WhatsApp Web beginners guide |How to use from start to end?

QR code scan on whatsapp web a guide for beginners
WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is similar to the WhatsApp that is available on your mobile devices. It is just the web version of this application. Here I will provide you step by step Whatsapp Web beginners guide on how to use it.

Whatsapp gives access to its users to use the application on Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet. When you work on Computer then continuously checking the mobile phone to see messages become difficult for the user.

That is why WhatsApp launched its web version for easy access. You can also download the WhatsApp application for Windows and Mac OS.



You can connect your WhatsApp mobile account to a web account and send and receive messages from there. Every time you get the message it will popup on your computer.

The user interface of the Whataspp web is similar to the mobile version. Easy to use and anyone can chat, send photos, videos, and many more.


Your mobile account gets synced with the web version of the PC. It means all the messages which you do or receive will be available on both platforms. On the mobile phone and PC of WhatsApp.

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How to use Whatsapp Web: Beginners Guide?

There are two options in front of you, whether to download the application or use the WhatsApp web. Both options are different to choose wisely.

Downloading the application on PC is a permanent solution while using the web version is temporary. You will always require a mandatory phone in which WhatsApp is running and connected to the internet for web WhatsApp.

how to use whatsapp web in mobile phone
WhatsApp Web Beginners Guide

1.Download the WhatsApp application on PC

You can download the WhatsApp application on your PC and according to me, it’s a great option. It is because you can access it directly without using a web browser or having a mobile phone connected to the internet.

First step: go to your windows store or Apple Store to download the application. You can also get the application from whatsapp.com.

Second step: after you download the application install it in your PC and after that open it. Keep in mind that you also have WhatsApp application installed on your mobile phone.

Third step: as you open the application in PC the sign-in method will be somewhat different. You will see there one QR code which you will have to scan from your mobile device.

Fourth step: launch the WhatsApp application in your mobile and there you will see three dots or setting options. Click on it and choose the WhatsApp web.

Fifth step: now point your mobile camera to the QR code showing on your PC. As the code will get scanned you will get logged in to your account.

Share whatever you want light photos videos and many more. You also get notified when you will receive any new message. The good thing about it is you can reply to them while working.

Its user interface is really good with a little bit of differentiation. This application really works similarly to mobile devices but there are some limitations.

You cannot add filter here, neither share your location nor do video calls and many more restrictions are here.

There are many other things to know about WhatsApp Web stay tuned to Beginners Guide.

2. Use WhatsApp Web on browser of PC

You can use Whatsapp web on PC but if you spend more time on it then I will not suggest you use this. It is because every time you have to access your browser to use this application.

Also, you will require a mobile phone without an internet connection and WhatsApp on it.

First step: open WhatsApp application on your mobile device.

whatsapp web option in your mobile whatsapp app
Step : 1

Second step: tap on the three dots on the top right corner if you are an Android user. For iOS users open the settings icon.

instructions to scan qr code from the desktop
Step : 2

Third step: now open Web.WhatsApp.com on your browser which cable is suitable. For you to example Google Chrome Firefox Safari.

scan qr code on web.whatsapp.com from computer
Step : 3

Fourth step: Scan the QR code displaying on your computer screen with your mobile WhatsApp scanner.

scanning qr code on laptop from mobile
Step : 4

Fifth step: once you complete the scanning process then you will be logged into your account. The accounts will be the same that you are using on your mobile phone.

Sixth step: now your mobile account is synced to your WhatsApp web account. Every single action that you will take on either of the platforms will affect both of them.

If you work more on PC and want easy access to WhatsApp then my suggestion is to go with its application. If you use your PC temporarily then it’s good to use the WhatsApp web. It because every time you will have to follow the same procedure.

Think about it before choosing any of the options between them and try by yourself first. I described my opinion and if your point of you about it is something different. Let me know about it in the comment section below.

How can we logout from WhatsApp Web (Beginners Guide)?

After you are done with your work on your PC then you must log out from your WhatsApp account. The reason behind that is if someone else accesses your PC and finds your account open then they might create trouble.

They can read your personal chats, send messages, get to know your secrets and many more things can be there. You all know that precaution is better than cure then why to take the risk.

Here I am gonna tell you the guide and how to logout from your WhatsApp web account. Read it carefully because every step is important here. If you get confused at any of the steps then ask me in the comment section below.

1 . open WhatsApp application on your mobile device .

2. there click on three dots on the top right corner for Android users and settings icon at the bottom right corner for IOS users.

3 . you will see one option named as WhatsApp web/desktop click on it.

4 . it will show you all the active sessions that you had while using the WhatsApp web. Just scroll down and there click on logout from all devices.

5. there you will have to confirm by clicking on the confirm button. After doing this you will be logged out from every device.

6. now you have logged out from WhatsApp web. Whenever you want to connect there you will have to follow the same procedure mentioned above.

It is very simple to log out from the Whatsapp Web account but most of the beginners don’t know about it that’s why I have provided a guide here.

Something to say-

This was for those people who want to logout from the WhatsApp web using mobile devices. There is also a method by which you can directly log out from the WhatsApp web.

On your WhatsApp web account just simply click on the three dots appearing on the upper left side of the screen. There you will see one option of logout just simply click on it and you get logged out from there.

What actually is WhatsApp web (Beginners Guide)?

WhatsApp web is actually browser-based PC client of Original Whatsapp messenger. It can be said that it is a web application of WhatsApp which is designed to use on PC.

Most of the WhatsApp users while working on PC can’t switch every time to check their mobile for new messages. That is the reason why WhatsApp launched its web application for the ease of use for computer users.

They don’t have to get panic now to check messages on mobile and again concentrating on and their work. They can easily get notified on PC and also reply from there.

To use WhatsApp web you have to visit on the web .WhatsApp.com. this is the official WhatsApp website where you will get access to the WhatsApp web.

While using it your original WhatsApp account gets connected to it and you can control all your chats from there. This sounds really good but every time you want to use WhatsApp web you have to go manually and connect yourself there.

Your mobile WhatsApp also must be connected to the internet and This sometimes might suck you.

This thing only works with Google Chrome and its session remains active until your phone is connected to the internet. It also sucks your mobile data constantly while you use it.

How can I get WhatsApp Web QR code: Guide for Beginners only?

First of all, open the WhatsApp application on your mobile device. There you will see three dots on the upper right-hand side. For Android users and for iOS users, there will be settings icon on the bottom left-hand side.

Click on it and there you will see one option named WhatsApp web/ desktop click on it. The scanner will get opened and above that, it will instruct to open WhatsApp on PC.

As you will open the WhatsApp web on PC it will show you QR code. You will have to scan from your mobile device.

Can someone See my WhatsApp messages and chats from another phone?

The answer to this question is very simple, yes. Your account can easily get hacked if you download applications from unknown sources.

Some of you might not be knowing what are unknown sources let me tell you that first. These are the sources from where you download the application and that are not trustworthy.

Downloading the Play Store or App Store is safe because of the check application before giving them permission.

If you download from unknown sources then there when popup displays on your mobile. It might harm your mobile device to use it at your own risk.

What to do in such a case if we have such kinds of applications in our mobile device. Go to settings and there go to App Manager and have a look at your installed apps. Recognize the apps which you don’t know and delete them.

There can be one more reason if you have given unnecessary permission. Check apps that might have access to your WhatsApp. Cancel all that permissions.

If now also your case is not solved then go to the WhatsApp support center. Tell all the happenings to the administrative and he will definitely help you out in such a situation.

How to video call on Whatsapp Web (Beginners Guide)?

Unfortunately, until now WhatsApp has not added this feature to WhatsApp web but they might add it in the future. There are some ways by which you can do video calls on a laptop or PC.

Let’s see what are they and how they are beneficial for us.

You have to use Android emulators like BlueStacks or Youwave to do WhatsApp video call. This emulator will run WhatsApp on your PC or laptop as it works in Android.

Don’t forget to give them permission and allow them to use your camera and microphone. Otherwise, they will not properly and will show you an error.

What is WhatsApp Web used for (Beginners Guide)?

WhatsApp web is a service provided by WhatsApp. It allows you to use the application on your web browser like Google Chrome.

It is designed to save the time of people while they are busy on PC or laptop doing their work.

This service is really great and saves a lot of your time and also prohibit the distraction. It is basically a similar application that you use on your mobile with some limitations.

To use this service you will require a mobile phone in which WhatsApp is installed and a secure internet connection. It is because both your mobile and web account will be sync. The activities that you perform will be displayed on both platforms.

How do I know if someone is checking me on WhatsApp?

The steps which I will tell here are very simple to follow and you will require one application for that. Let’s begin to know who is watching you secretly.

Go to play store or app store and search for Who Viewed Me application. Install that application on your mobile device and open it.

It will guide you on how to get started. Besides WhatsApp, you can also use to check other social media accounts.

In that application, you will see one scan button, click on it. The Scan will take a few seconds. It will tell you the name of the users who visited your profile in the last 24 hours.

Isn’t it seems to be interesting, yes it is.

By this method, you can see if some inappropriate person is visiting your profile.

How long does WhatsApp web stay logged in?

It depends on you whether you want to get logged in permanently or temporarily.

There is an option in WhatsApp cordless to keep me signed in and it displays when you set a WhatsApp web.

If you uncheck this box you will get logged out from your account or get disconnected from it

After 5 minutes of inactivity . to remove this criterion you will have to click on the checkbox and disable this.

If you do not do this then you have to scan again and again to get logged into your WhatsApp web account.

Can I use the WhatsApp web if my mobile phone is switched off?

The simple answer is no you cannot access your WhatsApp web account without a mobile phone. It is because while using WhatsApp web you have to sync your mobile account to web account.

If your account is not synced then how can WhatsApp will show you messages. If also your mobile phone is switched on but there is no internet connection while using the WhatsApp web it will not work at all.

Can someone hack my WhatsApp account?

It is very obvious that WhatsApp is the most used app worldwide. Its user is in billions and from that who will target on your account can’t be said. While using such an application you will always have to take some precautions.

Even there was the news that WhatsApp has leaked the data and from that. You must learn that if you are providing your important data then it might be at your own risk.

Some of the precautions which you must take.

If your account is already hacked then directly contact the WhatsApp support team and they will help you out. If this also did not work then contact with cybersecurity team to watch who is interfering with your account.

In my opinion, it’s not safe in today’s world to share your personal details on social accounts. No matter what can happen.

Lock all your applications including WhatsApp because if you give one open space then the hacker might front there. Also, enable 2 step verification in your WhatsApp account because this will act as a double layer lock.

Do not connect with public Wi-Fi because these are the easiest way by which hackers trap the public. In India most of the cases are similar that’s why I am warning you.

Never share details related to your account or password. Always be on the safe side of the social world. It is because once you get trapped then you can do nothing.

Summing up

Here I told you about all the required information related to the WhatsApp Web. I hope you might have enjoyed it. Share this knowledge with your friends, family, and relatives if they are unaware of what WhatsApp web is.

Just like to have an application WhatsApp web is for your desktop and laptops which are different platforms. While using it on PC you will not feel any kind of difference because it is similar in appearance.

Also, I have discussed here some questions which everyone must be aware of while using WhatsApp. It is my request to all to go through the whole article. If you did not understand anything then you can comment me below.

Despite having some limitations WhatsApp web is really good to use on the PC. You can do or perform a similar task which you are able to perform on mobile.

I hope my WhatsApp Web Beginners Guide helped you a lot.

Comment me below about the article and the information that you got from it. Also, keep visiting podcastfresh.com for more updates.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this article.

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