graffiti on the trains and walls.

9.subway surfers: Seoul(Metropolitian subway)

the guard is running behind jake in subway surfers

This is arguably the foremost beautiful subway system within the world! With extensive art and themed stations, this subway could also be an honest thanks to determining about Sweden’s culture and history as you travel from place to place.

About half the tunnel rail is basically above ground, so you’ll also get the prospect to determine the open-air sights of Stockholm also because the tunnels once you ride the rail.

Unfortunately, graffiti and vandalism could also be an enormous (and very expensive) problem on Stockholm’s Tunnel Rail. the town is putting forth extra security efforts to curb the matter of graffiti on the trains and walls.

10.subway surfers: Athens Metro

The coolest a part of the Athens Metro is that its creation doubled as an in-depth excavation revealing thousands of precious ancient artifacts. Once you zip through the subway, you can’t help but believe the items ten feet faraway from the sting of the digging sites that didn’t get discovered.

Perhaps you’re zipping past subsequent big archaeological discovery whenever you ride the subway! It will give you a fell of olden times.

Can I play this game for free

This is a common question that comes in everyone’s mind So, let’s answer it.

Yes, definitely you can play it for free and that too without any kind of restrictions. You might be wondering about how that much popular comes free and how they earn money from that.

Your question is wise because keeping that game completely free was their trick to increase the number of downloads. This game runs ads in order to offer you free rewards that lead them to money.

Also, they charge you for unlocking any special character which you want to unlock quickly. They have their own lifestyle brand called SUBSURF.

It all depends on you whether you want to pay for this or not and you will not get forced by them to purchase their products.

Does this game have an end

This is the most important question which comes to your mind while playing subway surfers. we keep on running but the game does not give us a single hint about how much more to go.

This is because seriously this game does not have an end. an endless game, wherewith time your characters speed and obstacles speed increases. When you will hit any obstacle then only your game will end, temporarily but not permanently. Don’t worry you will start again from scratch.

jake is enjoying air ride and collecting coins

What is subway surfers open and online

Explaining both open and online comes into the same criteria, let’s know-how. Open means open-world games that game connected globally and we can play and compete with them and also get ranked worldwide.

If that game is open then it will be Online that is a must and you will require an internet connection for that.subway surfers are far more exciting in this case as you be recognized globally for playing this game.

comment below that if you have played this game then what was your global rank and also type your username.

Subway Surfer | Download on PC and play using the keyboard

This instructional exercise is tied in with telling you on the best way to introduce Subway Surfers on PC without BlueStacks or IntelAppUp. Because of certain reasons, IntelAppUp has closed down its application.

Thus, for my perusers, I thought of another instructional exercise which was actually a simple assignment to do. I will show you every single step simply right now. stay tuned with me then.

Stage 1. Download the archived record from the connection gave here in the article underneath that contains Subway Surfers Game Startup application and the Keyboard arrangement document. To run the Keyboard setup document, you need another application called AutoHotKey.

Download it from the connection gave here in the article beneath. Along these lines, presently you have two downloaded documents. One is Archived document and another is AutoHotKey.

Stage 2. Presently introduce AutoHotKey application on your PC precisely as appeared. At last “Leave” the application and check whether AutoHotKey application is running or not. To check it move to the framework plate and discover “Green H” Icon.

Stage 3: This is the last advance. Presently extricate the accomplished document utilizing WinRAR (on the off chance that you don’t have to get it from RAR Labs. It’s free).

Right now will see 3 documents. One is an information envelope, the second one is keyboard Play run this document (you ought to get the “H” label) and the last one is the Game to begin the application. Presently simply double -tap on the second record named “keyboard Playrunthis”.

Presently open the game and begin playing Subway Surfers on PC utilizing Keyboard. Use bolts keys to bounce and Slide. Use Hoverboard utilizing letter A. That is it. In the event that you face any issues do remark underneath.

Review and conclusion of subway surfers

Subway Surfers

App version:1.115.0

Updated on:05-Feb-2020

Downloads:1,00,00,00,000+ downloads on play store

In-app purchases:70 RS to 6,700 RS per item

Offered by: SYBO games

Released on:20- sept-2012


  • Other

If you want to visit subway surfers click here.

Available platforms: Android, IOS, windows phone, Fire OS, MAC OS.

Arcade app #1 free action, runner, casual, editor’s choice, offline’single-player’ stylized.

Size: 96.74 MB play store

Type: runner, single-player, action game

Contains ads and in-app purchase while using

Rated for 3+ and include digital purchases


Users of this app are really happy as per the reviews. They noted it as the best dash and running game with good graphics. There are some minor issues related to the in-app purchases but then too it’s ok.

It is the most downloaded app of all time and most addictive games ever created. The game is really smooth to play and controls of this game are too easy.


This game is Childhood Crush of our’s, we downloaded it played it and deleted it and again repeated the same many game which was less in size and more in performance. every week this game updated itself.

Here in this article, we have told you how to download mod APK of subway surfers. also how to download with 100% working we have mentioned above. If you want more mod like this then stay tuned with

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