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how to download movies on yomovies 2020 website

Yomovies 2020: Today here I will be telling you about one website which provides its user free download of movies. I know many of you were waiting for such kind of site for a long time.

Now your waiting period has been over because here. In this article, you will get complete information on the site. Yomovies is a torrent site that leaks the movie and uploads its copy on the website.

For many years the Yomovies site has been doing this procedure in order to serve people. Many of them are unable to entertain themselves because of some reasons this website has cleared it all.


Also, they have solved the major issues related to money and time. Most people are aware of entertainment providing platform but they are unable to pay them. Some of them who have money are unable to go to the theatres for watching the new movies.

For all of them, Yomovies is the right choice. Here everything is free of cost and anyone can come here and download anything that he/she wants. Also, this website is accessible from any location of the globe.

Just the requirement is of a device and a secure internet connection. Everything is good here but the major problem with this site stops here most of the people. This website is based on piracy and visiting here is a crime.


According to Indian law doing and supporting piracy is an offense. If found by the official authorities then you can be put behind the bars. I am not suggesting you make a visit to the Yomovies site this article is just for information purposes.

If you have any doubts related to the above-discussed topic then comment below.

What is the Yomovies 2020 website?

Let me give you a simple introduction about the Yomovies website what is it about and what’s its work. This is a torrent site that is available on google for downloading the movies for free.

Here you can watch the latest films from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood. Besides movies this site also provides its user web series, tv shows, serials, animated movies, and many more other things.

Either you can download content from here or watch it online on your device. The picture quality that you get here is really astonishing and it will really blow your mind.

homepage of yomovies torrent website with posters

While watching the film you will feel like things are happening in front of your eyes. Also talking about sound then it is provided as original as the real content.

Languages options are specially made here for specific movie lovers. Also dubbed movies are available here if someone wants to watch the content in his native language.

If you are a real movie lover then the genre that you will get here is enough to catch your attention. From romance to horror and from comedy to action, everything is present on the Yomovies 2020 site.

More info

Most of the things are in favor of this site but the main thing which opposes here is that this website is illegal. Yes, you heard it right Yomovies is an illegal website and do piracy which is a crime.

The owner of this website does not hold any license for what they doing. Official authorities are unable to catch them because they are operating the website from an unknown location.

Tracing them is really hard and yet the work is in progress. If you are thinking to make a visit here then stop there at once because it’s too risky. If the official authorities find you visiting here. And caught you red-handed then you will be in a lot of trouble.

You must be put behind the bars. And will also have to pay a huge compensation according to the seriousness of the case.

Is there any need for a VPN in Yomovies 2020?

If you don’t know about vpn then let me tell you that it stands for the virtual private network. VPN is used for unblocking the blocked URLs. And here in this case Google has blocked the URL of Yomovies site.

Also, VPN makes your internet connection private from the public which is really good for your security. If any third person or hacker will try to fetch your information then he/she will be unable to do that.

It is because the person will be unable to find your exact location due to constant change in IP address. The person will get confused about where we are operating our internet connection.

VPN is really helpful in protecting you from online threat. It will keep all your personal data safe and secure. If you want to visit Yomovies 2020 then this software is a must for you.

Some of my recommendations related to the VPNs are that I use is- Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, and Psiphon Pro.

For those who are on PC- Setup VPN, Pure VPN, Shark VPN, and Nord VPN.

How does the Yomovies 2020 webpage work?

list of the new and old movies on the yomovies 2020 site

The process here is very simple and straight forward. The owner of the Yomovies makes a pirated copy (video copy) of a newly released movie. Then that person uploads the copy on his website.

Now, here people visit his site and search for that movie. There they see results and as they click on download some ads come in front of them. It is because from ads the owners of this site earn money.

As you cross the ads and reach the download page there you see some options. The options are related to the language, download size, and resolution.

As you choose all the filters then one download link appears in front of you. Then you click there and your download gets a start. After completion of the download, you can watch the content on your device.

So, that was the simple plan which this site follows. The more the traffic more will be their earnings.

Special features of Yomovies 2020 website

Now let’s talk about this site in detail and know for what reason people love visiting here. What is the thing because of which a single person makes more than 10 visits per month.

There must be something that is attracting them. Besides being the best torrent site this website has a lot of other things to tell about. Let’s see what are those and why they are important for us too.

Main features

  1. Free for all– Yomovies website is free for its user. Anyone can visit here and download anything that he/she wants to download. No one will charge you a single penny here in the name of hidden charges. Completely free visit any no. of time no one will stop you here.

2. Audio and Video quality– the realistic mixture od sound and picture quality that you get here are just awesome. No, another site can be compared to it. If you have a good device with speakers or headphones then it will really work as I said. You will really get lost in the world of that movie while watching it.

3. Language option– here a wide variety of languages are present to choose from. If anyone visits here then he will be shown languages like- Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil,Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi. Here is a huge collection of dubbed movies available to watch from. Also, subtitles are also available for better understanding.

Special features

4. Multiple links– Yomovies 2020 website provides mulitiple links to its user to dowload contnet from. While using the download links if anyone link gets dead and is in no condition then others can be used. With this, a user will defintely get movie for download.

5. Stream online– if you don’t want to download the movie and want to enjoy it. Like watching an online video then this option is availble here. While downloading then content there is one option available to stream it online. With the help of this, it gets easy to play and pause the movie anytime you want.

6. Movie genre– the category anmong which movies are separate here is just wide. From suspense to thriller and from action to drama everything is present. Just you have to visit the site and download what you want.

This was the list of the main features of the Yomovies website. If you want the list of other special features also then comment below.

List of proxy sites of Yomovies 2020 website

the nun movie download or stream online in hd

Below given is the list of proxy sites that will help you reach your destination. As you know that with the fear of getting blocked of google websites like Yomovies frequently changes their URL location.

Also, it is very difficult for a newbie to find the Yomovies website randomly. By using the list below you can easily find the original website.

  • Yomovies.net
  • Yomovies.fm
  • Yomovies.cc
  • Yomovies.org
  • Yomovies.host
  • Yomovies.com
  • Yomovies.in
  • Yomovies.co.in
  • Yomovies.vip
  • Yomovies.pro
  • Yomovies.us
  • Yomovies.uk
  • Yomovies.me
  • Yomovies.ml
  • Yomovies.fu

Recent movies and web series leaked by Yomovies 2020 website

This site always keeps leaking new movies and webseries. People visit hre and downlod the pirated content. Let’s see what are the things that these website do and in recent what are the things uploaded here.

Web series

  1. Made in Heaven.
  2. Kota Factory.
  3. Four More Shots.
  4. The Family Man.
  5. Kaafir.
  6. Money heist
  7. Flash
  8. Mirzapur.
  9. Delhi Crime.
  10. Gullak.
  11. Supergirl
  12. Asuran
  13. Sacred Games.
  14. Hacked.
  15. Jamtara.
  16. Ghoul.
  17. Thappad


  • Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan
  • Birds Of Prey
  • Underwater
  • Extraction
  • Love Aaj Kal
  • Bhoot: Part I- The Haunted Ship
  • Baaghi 3
  • Bloodshot
  • Street Dancer
  • Angrezi Medium
  • Jai Mummy Di
  • Chhappak
  • Bala
  • Darbar
  • Kaithi
  • Bigil
  • Thadam
  • Saaho
  • Race 3

Categories on Yomovies

multiple download links for easy downloading of a movie

Let’s see what are the categories that will be seen here if you make a visit on the Yomovies 2020 website. All the filters here works really well and helps the visitor a lot.

Movie categories

  • 18+ Movies
  • Korean Movies
  • Motion Malayalam Movies
  • Motion & Journey
  • Marathi Movies
  • Journey
  • Mexican Movies
  • Animation
  • Music
  • Arabic Movies
  • Thriller
  • Argentina Movies
  • Netherlands Movies
  • Australia Movies
  • New Zealand Movies
  • Belgium Movies
  • Norway Movies
  • Bengali Movies
  • Bhojpuri Movies
  • Philippines Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Poland Movies
  • Cambodian Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Russian Movies
  • Crime
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Documentary
  • Science Fiction
  • Drama
  • Season And Episode
  • South African Movies
  • Fantasy
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Finland Movies
  • Spanish Movies
  • Gujrati Movies
  • Switzerland Movies
  • Historic earlier Taiwan Movies
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Horror
  • Telugu Movies
  • Hungarian Movies
  • Thailand Movies
  • Indonesian Movies
  • Thriller
  • Eire Movies
  • Turkish Movies
  • Israeli Movies
  • Japanese Movies
  • Battle
  • Kannada Movies
  • Western

Download size

The size in which you can download the movies and watch are-

  • 300 MB
  • 500 MB
  • 1 GB
  • 1.5 GB
  • 2 GB
  • 2.5 GB
  • 3 GB
  • 4GB

Movie languages

Here you will see a wide range of dubbed movies to explore from. You will get the movie in your native language with subtitles included in it.

  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Punjabi
  • Marathi
  • Gujrati

Movie resolution availble here

The resolution in which you can watch the movies and feel the quality are-

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 550p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 4K
  • Blu Ray Print

Legal and Illegal alternatives of Yomovies 2020

hd movie download links with complete movie information

Below here I will be providing you the list of legal and illegal alternatives of Yomovies. You only have to choose now which option to go with. Here one way is safe while another one is risky.

For one, you will have to pay while others are free. One is official while supporting others is officially a crime. Now the choice is your’s which option suits you.

And if you want my suggestion then I will also suggest you go in a legal way. It is because in the future you will not get any kind of trouble.

Legal alternatives

1. Crunchyroll

First of all, tell me are you an anime lover. If the answer is yes then this website is for you. Here you can watch different anime cartoons which will entertain you a lot.

Anime, cartoons, and different movies from all over the world. This app is really great and is best for consuming animes. Here you will get to watch the live telecast of different shows from all over the countries.

Crunchyroll APK comes with a three-pack price according to the user needs. If you are a die heart fan of animes then the ost premium pack will be best for you. It is because this will unlock everything that you want o watch.

Also if you purchase the annual plan of Crunchyroll. Then this will cost you lesser than going with a monthly plan. But before going for an annual plan you must give a try to a monthly plan. And test it whether this app suits you or not.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime
  • Zee 5
  • Hotstar
  • Hulu
  • HBO
  • Hoichoi
  • Pluto Tv
  • Ice Movies
  • Go Movies
  • Voot

Illegal alternatives

1. Putlocker

This is one of the renowned torrent sites famous for leaking movies which recently releases in theatres. Here you will get everything from movies to web series and from tv shows to tv serials.

Also, the content quality here is in HD and full HD. Some movies are also available in 4k just you will require a 4k device to watch it. Dubbed movies are also easily available here to watch.

While watching movies you can also enable the subtitles option for a better understanding of dialogues. While downloading anything from here you can choose the language, size, and resolution of the content.

As the film releases and within the same day it gets upload on the Putlocker website. This site is very fast in leaking movies. A torrent site to meet all your personal entertainment needs.

This was all about the league and illegal alternatives to the Yomovies website. Now the decision is in your hand whether to give in the right direction or the wrong direction.

And also let me tell you that the government is getting stricter day by day related to the piracy policies. If you want to be safe then come on the safe side.

People also ask

download page for downloading movies on yomovies 2020

This section is very special in the whole article because here I directly interact with people. The visitors or readers who have any kind of doubt they can ask me a question and I will solve it.

below mentioned are some of the frequently asked questions by the people. If your query is not mentioned here then comment below.

1. Yomovies 2020 website is free or is there any hidden charges inside it?

The website is completely free of cost and anyone can visit here and no one will charge you anything. From here you can download and watch the latest movies, web series, and much other content.

While downloading any kind of thing no hidden charges will be taken from you. Also here the site owners will not also demand any specific amount to unlock a particular piece of content.

Now, you must be confused about how this website then earns money. Let me tell you that while downloading any movie from here you will encounter some ads.

Those ads are the only income source of these websites. The company pays them money for showing their ads to you.

2. Is Yomovies a safe movie downloading site?

No, the answer here is quite tricky and confusing. It is because this website is listed amongst one of the best piracy sites. Here the owners of the website upload the pirated content on their site.

Also according to the Indian law doing and supporting piracy both are considered to be a crime. The movies that you will get here are all completely pirated copies.

Here no one holds any official license of doing such kind of things. If they get caught then strict actions will be taken against them. If you don’t want to get trapped then do not visit here.

3. Is Yomovies 2020 a legal website?

Yomovies’ website is illegal and has done many crimes in the past and now also doing it. The crime that I am talking about is of doing piracy. Yes, you heard it right this website is involved in the dark world of piracy.

Here they shoot teh video and audio of movies and web series and then uploads it on their website. Users visit there and download the content via links provided there.

Daily millions of people visit on such torrent websites and download something. It is my duty to tell you that this kind of thing is completely wrong and must be stopped. If you want to be safe in the future then listen to my advice.

4. Why VPN is required here to access the website?

There are several reasons why we require VPN here and you must be aware of some of them. VPN unblocks the blocked URL by google and to open Yomovies website vpn will play a vital role.

Also, it will make your internet connection secure. It will also change your IP constantly. VPN will protect you from online threats and it will protect your personal data.

There are several reasons why here I am preferring you to use VPN. Also, I have provided the importance of it in the above section. Some of my personal recommendations of VPN Are- Pure VPN, Go VPN, Touch VPN, Psiphon Pro, Ghost VPN, Shark VPN, and Nord VPN.

5. How can I download movies from the Yomovies 2020 website?

Downloading movies from here is very simple and anyone can do it on its own. A person who is willing to download anything from Yomovies must follow the recommended steps.

By executing this that guy can easily get whatever he wants from here. You will require a device, internet connection, and a VPN. After having all these things you can move further. Let’s move into the procedure-

Phase: 1

1.first of all open web browsers on your device. You can choose various options but I will recommend you go with google chrome. It is safe, fast, and effective. Other options are bing, yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, safari, and UC browser.

2.after that turn on your vpn and then check whether it’s connected with your browser or not. If you don’t have vpn then go get one first. It is very important and without it, we can’t move further.

VPN is very important as it will unblock the URL of Yomovies. Also, it will make your device safe from online threats. VPN will also hide your location. and there are many other benefits of using it.

3.after that on web browser search for Yomovies 2020 website and once found click on it. If you are not getting the right website then above I have provided the list of proxy websites. Go check it out and then on browser find it one by one.

4.once you are inside the website then you can see their different movies and web series posters. If you want to download then just clik there. But if you are there for something particular then on top of it there is on the search bar. Tap on it and type the name of your desired content and then click on the search icon.

Phase: 2

5.then there will display the result according to your search. And once you click on it then you will be redirected towards the download page. But before that, you will come across some ads and you must have to overcome through them.

After you are on the download page then there you will see lots of filters like download size, resolution, and language. Set them and after doing it some download links will appear in front of you.

6.click on one of the links from the shown list and then instantly download will start. One download icon will also come across you to instruct you that your process has started. After the download gets complete you can then watch the movie offline on your device.

Isn’t the process simple and effective? Above mentioned steps are really easy to follow and execute and anyone can do it. Here no matter whether you are a techie or a non-techie you can download movies easily.

Follow the above-mentioned procedure. If there is any kind of difficulty in any step then comment below.

Summing up

This was all about the Yomovies website. The torrent site which is loved by millions of people in India. Here you will get everything from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood that you want to watch.

Besides movies here, you can watch web series, tv shows, tv serials, animated movies, cartoons, and many more. Language is not a barrier here and dubbed movies are easily on this website to watch and download.

Talking about the picture quality of the content then it is wide. From 360p to 4k the resolution range varies. If you have a 4k device then its very good because from here you can download those movies. And watch it on your 4k device.

Also if we discuss the registration process then there is no need for it. Anyone can visit from any location and download whatever he wants. This website is a complete package of entertainment. We must know that this is not over yet and do not make your decision quickly.

Last but not the least

Now, I am going to reflect on the bad side of this website which will really give you a shock. As I can see this platform is not official at all. Google has penalized it many times.

With the help of proxy domains, this site has still made its position on the journey. Official authorities are also finding the owners of this website. Still not found because Yomovies has been operated from an unknown location.

Due to piracy many times this site has faced several block issues. It is my due request to you all not to visit here and get trapped. If official authority caught you red-handed then you will be in great trouble. Stand strong against piracy and do not support it.

This was all about the complete explanation of the Yomovies 2020 website. If you want to read more such posts then visit podcastfresh.com.

Thank you.

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